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  1. blazej222

    Accessing Dying Light's Soundfiles (Pc)

    Sorry for digging out this subject, but I'd like to extract dialogues in my native language.I would really appreciate if you told me how you managed to extract these files, please.
  2. blazej222

    Looking For Good Tips To Play As The Night Hunter

    Yes, i always try to do this, but they can still hit me with UV flashlight I noticed, that i can win vs one human, but when i am playing vs two or more guys, it is impossible to win.Even when i hit one with UV supressor, the second will stop my pounce. In this situation horde spit is useless, they always get at the top of building, and when one is climbing, the second is covering him, so I can't do anything. And, i have rank "Beast".Is it normal to face "Pro survivors" ranks in each one game? Sometimes I think that i am not the hunter, but hunted.I just think this mode isn't balanced, is it?
  3. blazej222

    Looking For Good Tips To Play As The Night Hunter

    I just found two another tactics, what do you think about them? 1.Run UV block, then get close to human.Use your tendrils to move behind him, and then use pounce(don't give him enough time to turn back) 2.Run UV block, and start running directly onto human.Then try to hit UV Supressor at his legs, or wait till he will stop using UV.Then pounce. What od you think about these tactics?
  4. blazej222

    Looking For Good Tips To Play As The Night Hunter

    Well, I had tried to do this trick, but often horde spit doesn't work.When i am throwing horde spit, i must escape right after clicking G.It hits enemy, but i don't have full energy to pounce, and he is killing me in meele fight.I had tried to run UV block and then spit UV supressor/horde spit, but after pounce there's short animation, and during this animation i can't run any skill, and when i am trying to use uv block and spit under me,i can't do it fast enough to escape without beeing killed.It is impossible, because at the start of UV block animation hunter crosses his arms and then i must wait and waste valuable second to use spit. I hadn't enough time today to take a look at all of your videos, but i remember,that i was watching you some weeks ago.In my mind, you are really good hunter and I'd be happy if you would add me on steam and teach me some tricks, of course if you want and have free time. Hmm, maybe that's the correct way.I was always running onto enemy, but i was stopping at the ~10 m distance,and then I was trying to hit with spit, and i was often missing it.Maybe i should "touch" him and then click G to have 100% to hit spit?What do You think?Is it going to work?If i would be fast enough, am I going to escape and pounce when they have no UV?(I think that i will run with enabled UV block) Thanks for all replies, all of them were helpful for me.
  5. Hello.At first, i would like to tell you, that i am from Poland and I apologize for all errors which i did writing this message. I am looking for advices and tips, how to play as the night hunter.I have 20 lvl, and sometimes i can win game easily, but sometimes it is really hard.Well, i don't have any idea, what to do if pounce fails.Of course, i am trying to use ground pound and tackle, but when i am doing tackle they are jumping and i can't tackle anyone.Ground pound deals very little damage, and they can 3-hit me. My first tactic is to run UV shield, try to hit them with UV suppressor, but sometimes it is really hard, they are jumping etc. It is really annoying, that i can't pounce without full energy.When it comes to meele fight, even if i have a lot of energy,i can't do anything.If i am trying to use ground pound, it works, but it has cooldown, and when it is on cooldown they can hit me. I am not even trying to hit them with any spit from distance, because they will jump and escape from it. Sometimes i can lose 1v1.And every time i try to pounce somebody he is using UV and when pounce fails i can do nothing, just start running to avoid beeing killed. I tried to drop them from buildings, but they have 10000 medkits, and even if they hit the ground and i try to pounce them, they are getting up in a second and i can't because UV So i just want to tell you, that if i miss my spit(80% when they are jumping like ****) i can do nothing. Could you give me some advices/tips, how can i improve myself and win more games? Thanks from Above Blazej222