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  1. xiao

    Btz Balance Update Today!

    First of all, I want to say thanks Pete, and those at techland for replying and listening. People need to realise this is a rough nerf to the humans and to quit moaning now, it actually is balanced. I've only played 3 games in 3 weeks, off which all 3 were after this particular update, and i'm enjoying the changes so far. FINALLY A CHALLENGE I like to consider myself a strong survivor - as i'm sure many hunters know me by now, well at least the strong ones. My thoughts is that it seems balanced. The 3 games I've played were vs weaker hunters, and i can really tell the difference now, I'm having decent games - I can't imagine how hard the games will be against strong hunters like boobafinno, touka and diavolo. My overview: Decreased UV light distance by 20% This will fix a lot of issues and weaken hunting down the hunter. It also boosts the hunters ability to pick off humans now, since before you could uv across a large distance like 30m to stop a hunter pouncing on a ally, now that's been reduced it gives the hunter a greater opportunity to gain those kills he otherwise wouldn't have before. We all knew a UV nerf was coming, and they listened. We all should be happy with this, especially you hunters out there. As for my fellow human survivors, stay close! Increased Hunters UV light resistance Helpful for Hunters in gaining an advantage over the survivor, also helps in co-op games. I've actually seen the difference now, and with the increase of UV resistance, it'll also open a wider opportunity for hunters to get more kills, as a survivor will have to be intelligent in using his uv, not to over-use it, as it'll run out even quicker in regards to the hunter sufficing more uv light. Increased Flare Usage cost This is probably one of the biggest issues that i saw a lot of hunters complaining about. Flare spamming. Well guess what, you can't do that efficiently anymore... I've tried. That small little nerf of 20% sure does make a difference. Increased Explosive Resistance Here we go... the moment all hunters were waiting for...the explosive nerf. Never again will a survivor 1 hit you (despite how hard it was against strong hunters)...and never again should we see a complaint. In my eyes, when i first played after the update I truly saw the difference... 2 Clear arrows which would otherwise 1 hit, and the hunter is still alive with almost non-existent hp. It now takes me 3 arrows average (although only needing 2) to kill even the weakest hunters who rarely manoeuvre themselves around, and i'm a Robin Hood. Rarely from the 3 invasions i played did I 2 hit the hunter. So this again is helping hunters survivability and nerfing survivors to the point where killing the hunter is 2 times as hard as it used to be. (Think about that for a moment... theoretically 2 times harder). As for barrels and cannisters, i dislike the nerf, but i guess it had to be done, even though it was "skill" to manoeuvre yourself in a position to shoot a barrel/cannister to kill the hunter. This nerf collectively makes killing nests harder to kill, and hunters. Meaning for me, longer games - more opportunity for hunter to kill, and harder to kill hunter - more opportunity for hunter to kill. So conclusion: good balance update. My cause for concern is that hunters will win even more games than they did before (As Pete mentioned, and I stated 2-3 weeks ago, hunters win the majority of the games). This begs the question of "why nerf survivors then?"... well from my view, I think its because there are fewer good/strong hunters than there are survivors. Although from my experience, I've only seen 5-6 survivors who are strong including myself (a few are Ninja, SCICE, Banana Reaper...). It's also because the explosive arrow was OP, I'll admit. Everything else seemed reasonably to a certain extent. (and no, i'm not contradicting myself, i'm just looking at the bigger picture). The issue here is that with the nerf, you will see less survivors and more hunters most likely, those that quit will probably return upon seeing the changes. The few survivors left will probably be the stronger survivors pre-nerf who wanted a challenge. This snowballs into finding invasions longer for the hunters, and also less co-op for survivors. I believe any hunter now, who's still unpleased with these changes and wants survivors even more nerfed should pick up playing survivor again, go hard difficulty and play vs a decent or strong hunter again....please do, and then report back to me and tell me survivors are still OP. Those still complaining need to step up their game and acknowledge that maybe they're just bad hunters, or maybe they're facing good survivors. Deal with it, just like how we survivors have to deal with this nerf. As for Reece and his grappling hook nerf etc. Are you serious? TL;DR - Thanks Pete/Techland - Balanced nerf - 1 Issue, win rate even more inflated for hunters - Those still complaining survivors need nerf -> get better
  2. xiao

    Lol. You Guys Are Hilarious..

    ...or just kill the nests, theres no time vs some hunters to try and kill all the other infected, besides they take ages to kill..throw a flare and be done with it, kill the nests asap.
  3. xiao

    Gold Tier Weapons!

    Well they're more common than orange weapons if you play Invasions, try it yourself before implying I'm lying. My stash is full of them, I can't get rid of them fast enough. I think majority of those who play invasions as survivor, as a ultimate survivor have about 100+ gold weapons or more.
  4. xiao

    Ultimate Trial Bonus?

    I think its how fast you did it, in comparison with your old one. So, if i did it 1 minute faster, it will say "Ultimate trial bonus +1:00" Could be wrong though, not really been paying attention. But i highly doubt theres a way to reduce your time.
  5. xiao

    Can't Meet Minimum Requirements!

    Probably your nvidia graphics card. Its most likely outdated. If you bought on steam, maybe get a refund whilst you can
  6. xiao

    Explosive Arrow

    Well said, we can only wait and see now.
  7. You need to be maximum level to get golds in general, so 25/24/24 As for be the zombie, you need to get higher rank, so you start as "prey" and end up as "ultimate survivor". Keep playing and ranking up and you'll see golds around rank 4, 8 and 11 and once you hit 12 rank youll see golds everywhere. There are other methods: 1) Dockets from bozak horde 2) Hard difficulty police van farming but the most efficient is Be the zombie, killing hunters as the survivor. If you're on pc, tell me your name, and ill give you a gold weapon to start off with ;-)
  8. xiao

    Explosive Arrow

    Your posts make no sense most of time...you're first 2 sentences contradict each other. Then you go on to state my points are invalid for 2 reasons: 1) I say hunter is strong 2) I say good hunter can overcome anything Well firstly, I never said hunters are strong, so that reason is already invalidated. Secondly, I never expressed it in a way that they can overcome anything, but they can certainly "deal" with the bow, df and dfa to a relative degree. Infact if you bothered to read my posts, which you certainly don't, you'll notice that my point about hunters dealing with these things is agreeably correct. Let me point you to my post - and now let me clarify my points over all my posts to you dasorrow: - I don't think hunters are op - I think hunters should be buffed - I think bow is op - I think survivors need some nerfing, but not major nerfing - Hunters win majority of their games, and since its based on "skill"....(skill therefore matters, thus your post above makes no sense) - Developers made hunters not have an advantage over survivors (arguably suggests survivors to be stronger) Now from what i've read from your posts, you agree with 3 of the 6 above, with 2 of the 6 being fact. So therefore you only disagree with the "skill" argument i'm trying to put across, which does matter. So... please explain how my points are invalid again. Your posts are just rage, you don't even reason your arguments, let alone clarify them. Why you post on this forum is beyond me, majority of your posts is just nonsensical rage. Also who are you in-game...
  9. xiao

    Explosive Arrow

    Spit pounce was ridiculous, besides a see a lot of hunters not utilizing the effectiveness of slam and spit. We'll have to just wait and see what Techland does, the recent patch was a complete waste, so heres hoping something happens. But I want to note that not a lot in my opinion will get changed. E.g. Survivors won't get nerfed too hard, since only about 10-15 survivors from my experience playing (300+hours) are "good". The rest even I could beat or have a good game with (despite the imbalance) if I bothered playing Hunter for about 100hours. What I mean by this is basically referring back to my old posts: the majority of hunters win their games, as the majority of survivors don't know how to play, even after so long. So nerfing too hard (like dasorrows suggestions) would result in less survivors playing, and more hunters... and survivors will most likely lose a lot more of the games they're losing now. You'll have experienced survivors struggling vs 'just' decent hunters. Things need to be changed, but not drastic changes. e.g. a flare "cap" to maximum of 10-15 is good to stop spammers. Bow taking 5 explosions not 3 to kill hunter, or just simply increasing hunter hp by 50% per survivor - this would fix the "op" bow situation.
  10. xiao

    Explosive Arrow

    So you agree with my point that strong hunters can deal with the bow , dfa, and dk's. And by "deal with" I don't mean win all the time, but I can guarantee most hunters have beaten humans who've used bow, dk and dfa before. So ultimately the point I made is agreeably correct. Whether a hunter can deal with the remainder depends on how good the hunter is, or how good the survivor is. The remainder of your post just goes on to suggest that bow is op, which can i just clarify, is what I've been saying, directly and indirectly, in my posts. One post i stated its op just not as most conceive it to be, it doesn't take 1 direct arrow to kill you, it takes 3 explosions, there's a big difference, a hunter can move swiftly enough to avoid not only the arrow but the explosions...Spamming is an issue, but as you rightly pointed out, if you get close, the human can die, or get knocked off. So if the hunter manages to survive a close combat scenario where the human does in-fact get knocked over, its your opportunity to kill.
  11. One suggestion -- play Invasions, once you reach rank of Ultimate Survivor, you pretty much get Gold weapons every game.
  12. xiao

    Explosive Arrow

    So my opinions that the survivor is op, the bow is op and the hunter needs buffing are invalid? Then what the hell are you arguing exactly? I'm not fan of boobafinno, I'm just using him as an example of a strong hunter who can deal with a lot of things you're moaning about, it merely strengthens my argument that a lot of the hunters here complaining aren't that good, and should maybe learn how to play properly before complaining, just like how survivors need to learn to play vs night hunters. Besides have you even read some of my posts, or better yet my suggestions? I guess not if you're making posts like the one above. Although assuming you have read my posts, I'll state again, at least post back to me why I'm wrong, why my points are invalid... and give at least some structured reply for me to fall upon or give me some feedback, not some post that looks like it's written by some 12 year old raging.
  13. xiao

    Dodging System

    Thanks, someone who agrees with me
  14. xiao

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    We beat this guy today, what a hacker...