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  1. SYN1ST3R

    August 22-23 Challenge

    You can still kill them with body damage, but the head will be an instant kill from what I've heard.
  2. The modifier is server-side, so you may only be able to play offline to disable the mod. But then again you won't be able to play with your friend.
  3. People on XB1 can get it too, the method is a bit different though. There are some guys on this forum that can help you get it on XB1.
  4. Search for the name HayaboostaTT on YouTube. There is a tutorial on how to get the Korek v2
  5. This could be helpful for those still struggling with the Bozak Horde and unlocking the bow & arrows.
  6. SYN1ST3R

    New Korek Machete V2?

    First people to have the "High Five" blueprint on console:
  7. SYN1ST3R

    Hard Mode+ Rewards Not Shown

    I made a new save and selected hard mode, not hard mode+ and got both outfits (Zombie-Wannabe & Trick-or-Treater). I don't think there are any rewards for hard mode+
  8. SYN1ST3R

    New Korek Machete V2?

    No one knows. That screen shot came from a guy on Reddit, who used the dev-tools to spawn it. He himself said that he doesn't know how the steps to make it appear normally. There is also a "Origami 101" blueprint (paper planes) and no one knows how to obtain that one either. I wish Techland would give some hints, otherwise only people on PC can have fun with them.
  9. I was just wondering if the only gold weapons you can get from BtZ are the fantasy type? Or can you get gold dark machete, gold dark sickle, etc?
  10. I'm on PS4 patch 1.07 U.S. The person who was the host was on the EU patch 1.05? Even though we could play together it seems that if he hosted I couldn't get the trophy or Bozak mask. I then decided to try hosting this time to see if it was something to do with the patch versions conflicting and low and behold I got the trophy & mask.
  11. I have played through the Bozak Horde 4 times now, being the last one alive at the end and cannot unlock the Bozak mask & Together Till the End trophy on PS4 patch 1.07. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?