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  1. So recently started up dying light again after a few months now to find I could no longer craft my beloved explosive arrows. Yes before you ask I did all of bozak challenges and got every crafting recipe. In the menu arrows, electrical arrows, and fire arrows are all available to craft but not the explosive arrows. Plz help!
  2. Rexarus30


    I don't believe I have ever lost a 4v1, they're incredibly easy for me while a 1v1 seems to be much tougher though perhaps that's just because of my playing style, but to answer your question, yes it is possible.
  3. Rexarus30

    What Are We Playing For?

    I just help other people get better at the BTZ mode and get good at the night hunter and/or the survivor.
  4. Rexarus30

    Survivor Glitch/cheat Locations

    This is something that's unavoidable on this game since you can climb through almost any roof in the game. The way I see it is to just leave it how it is at the moment since their isn't to many glitch spots out there out the moment and people will only look for more if those get patched so a match timer or something like that is really the best you can do.
  5. Rexarus30

    On Be The Hunter Why No Use Right Joy Stick

    Hah something like that would be pretty cool but does seem pretty overpowered if you could just no stop throw people in to walls or something though it would be pretty funny to watch.
  6. Let me make this clear right now, yes the night hunter is underpowered. But I'm not here to complain because honestly I have no reason too... I have probably a 90% + win rate, only losing to the best of the best. Im sure what a lot of you guys think is that the game will be perfectly balanced for you even though it's quite the opposite. So you all blame tech land when perhaps it was made like that on purpose. I'm sure we have all been invaded at one time or another where we were crushed by an extremely skilled night hunter such as my self... Why is this? It's because they put time into this game to became good even though survivors only have put a lot less time in to become equally good. But their is another difference than that, it's that the night hunter has no limit to how good he can get. Just to even take up the title "stalker" it's a huge challenge because it was meant to be and that challenge pushes night hunters further than how good a survivor can get. The night hunter has skill, while the survivors have cheap tactics, exploits, with no skill at all but just go in machetes blazing because they can. There are rare exceptions to this however like survivors who play on hard mode or don't use survivor sense. Furthermore the night hunter is offensive, while the survivors or more defense. it's YOU who hunt down the humans no matter if they're goal is to destroy the nest. Don't think of the nest as something to defend think of it as something to keep the humans distracted while you pick them off one by one. It's the humans who must defend themselves and against YOU.t You can only get better as the night hunter so just deal with these unfair matches and use them to get better. Micheal Jordan didn't start out as best basketball player in the world, infact he got cut off his high school team but he got better because he kept trying. I suppose the main message if this is that if you put enough time and effort in to this game the it will still be unbalanced but for once it will be for the survivors while you arise as victor in almost every match. Sorry for any poor grammar I'm to lazy to proof read 😅
  7. I play on console and while I believe this is a great idea, I seriously doubt it can be implemented on console. Kinda sucks because this is an amazing idea which can really increase the amount of people willing to play BTZ mode. Anyway on console there is no shortage of matches to join no matter your level or rank, however 90% of the time you try to invade a match it will come up with an error message. Again this is a great idea and I would still be happy to know the devs are at least willing to listen if they do this on pc.
  8. Rexarus30

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    HAHAHAHA that's hilarious man. Oh chupacabra your serious aren't you? Well don't take this the wrong way but you must be god awful if you truly think night hunters are over powered. Let me start with this, I made a topic on a scenario showing how under powered they are, it addressees the new buffs made a couple of days ago, it's called "The new buffs are near useless." You should check it out. Second, I suppose I don't blame you if your brand new to the game and a very low level when being pinned up against highly skilled yet low level night hunters. Third, if that's the case then just wait until you get into the game and have a firm grasp of everything about it and you'l find your self dominating 50% of night hunters while the others you might have trouble with or occasionally lose if the night hunter is a veteran who started when the game came out (Like me!). Fourth, if you've maxed out your level and skills and beat the game at least once then you have absolutely no excuse to lose so many matches to where you have to complain they're over powered, unless you just suck that bad are you decided to play pvp against the night hunter recently and you're new to invasions then just go back to the third thing I said. Fifth and final, go play as the night hunter, I dare you. Go play a couple games until you're mid level (about level 20, stage one). Go and see just how "over powered" the night hunter really is.
  9. Rexarus30

    Please, Please, Please ... Dang!

    As far as I know, no such list exist in the realm of men but my friend who is an apex predator, mutation 3, said he got his 3rd mutation at level 35. Yeah, you got a long way to go. Hope this helps
  10. Rexarus30

    Bad Batch V2.0

    Well to be fair Night Hunters get the super strength too just to an extent rather than superman strength the survivors get. Survivors will hit you all the way to the other side of the map while you hit them 50 yards away.
  11. Sure we're all happy (most of us any way) about the new buffs, but after actually playing for a while I realized these are the most minimal buffs possible for the night hunter. Let me make this clear right now, I'm not complaining about BTZ still being unbalanced I'm just saying that the new buffs really don't help much especially in any game with more than one player. Here's a some what relatable story I'm sure most us have gone through, as I know I have. Picture the scene The match has begun as you begin to hunt the 2 players who's game you invaded. You are on a tall building in the slums, roughly 3 stories overlooking your nest. The survivors have neared the nest they are now only a few houses in front of, you clearly visible. They are on a one story building, very long, as you begin to tendril your way there only 2 houses away now just out of the UV light's reach, you shoot a horde spit, hoping to separate them as they simply dodge out the way with ease. Seeing it had no effect you hope to confuse them by flying every where around them trying to get the perfect pounce angle with your mobility and you quickly come up from behind but get blasted with UV light as the survivors spam their survivor sense to know exactly where you are. You go in for a more aggressive attempt as you use your first UV block and go in for the spit smash with a UV suppressor. Surprised by your move you hit one while the other manages to dodge out the way, however you don't realize this in time before you attempt to pounce the one you ground pounded. The survivor that dodged is quick to interrupted your pounce as you are slammed into the roof, missing your target. Realizing how vulnerable you are you quickly try to tendril away in vain as the survivor drop kicks as you fly off the edge of building about 10 feet from it. You hope to you were given some much needed space to get away as you use your last UV block, but again, too late, the survivor instantly recovers from the dropkick and gets the drop kick again and while stuck in the animation you are hit by the other survivor and die. You are forced to stare at the loading screen for 25 seconds before respawning yet it is too late to save your nest while you were respawning the survivors used the gas tanks littered around the nest for a quick and easy volatile spawn kill every time. It's probably a safe bet that every one has gone through something like this (maybe even worse) at one time or another. If you wanted to buff the night hunter change some things that can be found in the short little encounter above. As cool as the UV distance sounds you can still be effected by it from more than 50 or 60 yards away, honestly its more of a UV spot light than a UV flashlight. The UV resistance is some what helpful but in a 3v1 or 4v1 situation survivors often take shifts on tagging the nigh hunter with UV light so one will have it on you at all times if you get 50 to 60 yards close and its not like they can't chase you with there grappling hook. Here's a list of problems in this for anyone who says "There's nothing wrong with this." 1. The unavoidable dropkicks 2. Absolutely no recovery time for the survivor after a dropkick 3. Getting hit in animations 4. Gas tanks every where around nest 5. Ridiculously long respawn times (while the survivor can respawn almost instantly!) 6. Spamming dodge, its to easy to dodge,I mean there is absolutely no attacks you cant evade 7. No survivor sense cool down or smaller radius. So I guess my message to Tech land here is if your going to "buff" the night hunter, do it right, instead of they bare minimum Thanks for reading my rant guys!
  12. Rexarus30

    Unable To Obtain Skill Points As Night Hunter

    Well at least I know I'm not the only one. I'd hate to take more of ur time but I'm a little lost with this new patch, apparently people are liking/hating a new update that recently came out which balanced BTZ mode but I haven't received this update yet. I'm on a ps4 and looked at update history and looked for an available update and found nothing. I haven't noticed any buffs to the night hunter yet so I'm a little confused with all this talk about the new patch.
  13. Rexarus30

    Night Hunter Handicaps

    So I'm a little lost here, when was there an update? I'm on ps4 and checked update history and looked if there was an update available and found nothing I haven't noticed any "buffs" to the night hunter so all this talk about the new patch is quite confusing
  14. So this is something that happened to me almost a week ago, as I was nearing my second mutation I stopped getting skill points at around level 24 with just one skill left - pounce slam. I am now level 30 and still haven't gotten a single skill point yet I really would like some help or advice on this I badly want the second mutation but can't get it with that last skill still there and no skill points to buy it.
  15. Rexarus30

    To All Those Complaining About Underpowered Zombie

    Ground pound and spit slam are both useless if the human is drop kicking and the second you miss a ground pound/spit slam your dead. UV block is good for a few seconds, enough time to escape but not to launch a full attack or pounce...