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  1. Oh, well people have their different strategies I guess. For me, even the experienced night hunters. It does not take ages to kill, tackle, and head stomp, certain weapons are a one hit kill as well, like the Gonunaba power attack. A flare will stop them. for a bit, but they will continue.

  2. My PSN is the same as my forums user. Feel free to add me and be sure to have a message saying something about the Bozaks Trials!


    I have been through the trials numerous times and have plenty of experience helping those that were in need of completing the trials to acquire the amazing (AMAZING) Bozaks bow. I am willing to work with you and give the support needed to overcome the trials. I know all the little tricks and placements of objectives to complete all trials in under the time needed to acquire the explosive arrows as well.


    Once again feel free to add me as my PSN is as above. All I ask is for you to Mic up because it will go A LOT smoother with communication. See ya in game!


    So I'm a little lost here, when was there an update? I'm on ps4 and checked update history and looked if there was an update available and found nothing I haven't noticed any "buffs" to the night hunter so all this talk about the new patch is quite confusing

    Here you go Rexarus30! This is a link to the post about the update..


  4. Sounds to me the com. Right on this one the night hunter needs a buff (not a huge buff but a good one) maybe more health equel to level like playing as crane and maybe allowing the hunter to run when out of energy (cant takle or pounce) should even the odds

    Hey Sora! I'm not sure if you saw the post or not, but there were a few buffs the NH got just two days ago.


    Here's a link


    Not exactly the buffs you have suggested, though it might be interesting to check out! :)

  5. Honestly speaking, your team has the right idea. When it comes to invading nests, Night Hunters have a HUGE advantage to the extent that while the night hunter doesn't have any resistance against high-powered weaponry, it's minions DO.


    Forty seconds of whacking a single zombie and getting pounced versus dropping one of Zaid's flares, keeping said infected at bay, and preventing a potential pounce without a spit warnings, and probably killing a nest.....I'd much rather drop the flare.


    The only other alternatives are to try and gang up and swarm the night infected surrounding nests, but that makes you a pretty big spit target, or you could also try luring away some of them and running for your life, but that's asking to lose a life is there's a night hunter around.


    As for them being super-strong, I'd rather say extremely durable. They're more a hindrance, but can burst damage if they swarm around you - Hence flare. A quick tackle and execution COULD deal with them, but frankly, it isn't worth the time if you can knock out a nest in a minute and grapple-hook your way out or sound off a trap, and already be gone before the night infected know who to run after.

    Yes, flares are good, I'm not saying to flat out don't use flares. It does work as an alternative to killing them as well as preventing a pounce, but you can only use two at a time before cooldown, like I said for only a few seconds (10 to 15?). Also before hitting the nests, when I say take out the infected, I don't mean pay no attention to the NH whatsoever,you should always be listening for the spit flying in and the distance meter on the screen if it lands close, when the NH is near it is PRIORITY of course. Even if you fail to kill him as he comes in, the skilled NH will leave for a good 10 to 20 seconds give or take if he had damage taken, to regenerate his health. Giving ample time to take out a zombie or two.There will always be a window and it doesn't even have to be that big of one, of free time to take these guys out. They don't have to be taken out all at one time but when appropriate. Traps are a great defence against these guys, yes. But they are not always there, the raging virals also climb quite well and parkour as good as the survivor. I have seen it too many times, they will follow you to the next nest if not dealt with. Like you said traps can help deal with tails, if one happens to be near your path taken, if not you waste just as much time running to find one as you would just killing them in the first place. I honestly believe that the most efficient way to deal with these guys, is before you hit the nest. It makes sense, they become aggressive if done after than if so before. Afterwards there are none to wave around in your face while the NH is above you! Or follow you around like a lost puppy, a very very angry and annoying lost puppy.

  6. By 'you guys' I am referring to certain (majority) random survivors that I let in my lobby while facing the NH, just to see how they do and in hopes of finding more skilled survivors to friend that like to do invades. The BIGGEST and most hysterical mistake that these guys do and one of the most simplest tasks to carry out is..


    KILL THE INFECTED around the nest before you ever lay a finger on that nest!! No, instead they Rambo go go gadget machette ha fly in and start destroying the nest, disregarding the super strong zombies chupacabra slapping them in the face. Yes, some throw flares out which stops the raging virals for a few seconds. But what does that matter? They will continue to bash the whole team in, making it EXTREMELY difficult to kill them afterwards AND deal with the NH flying over our heads at the same time, it also creates problems when attempting to revive others. It's a very simple step that can be added to the routine when arriving at the nest. Really, as simple as a tackle and curbstomp. This isn't so easy to carry out once they are raged and 4 of them are flying at you. THINK! These raging viral infected will continue to FOLLOW you to the next nest (if said survivors even make it that far) only to have even MORE infected become raged thus adding more $hit to have to deal with besides the NH. This incident more so then not will ultimately result in a defeat. A defeat That could have been avoided. Stomp those heads in guys! Then deal with the nests after! Thank you for reading my two cents. May it bring victory in your future.

  7. Wow, it sounds like the Hunter can actually hunt now.


    Way to go Techland. It's about kurczak time.

    The Hunter that couldn't hunt before may slightly be able to hunt now. While making the Hunter that can hunt.. hunt even more? But I the survivor, will survive, regardless! :)

  8. Yes this is how it's done, I've met a few people that got the bow this way but I just haven't met a ;bow dropper' yet only 'bow droppees'


    SO if anyone has one and can spare a minute on PS4 to give me one and I'll dupe it and obviously if I've made it to trial 14 I have the Bozak Horde content. PS I can dupe too if you need anything else in quantity, weapons and items

    My psn as is on the forums add me if you like, I can give you a bow, no need to dupe it, I can make about 14 of them. Besides the bow never degrades, only arrows need to be made.

  9. It ranks by your level instead of your win/loss ratio (although that may be a factor somewhere). The problem with this in the past was that Night Hunters would find less matches past level 21 because the survivors levels didn't pass 24/25. So they'd then have to start a new save file in order to get matches at a regular pace again.


    I had a level 51 Night Hunter and would wait almost 30 minutes at a time to get a match. I started over and leveled up a new hunter to level 14 with matches one after the other. The first few were almost exclusively noobs who had no idea how to play but once you get to the upper teens you'll get almost nothing but level 24/25 survivors.

    Ah, yes I see, I should have been more elaborate on my statement 'wins to losses' as the ranking system for the titles of both NH and survivor is dependant upon wins/losses. As to whether matches are paired with the similar ranks I am unsure, because I do get a lot of lower title ranks connecting to me as an Ultimate Survivor, more so than higher titles of the NH. This reason could be, and I assume that there are less of the higher titles of NH. Thanks for the input Jcks!

  10. I come into the topic thinking something else about "handicaps."


    It is frustrating to go into a game with the experience of the player and the level of the character are so different. I come across so few games where we are evenly matched both as a player and the character. I'm all for the NH buffs that they recently implemented. The survivor had quite a few one hit kill techniques compared the NH's two--pounce and spikes. NH can't even pick up a canister or make it explode without doing damage to himself. DFA is my bane especially after a pounce miss on a roof--I fall down and get DFAed. NH have no long range weapons. Survivors have a rifles to make a NH stop watching from distance without "howl vision" or a survivor can throw a flare in a NH's hiding spot to flush him out.


    Anyway, I'm thinking a handicap system should be put in place based on a wins versus losses. The handicap could be in the form of the number of humans a NH has to kill, the number of nests a survivor has to destroy, the distance from a nest a player spawns, spawn times, distance between nests, number nest groups a NH has to defend, etc.


    An example handicap an Apex Predator versus a low level survivor might have to kill 20 humans while defending two nest groups some distance apart while the humans he kills respawns near the other nest group! I would say that would be a near impossibility for a NH to win no matter how buff he is. Adjust the handicap based on the wins versus losses and the strength of a player and the character will automatically level out.


    The survivors' story objective is to destroy the nest so you have fewer volatiles to deal with in the story. The NH's objective is to defend the nests. What the game has turned into for some is chase down and kill the NH while ignoring the nests. While drawing survivors away from the nest is a way to defend it, the survivor's objective is not being met. A NH needs to be buff enough to run away from super aggressive survivors who can grapple and UV a NH pretty much at the same time wearing him down until it's an easy kill.

    Unfortunately people just beginning to grasp the mechanics of the NH will have to match up with skilled survivors and vice versca to keep the pvp aspect of the game going. Otherwise one could wait no telling how long, even over an hour maybe to get matched with a player that is of same skill.


    Now I'm not completely sure and somebody please correct me if I am wrong, but the new ranking system that was applied to the NH and survivors, will in fact match players based on their rank (wins to losses). As to your idea for a handicap system, I can see your intentions and how this would be a good idea considering the less skilled players on both sides of the fight. But I can also see abuse in the system as well. Seeing how easy it is to create a new account. While that is not wrong to do, it happens quite a bit.

  11. Also this is what the update log should've been.

    Removed Camouflage: I don't really see the purpose for this being added, the thing is nothing but an entire buff for the Survivor.


    Removed Grappling hook: This was the game ruiner, Humans would hunt YOU with it. Not only that but they made a so called event called "Spider Crane" That gave them nearly no fall damage and infinity grappling hook, I think this was just an excuse to get more Survivors playing BTZ.


    Removed instant med kit healing: Seriously who thought it was a good idea for survivors to heal 100 instant heal?! Oh and lets not forget that nearly every Human has duped them and has x9999999 of them. How about you make it like hard mode, where the med kit slowly heals them and it has a amount of time of healing.


    Nerfed hitting speed: Apparently 1 hit kill weapons aren't the problem now, instead it's how fast Humans can attack the Night Hunter. Giving it near about 3 seconds to live if right beside a Human, but if you're on a roof Survivors can use their grappling hook or explosive arrows to still kill you anyways.


    Fixed Ground Pound: So if a Human stands on a box he can dodge my Ground Pound? I don't find that very logical. Instead we should get a skill called Ground Pound shockwave, where instead when it hits the ground it will have a bubble like field that will go around the Night Hunter that will hit anybody inside of it.


    Fixed Pounce: When you pounce somebody you are immortal but can still take damage. Make it to where you can't take any damage at all when in the pounce animation. I'm tired of have 0 health after the pounce animation is over and I'm killed by the Humans.

    Removing the camouflage I can see good reasons for that, it is quite a buff given how long it lasts and that you can basically have it almost the whole match with the infected floating around.


    As for removing the grappling hook? I don't see that being very plausible because the grappling hook isn't only used to reach the rooftops to chase the NH. It helps the survivor get around and certain nests are in fact on rooftops.


    The instant med kit heals I agree with. I play on hard mode but I do believe normal mode players should have the same med kit heals as hard mode, during the BTZ match. Instant popup heal makes it very difficult if not impossible to get a kill for the NH.


    I disagree with nerfing the hitting speed of the survivor. With the agility and speed of the Night Hunter he is never usually next to a survivor for a period of time, jumping above the survivors head with more time in the air then actually on the ground. I believe the hitting speed is fine. Skilled NH usually get away from me with 1/3 of there health intact. Unless missing a GP, just standing there or sticking around on the ground longer than they should, they don't usually die.


    The GP is a bit buggy as to when and where it can hit the survivors, I do know that if a survivor is in mid air and within the hitting range it will still knock the survivor back. Whether it be caused by latency or the physics of the game itself, I do not know.


    For the pounce I have seen this as well. The NH taking damage while in the pounce animation should have been fixed. They obviously weren't meant to die if they can leave the successful pounce with zero health after being hacked on, not being able to help it.

  12. I farm gold weapons, but I do so in the way it is supposed to be. I do not glitch/wall breach. I simply fight the NH as intended. To give some tips to those survivors that do/should play it the correct way. My priority line is something along the lines of, ALWAYS be heading towards the nest. Dealing with the NH as he swoops in. When at the nests I find it WAY more manageable to deal with the infected around the nests before ever laying a hand on the nest itself, this keeps the infected in a calm state, making it easier to tackle and slam their head in for a quick kill. This is simple to do even while the NH is prowling nearby, of course killing the NH is priority when he comes in close. By ridding the infected around the nest area before actually touching the nests, it allows easier battles against the NH while there are no infected raging in your face while attacking nests, keeping your front in the direction of the NH at all times, you can take out the nests with ease. Propane tanks are your friend. They are everywhere, a one hit kill on the nests. But remember, kill infected first! Also, there is absolutely NO reason to chase the NH half way across the map. The objective is to destroy the nests. Not chase the Night Hunter 300m away from YOUR objective. By doing that your only helping the NH by prolonging the game and for them to possibly gain kills on your team. Keep on track with nests. Yes you do want to chase the NH but if he gains a good distance from you, just turn back around and continue/finish on the nests you need to destroy, NH are going to regenerate their health anyway. And they will be back, trust me. Stick together! Your team shares lives, staying together makes for a bigger resistance! It's not hard playing a survivor in BTZ, there's no reason to hide inside a wall or cower in a house with one entrance, you'll find that it's much more satisfying to play it the way it's meant to be. As rank Ultimate Survivor I currently have over 100 gold tier weapons by facing the NH, THE RIGHT WAY! Goodnight, and good luck out there!

  13. This would be very nice, because the only way to see the survivor ranks is through the final score board (correct me if I am wrong). From my experience when the game has ended, the NH usually leaves, never knowing that the reason it was a total blow out was because the ultimate survivor has no sympathy!

  14. Well they're more common than orange weapons if you play Invasions, try it yourself before implying I'm lying. My stash is full of them, I can't get rid of them fast enough.

    I think majority of those who play invasions as survivor, as a ultimate survivor have about 100+ gold weapons or more. :)

    Yep. I play invasions on the ps4 with an ultimate survivor rank and have had well over 100. I cut it down to around 30 though giving them away to randoms. I drop the goodies and watch them tea bag and click their lights with joy! :D