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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to icre8 in Please Give Us The Ability To Lock Framerate At 30Fps On Ps4   
    Well, I hope techland isnt listening to the wrong voices
    Framerate is sweet, no lags, no drops, no input lags whatsoever (perhaps icecream in your controller?)
    And pleeeease techland, give us MORE fast runners! We want a challenge!
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to MaXThReAT in Issue With Missing Foliage - Downgrade?   
    Thank you for doing that I do appreciate it. I'll do the same. In the meantime I will try to keep this post in the forefront for greater visibility and please update us if you hear back.
    Also just to show some NPC changes.
    Some of the models have very messed up eyes and IMO the skin does not look as good as before. It looks like the cloths have had a lot of details removed however there does seem to be more variations. 
    This whole Enhanced Edition just screams downgrade, I know it's a balancing act but I liked the art and direction way more before it was "Enhanced".
    Enhance definition: Intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of. I see none of this in the EE "patch"
    Some NPC Changes.
    Brecken looks like an upset strung out drug addict now. Thank god they didn't change Jade.

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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to lonegunman77 in Will You Ever Fix The Duplicate Bugs?   
    Stop caring about other people man, have fun!
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Hiei-YYH in Will You Ever Fix The Duplicate Bugs?   
    to me it doesn't matter, what does bother you if ppl are on max level or have better weapons or something like that? play your game and have fun, that's the way i think.
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to tafferling in Please Continue Kyle Crane's Story (Spoilers For The Following!)   
    Well, will you look at that. I think we might have something common
    I'd quote your whole post, but about summarizes the situation for me as well. Though it is a selfish situation. I am on the fence whether or not I'd continue playing Dying Light with Kyle replaced, or Volakyle turning into a villain, but I'd try at least. It's not like I am not okay with Kyle's story coming to an end after the Following. It could have done so differently though.
    Let's go into a little more detail... 
    The only reason I do not like how the Following played out is the complete futility of everything Kyle did before. He sacrificed his own life already by staying in Harran, rather than carrying out the GRE's orders and being able to return home (and maybe even receiving a cure, since the GRE did have to save face for their intentions leaking).
    Instead of deciding to give his old life another shot, he brought a small measure of hope to the people in the Tower (and Harran). They even ended the main Campaign with a silver lining. Then, for the DLC, that hope was dashed. Worse, once the DLC is finished all the hard work he put into it (and the player did as well) is lost. Whether you pick the nuke ending or the actual conclusion that results in a Volakyle, at the end of the day everything he's done is nullified.
    To me, these endings smell a bit like they wanted to draw a clean line with Kyle's story and level the slate for something new.
    And since I get very attached to the characters I spend a lot of time with, it was disappointing that they'd chose a futile ending, rather than something that brings closure on a positive note. In particular the nuke one made no sense whatsoever. You tried so very hard NOT to get the city blown up. Now you decide that "Eh, whatever.Let's fry the place."?
    Now I know these days people seem to dig bad endings and hopelessness, etc.. and throw the whole "In the Apocalypse there aren't good endings." argument around, but eeey--- Kyle Crane Whaaaaaaaiiii *throws fangirl fit*  Though I digress here. With flailing arms. And kicking feet. Let's refocus. 
    The Nuke ending, some may call it bittersweet, doesn't appear to align with Kyle's motivations from where I am standing. He took to the poor sods in the tower, putting them before the needs of the world. If he'd wanted to save the world, all he'd have had to do was accept the GRE's final offer. Or contact them later on, when he realized his people were dying.
    All of his efforts were for those he cared for, rather than what would have been better for the world in general. To have him have such a drastic change of heart is, well... it bothered me a little. Much like the overall story arch of the Following did, in particular how it came to be. If we consider the reason why Kyle leaves Harran to chase down a cure, then we have to assume that the global community has turned its back on the city state/city. But rather than nuking it, they decide to stop dropping Antizin? This sounds like political suicide to me, and again brings me to the conclusion that, while amazing, The Following is here to pave the way for new things.
    'sides, it's a video game, and not a narrative driven one, by heart. It's meant to be a blast, and the audience it caters to are likely to dig those endings. And there's nothing really wrong with it, or any of its endings. That I'd have preferred to have seen Kyle get some sweet closure, omitting the bitter, is personal preference. I'd have written it differently, and luckily I have a very agile mind that's already in denial about the whole deal, so there's that
    Doesn't mean I don't still love The Following. I just won't be finishing the main quest a second time. I'll just stop right before it and pretend to be blissfully ignorant. 
    Here's me with fingers crossed though that Techland will pull an ace from their sleeve. Preferably one with Mister Crane on it. 
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Volatile83 in Please Continue Kyle Crane's Story (Spoilers For The Following!)   
    I loved the volatile ending. You can tell from the synth score and atmosphere it was heavily inspired by john carpenter and origina George Romero movies...so the apocalyptic ending for me was very appropriate. It was in kyles character not to sacrafice people he cared about. He was willing to give his lifes for jades and risk his for the tower. So him trying to believe the volatlie mother was lying was him talking himself into doing what he thought was right. The toll on his mind didnt help either. And as for the end scene...the night took over, and kyle lost all control and likely spread the outbreak beyond haran.
    Now if you want to look for a silver lining...there is a small measure of hope that the doc back in harran, safe in his lab, will eventually be able to secure a cure. So there is still a little tiny bit of hope. Not much but thats the best you can get in apocalypse scenario
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Maverick-Werewolf in Please Continue Kyle Crane's Story (Spoilers For The Following!)   
    Hi, guys. This was a letter I mailed to Techland. I wish I hadn't abused the word "incredible" so much (and I've added a few more notes to the end), but I meant every word and everything I said still stands. I figured I would post it here, too, to try and make sure it gets seen by someone. I'm still really upset by what happened, and I deeply hope they don't leave things this way and they choose to continue the story, at least to end it on a hopeful note (for Kyle and others), more like the original game's ending. I'm looking forward to more Dying Light story content, and I hope it happens.
    Here's the letter, for anyone interested, with my signature removed:
    I am a huge fan of Dying Light. I've been a fangirl of Dying Light since before it was released. Roger Craig Smith, one of my very favorite actors, talked to me on Twitter about the game when it was coming out. Him starring in it was what sold me on buying it, but I stayed for everything. Truly, this game knocked me off my feet. I didn't expect such an incredible gameplay experience. Everything about the game captures me. The atmosphere, the gameplay, the art, the music - and, of course, the writing, story, and characters.

    I immediately fell in love with your protagonist in particular, Kyle Crane. He's so relateable and lovable, he's a wonderful jerk with a heart of gold, and he always says just what I'm thinking. I simply adore his character and, as an aspiring writer myself, his character and his interactions in the story and with the world have inspired me greatly.

    However, to be frank, I was utterly devastated by the end of The Following. I kind of saw it coming, but I was hoping I was wrong. So, I beseech you: please don't let this be the end of Kyle Crane's story. Please. It isn't Dying Light without Kyle Crane. There's still incredible potential with this story. Playing as Kyle while he's a sentient volatile (even the Night Hunter, you know, so his face doesn't get totally messed up) could be an incredibly unique gaming experience in so many ways, and it could be an incredibly unique story as well.

    I truly adore every aspect of Dying Light, but the story and the characters (Kyle in particular) is what kept me coming back and what made me play the game in its entirety over four times in a few months (I bought it on two platforms as well, the original game and all the DLC, and I've convinced many friends to buy it as well based on my high praises).

    So, again, I'm begging you all: please don't let Kyle's story end like this. The ending of the first game was deeply moving to me, especially in a time of my life when I was going through hardships of my own. Somehow, seeing Kyle conquer all odds, watching the ending with hope for a cure, with the hero staying with his friends, the hero defeating the villain - it inspired me. The ending of The Following upset me deeply. I would love, however, to see a happy ending still come from this. Kyle has a chance to redeem himself, even if his form is mutated. There's still hope for a cure. He can control himself, like the Mother could, and thus he has potential to still help people and fight for his friends. Even, later in the story, he could find a cure and become himself again, instead of having to stereotypically sacrifice himself or devolve into a monster. Endings like those are becoming increasingly overdone, and Dying Light has the chance to be unique (again; it already has before).

    I know this thing has gotten very lengthy, and for that I apologize. I cannot deny the incredible passion I feel for Dying Light, its setting, its story, and all its aspects. I want more Kyle Crane in my life. I want to see is story end well for him. I want to see his incredible struggle, be with him every step of the way, guide him through more of your incredible stories in this incredible world. I love Dying Light. It's one of my favorite games of all time (and I've been a gamer all my life). It's left a lifelong impression on me as a gamer and as someone who wants to become a storyteller someday. Dying Light is a beautiful experience. It's more than just a game.

    I sincerely hope that, in the future, you consider continuing to let us play as Kyle and tell more stories from his point of view. He's a wonderful character and, to me, this amazing setting would never be the same if we didn't play as him the entire time.

    I could continue to sing the praises of Dying Light and prostrate myself before you to beg for mercy for Kyle (and to beg to let us all continue playing as him). I truly feel that his story is not over, nor does it have to be over. I look forward to all the stories left with this protagonist and this setting in this beautiful game.
    The way I see it, there are multiple possibilities for handling what happened to Kyle in the ending where he didn't just sacrifice himself...
    He could be a sentient zombie, like a Night Hunter (or a volatile but hopefully without those mandibles). He could be slowly mutating more and gain more abilities over time, but he isn't completely inhuman, and he's still largely in control of himself. Maybe he's still slowly mutating more, so it gives a reason to still have the zombie seizures and keep the antizin and stuff (since I loved that element, personally), and still keep that desperation. However, since the Mother never mutated to a point where she lost her intelligence, it makes sense that Kyle wouldn't, either.
    The whole thing could've been one giant hallucination. That one would be pretty easy to explain, because - frankly - I initially thought it was. I still really hope it was. Did the Mother even really force enough of the liquid down his throat for it to matter? It sure didn't look like much. Why would he change so fast? Why would he change at all, with that small amount? He certainly doesn't have to. It could've been a hallucination. But maybe, since he did get a small amount of the liquid in his system, he could be mutating faster now. Has more zombie seizures, gives an even more desperate reason to find more antizin and other ways to stave the virus off, etc. But he'd still be human, and under that same threat (I love the zombie seizures in the original game, I'd hate to see them leave).
    There are other different ways it could be handled, but I would really hate for this to be the end of Kyle Crane's story. Techland had something truly great going with Dying Light and with Kyle Crane. I hope they don't end it in this way and they choose to pursue unique paths to a more unique (and happy, preferably involving Kyle getting cured or at least left alive and hopeful and searching for a way, like the struggle to maintain antizin while trying to find a cure in the end of the original game, which I thought was a wonderful ending). No matter how they choose to continue Kyle's story, if they do, it'd become a unique experience in multiple ways. I already find Dying Light unique, but they've opened up even more interesting and unusual paths to explore - things gaming hasn't done before. They could break new ground in the zombie genre.
    I need more Dying Light in my life - and it isn't Dying Light unless we get to play as Kyle Crane.
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to GaryElderkin in For Those Who Want To Get 100 % Completion Total   
    The game is bugged just like the base game a full year to release a dlc and they still can't get it right that's why I've moved on to far cry primal and guess what it's a full game that's not bugged learn your lessons techland
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to lordfiSh in Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)   
    I didn't like the Map that Techland gave us, so I tried to put a few Screenshots together but this didn't work out quite well, since the map has this stupid perspective. So I worked a more than a few hours in photoshop (I don't really have skill in this) but tried the best I could to make it look kinda ok.
    I'm planning to add every Blueprint, Outfit, Mystery Box, Nest, Freak, Collectable, Flag, Mask and everything useful to the map - for now there are only the Paintjobs, Blueprints, Unknown Stones and a few other things. I still have 100 of Screenshots of Places that I will put on the map in the following days. If you have something that I should add just copy the URL here and add it to the Map (especially for Flags, Racing Trophies and Notes)
    You can right click Item to mark then as collected (the counter on the sidebar will count)
    If you want to share Links just right-click anywhere and share the URL
    Press F5 from time to time - you may find new Items, since I'm adding them over time

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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to AlirezaPokerface in Kyle Cranes Voice   
    You definitely have hearing issues...
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to quadphonics in So You Screwed Us Again?   
    Don't know or care what bBtZ is and unfortunately wasn't a snobbish comment just a fact meant to state the obvious with trackballl there is no comparison to a joystick.
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    Avenged Sevenfold got a reaction from quadphonics in So You Screwed Us Again?   
    PC isn't really superior for this game. Anyone who's played BtZ on a PC can tell you that. Keep snobby comments out of the forums, please and thank you.
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Wolfman in Whats Up? Yeah Its Me!   
    Was it worth it?
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to MrNeil24 in Whats Up? Yeah Its Me!   
    wtf are you drunk?
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Electricwookie in Absolutely Astounding   
    It's nice to read posts like this; thanking a company for all it's hard work and dedication. The last 20 posts I've seen in various places were people "outraged" and "out for blood" for all kinds of tiny issues; like not being able to download and play their game at 12:30 am, THIRTY MINUTES after the release.... trying to rally people up to give it a 1/10 rating because they were too impatient to read instructions... demanding answer as to why they were "screwed" and have to wait a couple extra days because they deserve it NOW!
    The level of self-entitlement out there is ridiculous.
    Great job Techland, and thank you for your hard work!
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to FolksyTarsier in What About Allowing 2 Night Hunters In Pvp?   
    2 nh hunters wouldnt work out because 1: it is OP and 2: most of the hunters attacks are animation based and it wouldnt work out nice if you have 2 hunters with both animation based attacks
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    Avenged Sevenfold got a reaction from Wolfman in Help Us Improve Parkour Experience!   
    I'd like to see things in the world affect your abilities. For example when you run through a puddle of oil, or even a water puddle with electrical wires in it, your feet become a bit slippery, I'd also love it if your speed and movement abilities were dependant on your health bar. Also, it would be neat if you were carrying a large, cumbersome weapon (Or an air drop, maybe?) and it impeded your movement, as if weighing you down. Just my thoughts.
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Reece in Techland! Let's Deal With Cheaters In A Most Satisfying Way!   
    Lad, they're not going to do anything about it. The haven't with hackers. Instead they're more concerned about finding ways to buff the survivors.
    In my opinion you should just refund it at GameStop and buy Evolve if you can.
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to quadphonics in Mouse Steering   
    To whom it may concern, I have already asked for this but I am putting it out there again and I will continue doing so until it is implemented. It is not a want that I'm asking you to put in the game but A NÈED!!! I am a quadriplegic gamer that cannot use his hands properly and therefore I do not use a controller I use keyboard and a large trackball mouse with four buttons to play video games but what I am asking and pleading for is that you game designers of this wonderful game please implement MOUSE STEERING!!! It is a very small request and one that can be easily added to your game and would be supremely beneficial for your disabled gamer market and I'm sure we would be extremely grateful if it were to be added!
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to YourAverageZombie in The Duck Down Glitch Still There After Patch (Looting Bug)   
    It's such a tiny problem with massive impact (for me), I don't think it would be that hard to patch this issue. I know they have to verify the patches on console but for gods sake just push it out on PC. A little fix, please.
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Wolfmeister1010 in Enhanced Edition   
    One thing that really interested me about the Enhanced Edition Trailer was the proposal of "improved graphics" and "overall look and feel" tweaks.
    Do you guys remember the original gameplay? 

      There are so many things that were awesome about this demo that werent in the final game, that I think should REALLY be brought back.
    1. Color scheme- The colors in this demo were vibrant and realistic looking. In the final product, everything was washed out under a brownish greenish filter and it looked horrid.
    2. Post Processing- This demo had some awesome looking HDR and Bokeh Depth of Field that has been completely dropped from the game (DoF is only in cutscenes and zombie grapples)
    3. Animations- One thing that was AMAZING about this demo was the animations of weapons. Each swing was meaty, and it took a realistic amount of time for the player to reel the weapon back in before swinging again. It was visceral. Now, you can slice at zombies twice as fast. I think it added a ton of immersion and much needed challenge to the combat, and should come back.
    Before (visceral, meaty, epic, realistic): http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/2-15-2015/-iT6je.gif
    After (twitchy, weightless, unrealistic): http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/2-15-2015/GFP6e-.gif
    4. Blood-Before, the blood looked really dark and realistic-the best I have ever seen. But in the final game, there is a horrible blood "mist" effect when hitting zombies that just looks horrible. Adds useless gory clutter to the combat. Can there be an option to get this old blood back?
    5. God Rays-What happened to the god rays? They are basically completely gone from this game. They added so much amazing FEEL to the game. PC version at least should get these effects back.
    6. Xrays/Slowmo/FX- The demo here was filled with realistic looking effects, and the xray effect was subtle and visceral looking orange. Now, the slow mo happens every other damn hit, the xray is an ugly looking blue, and each hit is met with a horribly unrealistic looking "distortion" effect; looks like molecular distortion in the air.
    Overall, all these things that were so great about the demo have been completely lost to time. It gave the game a brilliant feel and look that doesn't exist anymore. I seriously think that in order to improve the overall "look and feel", the developers should use the 12 minute demo as a basis. 
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to Airsickhydra in Devs Put Seperate Forums For Pc And Console Im Tired Of Console People   
    The difference between pc and console? - None. Feedback on the game applies to all platforms.
    It's the same core game. If you have technical issues on pc with performance, there is a forum for that. If you are using mods to customise the game, there is a forum for that too. 
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to shadow_walkerOZ in Devs Put Seperate Forums For Pc And Console Im Tired Of Console People   
    That could also be taken conversely, maybe they need to separate the platforms to stop all the PC gamers douching up the forums like the first post in this thread did.
    In other words, stop being an elitist prick and just get over it.
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to dasorrow in Devs Put Seperate Forums For Pc And Console Im Tired Of Console People   
    they constantly give u feed back on console and the devs are taking it as truth to both platforms ya right i played console last night its ez as chupacabra again have the poeple on there are downs please please make 2 different forums so u can hear console feedback n pc because the problems on them will not be the same hello
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    Avenged Sevenfold reacted to DaniloC.Q in " Rush " Hacker   
    Hello guys. I think all players know this guy.. " Rush " Uses hack everytime.
    So.. i want help of you.

    I just recorded more videos of him. Hacking again.. and in this time.. uses health, energy unlimited.. super speed and super jump.

    Come on techland.. you need to do something about of this guy.
    Dying light going down because of this guy.. many people know he uses cheats hacks.

    Here is the videos.

    In this video.. just put 1:20 and you will see the cheat hack.

    All video you see he is cheating

    And the last video..

    Come on guys.. we need complain.. talk here and call techland for support us !
    Sorry my bad english.. from brazil. And.. i posted this on forum dyinglight steam too.Pl
    Please techland you need to do something !