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  1. Found a bug Today .... It seems that if your spit hits and enemy ( ON HIS BODY !) if he uses a shield before it explodes there will come no effect. Bows are WAAAY too OP Full health and a lucky shot from a normal arrow will kill you And then exploding arrows that the enemy spams will make it so you have no place to sit or hide. Humans are way too OP As Ericfernandez mention the UV Range is too large and the grappling hook gets spammed like crazy. Pounding enemies are not an option unless the players have just started playing. Usually when you play and there is more than 1 human 3 of them will run for you while the rest will go for the nests or maybe sometimes it is 50-50 and you have less energy Constantly. making it impossible to get your full strength back. if you try to go for the nest and you manage to catch them of guard with spit and a ground pound then you will be killed by the other humans who now have caught up with you and be killed swiftly. Then the humans who was killed by the horde gets revived and all the nest destroyed. plz fix this love playing hunter but not now that the humans have become so OP Oh and if you could Ban NormalPerson for Finding this bug and ABUSING it !!!!!!! That would be awesome i hit him like 9 times (on his body) both with horde and uv suppressor and everytime he would shield himself and it would have no effect at all
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    Fix Game Please

    There is also a huge problem with the humans ability to rain down death their hit frame against the hunter is too huge(not big HUGE). I was in Old Town and they spammed me with uv light so had to flee ran to the ground because they were on the roof i was hiding under one of the small bridges because one of the humans was coming after me. So i still ran away, on the other side of the bridge the human had jumped down in order to '' rain death upon me'' and by GOD my hit fram is so huge that even though i can see he is not near me he was still able to use that ability That is a problem that need to be fixed right away. The UV light range is maybe also a good idea.