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  1. MattDL

    No Time and weather change in custom map

    Hello! Open weather window and search for "reload scripts" or something like "change weather script" when you click it shows you the list of weather scripts.. Choose one the best to work , search for something like "Old_town weather or slums wearther" this should works. If not let me know.
  2. MattDL

    Movie with groups

    That was simple.. So you need to make like one obj then connnect to the each other (click to parent) and the it works ! without making selection.
  3. MattDL

    About quest

    Hello ! I wanna make a simple quest with go to sensor. For example: i have quest that you must go to some point BUT only in the night. I mean you can't do it in the day (the objective will not work in day) but in the night objective let you to pass the sensor go to and move forward to complete the quest. Is this even possible ? Thanks for any help !
  4. MattDL

    Movie with groups

    Hello ! Is there any way to animate the group of obj? I mean add like actor.. I try but seems don't work..its default .eds
  5. Hi When you start creating empty/new map there must be somthing where you can put obj/models and spawn on the ground. The blue flag is spawn point. With pave problem just simply click on the large ground (know as dummy box) and drag to the other place or simply delete then the pave should not blink or fight. If you had any questions check out this page --> there you can find everything about DL-dev tools or in DL discussions.
  6. MattDL

    Bow Without Dlc?

    Hi ! Yes they can't use it but you can add in your equipment when the map start like started items , weapons... For example i can't use or drag weapons of some dlc's. Hope that will help you little..
  7. Hi ! I had some problems... i thinking about add a grass texture from DL: The following wasteland its diffrent than basic. And i can't change it.. because they only work on "" im talking about Edit terrain ->> Material Painting. I can add a new layer and new material.. the diffuse texture work only for "" not for my "" because its too white.. Any any other materials with clr texture is tooooo white. Thanks for any help. (sorry bad eng anyway)
  8. MattDL

    Rewind Time

    Hi ! I'm asking now about how change time... like I would like to change the time using eg. the trigger ... but change the exact time as 17:33, 10:50 or 21:34, etc. I do a map with ex. triggers and first trigger when you turn on they set ex. 10:44 another trigger change time to 22:25 for example.. How do that ? Is there possible ? Thanks for any help !
  9. MattDL

    Ai Cover Point

    Talks about how much time is to remain at that position ... then maybe go to another like (first cover stay 10 second and in second cover stay 20 second)
  10. MattDL

    Ai Cover Point

    Hi ! You can see on my map as it was done AI cover point working very good. Named "fy_snowdust"
  11. MattDL

    Side Quest

    Thank you very much ! That helpful !
  12. MattDL

    Side Quest

    Hello ! recently I was wondering how to make side quest how to get started ...
  13. MattDL

    Joker Outfit

    "The Community Bounty target was NOT MET. Those that killed 100+ Volatiles will be rewarded with the Joker outfit." Check DyingLightGame on Twitter.. there is your reply.
  14. Miny lądowe są już w dlc The Following jak kamień (cegła) też jest nawet w podstawce..
  15. Witam. Wiem że dev tools na czas 16.02.2016 jest wyłączony ale zastanawiam się nad losowymi wydarzeniami jak w DL.. Np. czy jest możliwe ocalić grupę ocalałych i obrona npc do jakiegoś punktu ? Oraz mam problem z "samochód-pułapka" ponieważ nie są włączone od startu mapy i trzeba je włączać. Mam odpowiedni poziom żeby to robić ale nie działa Pozdrawiam.