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  1. Jelyy

    Bozak Horde Request

    Techland, I want to start by saying that this is the best game I've played in a long time. Zombies, parkour, and melee weapons all appeal to me and this game is perfect. Now, in regards to the Bozak Horde, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so we can start at any trial that we've beaten. If you can't do that, then make a feature where you can add 3 more chances but only if it adds 10 minutes on to your overall time. There has to be some way we can play through this DLC without it counting for the leaderboard. I hate how every time I want to play this DLC I have no chance to just progress through every trial, just 3 chances to pass everything. I want to have fun and explore with this DLC, not just running from Bozak's bullshit.