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  1. frylander

    Stuck In Btz Mode

    Lol, indeed, Im glad you figured it out, hope you enjoy the online game more than me mate
  2. frylander

    Can You Spot What's Wrong With This Clip

    This should be the official trailer for the "be the zombie" gamemode, lol The sad thing here is that its not only unbalance issues, the game has a shittone ammount of problems, like bugs, optimization issues (as all techland games apparently are console ports), game-breaking lag, exploits and so on. The unbalance thing is just the tip of the iceberg, this game is fun for casual games, but if you actually want to get a good match you better go play Counter Strike Global Offensive or something like that. But yeah, game has great concept, good Singleplayer experience (as bugs, explots etc are not so annoying in singleplayer) but has a terrible multiplayer experience, as all those things that dont matter that much in singleplayer all come up in multiplayer, like hackers, item duplicators, etc. They should make a reset on inventories so the item dupers have to be legal again or something as now its just stupid. But still they wont do it, the game is pretty much dead anyways, why even update it.
  3. frylander

    Be The Zombie Mode Inaccessible

    The image is not correctly posted, atleast for me. Going for the matter, if you play on PS4, you have to play the game a bit on campaign until you unlock coop mode, then after that in main menu, in campaign, be the zombie menu should pop up. I dont own DL for PS4 but read that from a guy with the same problem as you, hope it helps Here is the original post if you see it clearly there.
  4. frylander

    Stuck In Btz Mode

    That sounds like a console platform as i dont reckon the menu quite well, in which console are you playing the game on? Anyways, for the looks of it maybe you could try a new save game and see if that helps, you dont need to delete the previous one, jsut create a new one and see if that helps, as some patches kinda break the game sometimes.
  5. frylander

    Techland Play Be The Zombie

    About the dev quote, if that dev played agressively against the survivors i have played against, he would end up dead without one single kill probably, as that is the worst thing you can do against a good player. As i said before, i would rather watch some dev as hunter play against a GOOD survivor that has items duplicated all over the place and spams them, uses rais gun and bow and spams flares, etc. Then we would see how they like it. About the video, it couldnt be more unrepresentative of the actual gameplay, as the video is obviously scripted so they are no real matches, you can tell just by how survivors move like mindless bots, the actual game doenst feel AT ALL that easy for hunters, specially against good players which is quite the other way arround, you are the one slaughtered. Devs, play the game as hunter against good players and post a video about it, i would laugh a lot.
  6. frylander

    Is "be The Zombie" Being Balanced?

    I like the idea about the tendrils on the survivors dealing damage or even better pushing them into you by some distance, that actually would be a neat skill that would open up for lots of possibilities and remove many problems on most cases (like survivors in coop just standing still in a traffic light where you can either try to spit them or just somehow try to get them down, in most cases ending in a "Death from above" to you) But with the tendrils you could just pull them out of up there, would be way more tactical and sneaky than it is now, anything that helps out is far better than how bad the game is right now
  7. frylander

    Techland Play Be The Zombie

    I would like it more if people answered to the actual problem instead to what they want Yeah, i get it, the post pretty much sais "devs play your game" but i believe you got the point of why he said that, he wants them to realize how unbalanced it is, but that isnt gonna happen as devs usually are not as good as some users and therefore wont exploit the game to those levels If i had to ask, i would like something like "Techland Devs, play as the hunter against "x" survivor", or even 4 different survivors, being him or them a set of good survivors out there, then maybe they would realize how broken their game is. For casuals against casuals, the game feels pretty much OK, but its when you get against people that duplicated all their sh** and that spams like there is no tomorrow when you know how bad the game is in that matter. So yeah, i vote for a "Devs play against a good survivor as hunter" instead.
  8. frylander

    Techland Play Be The Zombie

    If you play for some hours you will get matched for sure with atleast 1 hacker, maybe more, i would list you the hackers i got into my own black list but i throw it to the trash as i quitted the game, still, i can remember one guy called "Rush" that was a cheater, with teleport to spawn, instakilling nests and stuff like that, i could tell you of more if i had my list. About the field of view thing, it helps but its not as optimizated as it should be.
  9. frylander

    Techland Play Be The Zombie

    They wont do that, first because the forum is as dead as the game itself, as i have been cheking it from time to time and im right now the one who posts more often, so yeah devs make a forum to not check it, cool. Second, i already gave up on them balancing the game, because they probably WANT the game to be unbalanced so survivors can win, this way they get more people on the game Only solutions for unbalanced games are: 1: Quit the game like i did 2: Join the OP side and win all your games as survivor (unless you are really bad as survivor) 3: Quit games against good survivors that will spam the hell out of you and just play against players that dont know how broken this game is and can be. If you dont like those solutions, then you can just keep playing in the same way and keep complaining, but that wont do a thing I for myself, as im getting a new graphic card next week, i will try it on dying light, as its so badly optimized that is the game that runs worse on my computer from all the games on my steam library, if i can run this game on high i know that i will be able to run all games on high for the next 5 or 10 years (if they are not optimized like dying light that is) Its sad to see a game like this with so badly balanced pvp, but i guess this company doesnt have much experience on multiplayer side, hell even dead island on PC had autoaim for guns that you couldnt turn off, that was just silly, and those kind of things just show the kind of company they are. I know for sure, this is the last game from techland that i get (with money. that is) Instead i will get mirrors edge catalyst that has the parkour from the original game from whose techland got the idea about the parkour in the first place, and just play that instead.
  10. frylander

    Stuck In Btz Mode

    Can you give more info about the problem? like what appears when you start the game or what happens when you try to get into campaign mode? Does some kind of error message show or something?
  11. frylander

    Do We Keep This Game Alive?

    Glad to see someone who actually takes some of his time into reading my posts, some dont even bother on reading them, either because they are long posts (i like to make my points very clear) or because they dont want/cant argument what i said. At what you said, yes, the easy answer to all this is... well, if the game is clearly unbalanced and helps the survivor side... just play survivor But the problem with that is as you said, its so easy to kill even good hunters that it becomes something like a walk in the park, it doesnt differ much from the campaing as it doesnt offer a real challenge, that is because its so easy on the survivor side to just take care of things. Therefore, instead of going for the easy wins that dont fullfill my needs of a good and balanced match, i moved on to another game that is more balanced and more skill-based and let this game to die on my account. About the skill tree that you saw in my posts, this is how it exactly works if you want to know. There are 3 new skills, the sense spit, the toxic spit and the UV heal. For you to be able to get each one of them you have to get max level and then, reset all your skills and start all over. This is called mutation, and there are 3 stages to it, 1 new skill per mutation, meaning that you have to reset your skill tree 3 times to get all skills. But it doesnt end there, i thought it was a bug, but apparently, this is the way its supposed to be... and this is, after first mutation, you have to get more levels to get skill points, meaning that each 4 levels or so you get 1 single skill point This makes you go like... mutation 0: 20 max level Mutation 1: Max level 30 Mutation 2: Max level 40 Mutation 3: Max level 50 So to make it clear, if you want to mutate from mutation 2 to 3 in order to get the last skill, you have to reach level 40 first and then all the over to 50 again Those levels are aproximations as i dont remember how many levels it takes, but yeah they are kinda accurate This is to force hunters to play more and keep the game alive, but not anymore for me, i didnt even get all the skills in the mutation 3, i wont satisfy the devs with that, ill just let this game to rot until they actually care for the community
  12. frylander

    Change Uv Heal

    Yeah as i said, you do have to get away to heal, and quite far away if you want to be safe as the animation takes quite long Toxic spit under you doesnt solve anything, they will just fry you with the bow in a 1 shot kill (skill) or just a regular weapon, hell, they can even throw their melee weapons at you and instakill you with the proper weapon.
  13. frylander

    Do We Keep This Game Alive?

    Yes, in my opinion, hunters are the only ones who keep the game alive for old users who have completed the campaign. As i said in some other posts, the game gets pretty much boring after you complete the campaign and quests, and coop is not that big of a change to that, so all that remains is PVP I think that is one of the main reasons that they dont want to balance the game, because that would actually make most survivors to just quit the game as they wouldnt be able to handle a balanced match, its like the hunter side is made so we can entertain the survivors letting them kill us easily so they can feel powerful and keep playing the game That explains why they made the 3 new skills for the hunter that take ages to get, they WANT people to play a lot in the hunter side, probably because its the only thing that keeps the game alive, but it wont for long if it keeps this unbalanced, casuals will keep playing it but casuals are casuals, they will play for some time and move on to another game, good players will eventually get bored and leave for the lack of good matches, atleast hunter players (if there are any good hunters left, anyways) The good survivors may stay, if they like winning unbalanced matches, if they do have some need of a challenge and a balanced match like i do then they may leave aswell. But for my part, i wont contribute to what the devs are doing, making us hunters just cannon-meat so survivors keep playing the game, making us so easy to kill that is not even worth the try So i quitted the game and so will most hunters eventually when they find out what the game is about and how unbalanced it is. Explaining it briefly, the hunter mode right now its a "come play so survivors can feel like they have something left to do in our game and can win you in a unbalanced match so they feel OP and keep playing the game for a long time, oh and btw, here you have an unworthy skill that will take you ages to get so you keep playing the game too, thinking that the skill may actually change things a bit" Hunters are just baits for survivors in this game, my opinion.
  14. frylander

    Change Uv Heal

    I get your point, UV Heal is most of the times useless Its only worth mostly in coop matches when the survivors play agressive on you, always trying to hunt you down without letting you heal (which takes a high ammount of time for a zombie mutant) So, in that situation when survivors wont let you go away to heal, it is a good choice to heal in a couple of seconds and try to fight back surprising them Still, that is the only situation in which this skill was really useful to me, making it a very situation-concrete skill and therefore not all that worthy in my opinion. Because, if you can get away and stay out of UV light for 5 secs you heal yourself, and there is no point in using that skill The only other moment in which i think it would be useful is when survivors are killing a nest and you are wounded, so you stay back, heal, and go back to attack Still, that is mostly useless as it wastes an UV Block skill, which is pratically the only useful skill agaisnt good players since they spam flares, making it impossible to get close without uv Block. So yeah, gg techland.
  15. frylander

    So I Bought Evolve

    Evolve is another game that has the 4 vs 1 concept, well not only that but its the main focus of the game. And yes, it has far better balance than dying lights pvp, as it requires actually people to teamwork, and requires skill to play as human. The only problem with that game is the great greed from their devs releasing so many paid dlcs (and not cheap ones) which will eventually lead to not so many people playing their game either As far as i know, the game is pretty much dead already if im not wrong, not as many people playing it as the devs would want. But still, if i had to chose between greedy devs and (in my opinion, again, i dont want to offend anyone) incompetent devs that dont know how to balance a game, i would rather just stick to the greedy ones and play a balanced game, just without paying any dlcs (like i didnt pay for dying lights dlc) So yeah, i do love the 4 vs 1 concept, but i guess i will have to wait for another company to make such game in a good way, right now those games have problems in one side or the other.