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  1. Hello. I'm new to the forums, and I'm posting to address an unfortunate bug my friend experienced in Dying Light on Xbox One. We've both completed most of the story missions together. Our percentage of completion both showed at 75%. Last night, after my friend completed a story mission, he attempted to join in a game with me. I was already waiting at "The Loft", when he finally spawned in. Yet I needed to back track and go to the main menu, which I did, leaving my friend alone in the game. When my friend left that session, he ended up getting spawned in "The Pit" with no way to get out, and his career percentage showing as 30%. Weirdly, he still has all of his levels, and his weapons. I know some people have experienced a similar glitch, saying to go to to the main menu, select play campaign, press X to go to Advanced, and select Restart From Quest/The Arena. I'm curious if any one has experience in doing this, will this correct his campaign completion to the correct percentage? Thank you for your time!