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    TOkEyOnaLilSMOkE got a reaction from Chaos_Deception in Night Hunter Handicaps   
    Here you go Rexarus30! This is a link to the post about the update..

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    TOkEyOnaLilSMOkE reacted to xiao in Dodging System   
    your kidding me right.
    the developers will not change dodge. its fine as it is.
    once you change dodge, every survivor will lose be the zombie games.
    because dodge is the only counter we have vs tackle, spits and smash, other zombies, goons
    changing it to 3-4 dodges?
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    TOkEyOnaLilSMOkE reacted to Reece in Dodging System   
    The dodging skill is the first skill survivors unlock in Dying Light, however it's the most useful skill in Be The Zombie mode. If you're ever in a 1v1 situation the survivor will spam this whenever you get near him and if you spit, ground pound, and tackle.
    Even worse it has no cooldown I literally saw survivors dancing with it. But all the things I listed above is almost all the Night Hunter's skills only pounce can be dodged by UV light. Something that can be spammed infinite amount of times and dodges most of the Hunter's skills need to be dealt with.