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  1. Christopher Worthy

    Lockpicks are buggy

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed it? I've done easy lockpicks & they've snapped before i've hardly turned.Soon as i've tried with a new lockpick it turns no problem.
  2. Christopher Worthy

    Karim back from the dead

    Is this a bug or something? Karim died from his injuries.But he returns in a side mission.
  3. Christopher Worthy

    Dying Light Questions.

    Just a few questions that's been bugging me since Dying Light was released : The throwing up by the Zombies why does it alert the Virals? How come human enemies have unlimited weapon duration & unlimited throwing weapons? Can't you explore Old Town in peace without harassment from Looters? Brecken seems to have vanished from the tower what happens to him after the Story? Time sometimes stops.Was at the Museum & time stopped.It never went dark.Was at the clinic & time stopped at Midnight why does it happen? When delivering the packages to Spike i hear a bloke distress calls over the radio in the university.Can you rescue him? I'm guessing Virals throwing up in alley ways in Old Town is the Harran Virus? Legend Skill takes forever to fill up unlike the others how do i get it up quicker? Not Stomp i think.
  4. Christopher Worthy

    Dying Light Bug

    Earlier i was doing a easy lock on a Ambulance.I've much of used at least 20 lockpicks before i finally go it open.Will Techland finally sort this out?
  5. Christopher Worthy

    Name Change

    Can you change your username on here? I want to change it to my PS4 username. Do i have to pm a moderator to request a username change?
  6. Christopher Worthy

    Dying Light Bugs

    The other day a Viral was stuck in the ground.Soon as i punched him it freed him.Last week i was invisible to Virals for a while.Later on in the game they could see me as normal.Techland sort the bugs out once & for all.Not all of us are idiots out there cheating.
  7. Christopher Worthy

    Virals Eating - Dying Light

    No reply? From now on any questions i will be emailing Techland.
  8. Christopher Worthy

    Virals Eating - Dying Light

    Has anyone caught a Viral munching on a dead zombie yet in their gameplay? There's a video on YouTube of a Viral eating a dead zombie i've yet to catch a Viral eating.Is there a way to get them to do that or is it idiots glitching / modding?
  9. Christopher Worthy

    Possible Viral Bugs & Virals Spawn More

    Thx for your replies anyway.
  10. Christopher Worthy


    Just wondering why don't Virals spawn at Antenna once you've completed the game? I did a mission there & they was threre. *spoiler* you can revist Antenna once you've completed the game but there's not much to do there.Only the normal zombies are there the Virals never spawn there although you can hear their screams there if they are alerted by exploding barrels at Antenna.
  11. I'm not sure if during free roaming the Virals seem to spawn more whilst running? Also when i'm in Old Town most street corners or alleys they are vomitting.If they get spooked they quickly stand up & give chase.I'm not sure if Techland added the vomitting Virals in Old Town to make the gameplay experience even better?
  12. Christopher Worthy

    Cigarettes & Coffee

    Any ideas what you use these for in Dying Light?
  13. Christopher Worthy

    Bug / Bugs In Dying Light

    I've noticed when he's climbing Crane's left hand looks fractured. Also Virals looks like they get stuck when climbing fences.I've never experienced the Virals in your safe zone bug during the story. Idiots have uploaded their videos to YouTube were Virals are in their safe zone.
  14. Christopher Worthy

    Female Virals Are Hilarious

    I'm not sure who else finds them extremely hilarious? I seemed to get harassed more by them then the others.
  15. Christopher Worthy

    Can Players Be Virals?

    I know we can be the Night Hunter but what about Virals?