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  1. Reece

    Any New Updates In Plan?

    Just a question will there be any new updates for this gamemode or only bugfixes?
  2. Reece

    Gamemode Needs An Update

    Alright it's been quite a while from the following and things are starting to get boring again. We need something new for Be The Zombie. Something that will make lots of players come back like the mutation update. If I were to make an update I would call it the INFECTION update. The Night Hunter would be able to drag downed survivors to volatile nest and turn them or either make an empty volatile nest and let the Night Hunter place him there. The Humans would have to free him from the nest or else he'll become infected. This update would also include some other skills like Finisher moves. Being able to do neat finishing moves on downed survivors (instead of just swiping) Ability to upgrade nest zombies sense of the Humans (Zombies at the nest being able to detect survivors easier) Ability to upgrade the amount of zombies around the map. Ability to upgrade the amount of nest guards. And Humans get new crafting recipes for new weapons and tools like a tool to get their friends out of Nest faster and being able to Revive faster.
  3. Reece

    Night Hunter Dlc

    Probably just a bug, we're you able to upgrade anything for the Night Hunter?
  4. We need xxPilot. The Night Hunter that figured out the most OP tackle strategy ever.
  5. Reece

    New 'tunables' Released For Btz

    Got any gameplay updates in plan? I was thinking letting the Night Hunter be able to do finishers on downed survivors and/or being able to drag them to a nest and infect them.
  6. Reece

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    God that spike kill for the Night Hunter at 6:31 was so broken. HE WAS LEGITIMATELY FLYING INTO THE SPIKES! C'mon Techland, pull yourselves together!
  7. Reece

    To Pete

    How about an idea where Night Hunters can dragged downed survivors to empty nest and turn them into a volatile? I know it could use a lot of balancing, but I wish it could be done.
  8. If the a survivor is on land and a Night hunter is in water, if he tendrils the ability to pounce will show up and there is NO way to block this pounce. I've at least pounced 2 survivors with this strategy.
  9. Reece

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Night Hunter fears no barrel. YOUR PUNY EXPLOSIONS HAVE NOTHING ON ME!
  10. Reece

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Micheal Bay made a surprise cameo at the end.
  11. Reece

    Awnswer Me This Techland Plz.

    Apparently Humans have reduced damage by 30% while in the knocked down state (not bleed out) Which let him take that extra hit.
  12. Reece

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    Confirmed headshot with toxic bolt will insta-kill. Makes it even worse if they get a drop kick on you, because it will lock them on to you during the animation leaving for a very easy headshot.
  13. Reece

    Showing 360 Hammer/axe Swing Very Useful

    I wanna cringe after seeing some of those DFAS in that video.
  14. Reece

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I'm guessing it's either a glitch or since you're both in the group it counts you as friends?
  15. Reece

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Oh boy can't wait to start the NH dlc! *Joins match* *Credits roll* What an amazing dlc!