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  1. Ganjr

    Ultimate Trial Bonus?

    I'm afraid that isn't the case. On that particular run i was 1:40 ahead of my previous time and yet the " Ultimate Trial Bonus " remained on (--:--) I can't find any info on this and my only plausible idea is Completion of the 3 arrow challenges in a single run.... (Kill 10 Virals and 10 Boltors with arrow, Finish under 31min) I think it is unlikely but i will give it a try today. "Ganjr"
  2. Wondering if there is any info about this..... Currently completed Bozak Horde in 25:37 Solo. Upon completion there is a line of text stating, (Ultimate Trial bonus --:--)...... How do you acquire this bonus ? Does this remove Time from your overall score ? If so, how much ? Thanks for your replies "Ganjr" -XboxOne-