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  1. Vektor Noirsang

    Mind Games As The Night Hunter

    Describe like that, i already see the nerf because "it makes the night hunter overpowered" --'
  2. Vektor Noirsang

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    It is normal, to use GP you must hold the attack button. When no action is done while you hold the button: a claw attack before ground pound, this is normal. However, if you hold the key during an action, that takes over the attack of the claw (Pounce, tackle etc ...), the thing is still taken into account. To trigger a ground pound, we must maintain the key, that's all. The description doesn't say "After a claw attack, hold the attack button to perform a ground pound" So no, that's not a glitch
  3. Vektor Noirsang

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Yeah, but... Camouflage, instead of luring the horde until the bombers explode themselves, with time. Bombers explodes when the potion is used, so after the claw attacks, the horde is gone.
  4. Vektor Noirsang

    Mind Games As The Night Hunter

    So it works pretty well, sacrifice accuracy for speed. I like the idea. Nerf incoming i guess.
  5. Dude, excessive wait to find a game on xbox one is there since the launch. When I really want to play, it takes me the afternoon and evening for 10 games and it is not always the case. Besides the games that doesn't start at all, of course. I speak of a search problem and you (as usual) you return the thing to be able to say "olala the hunters would be too op with a that buff" Then I don't claim buff anymore ((Largely because I doubt that the dev buff the hunter again), I claim a HoT medkits in normal mode (only during matches BTZ) as hard and nightmare because: 1. I find it logical. It's like the resistance of zombies and nests which didn't change at the launch. It is not normal to OHK these, and I think the medkits should also change once in btz. 2. This is not with that hunters will win 10/10 games. Survivors are still tough in hard / nightmare, moreover legendary levels increases: The maximum life, efficiency medkits (it restores more health), health regeneration (it speeds healing in critical condition and medkits in hard / nightmare are also influenced) So stop saying that the legendary levels have no influence in BTZ. Afterwards, you said you needed to die to prevent hunters / survivors (middle-range) leaves the game. Basically like that, they are not buff. Clever.
  6. i agree, there was 1:30/2 min spit cooldown. Now I have no idea, it's been weeks since I didnt play. Can't find a game and I don't have faith to wait 20 minutes (it's supposed to be a quick join and on xbox i only have this option) for nothing.
  7. Vektor Noirsang


    Wait 15 minutes or more for a game. The frustration is unimaginable, especially when, finally, you find a game and your opponent destroys you.
  8. Vektor Noirsang


    I play xbox and I can confirm: it's horrible
  9. Vektor Noirsang

    Ground Pound Miss...death Sentence

    the problem is that at the base, the ground pound is a defensive tool. it's used as offensive skill (spamming) because the survivors dodge other attacks with much ease. NH needs other skills to counter ground-pound spam. (I don't want a hunter who wins all his games, I just wish more gameplay options for him.)
  10. Vektor Noirsang

    Skilled Nhs And Humans - You're Missing The Point.

    Hard to blame him, look again BTZ trailers. This is clearly different from the current mode. Everybody have interpreted that way, simply because the trailers showed that. We have to deal with it now but let's all agree on the fact that the trailers show us something else, that's all.
  11. Vektor Noirsang

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Sorry in this case, I misinterpreted your words, largely due to the "sadly" at the end of your sentence.
  12. Vektor Noirsang

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    The hunter may cancel the animation of a missed pounce by using a "moving GP" as soon as he landed. From there, he can: make an instant GP, or cancel the GP and flee.
  13. Vektor Noirsang

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Indeed, if the button is held and the NH moves (requires "moving GP") The Hunter's recovery animation is canceled. It can therefore launched a GP as soon as he touches a surface or canceled the recovery of missed pounce and then cancel the GP to escape more quickly. I just tested this on the training map. Are you serious ? The survivors are able to dodge 90% of attacks of the hunter by spamming the same key and you complain? This is a joke right ?
  14. And survivor can use dodge spam combine with UV light to slow the hunter and get away from him, what prevents him to use tackle and be within range for his claws/GP . So spam is extremely limited / not possible This instant heal, destroy the balance. Press a button and recover 100 pv instantly (with a little less than 2 seconds to Initiate) is really dirty. Here you'll say "yes but spam GP ..." Gp should be well launched, otherwise the Night hunter is dead, a single mistake and he's DEAD or must retreat to regenerate its life / energy. the survivor has all the time to heal after that. It's frustrating to see a human with 5 HP and two seconds later he's full life. We just request a medkit which doesn't restore 100 pv instantly and you think it's unfair. imo I find that balanced. Heal in combat in this way should be a risk, the UV heal of the hunter is a risky move, humans can interrupt it by a drop kick and even kill the hunter during that. As night hunter, we can not choose the level of difficulty, we can at least have "medkits heal over time" for be the zombie mode no matter difficulty, right ?