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  1. Proximity

    Firearms Damage Issue?

    Well, in fact, it is not the fact that the firepower is always the same that bothers me, it's that you start hanging around with 250+ firepower police rifles and then when you hit survivor level 10 you can't find anything over 200. (And I tried very hard to do so)
  2. Proximity

    Firearms Damage Issue?

    I am quite surprised I haven't found yet any posts about this on this forum, but... I've been wondering for a while why does the damage from any of the firearms of the game seems to be lowering as I get further in the game. If I remember correctly, in the first missions of the game when you encounter enemies using a firearm, you can get from them rifles with over 250 damage. Nor, as I advanced, ALL what I get seems to be basically capped firearms with the minimal amount of damage that you can get on them. It's weird because it seems to be only affecting firearms... What makes it even worse is that any of the firearms, including shotguns, handguns and rifles, even if you buy them from shops, you're gonna get the same minimal amount of damage, REGARDLESS OF THEIR QUALITY INDICATOR... Which means the blue shotgun will do the exact same job as the orange one which would be supposed to be at least twice as effective if you take the melee weapon's example. I also have seen many post around the net and on steam explaining the same problem... Is the team aware of the problem? Is there gonna be some kind of hotfix for this or something?