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  1. 1YearToLiveLeft

    Bozak Mask & Together Till The End Not Unlocking

    I have had same problem on xboxone I got the achievement it was 4 player coop we won explosive arrows that game and i was last man standing no mask so frustrated I dnt ever wanna play bozak hoard ever again :/
  2. 1YearToLiveLeft

    Gold Tier Weapon Trade Xbox One Users

    I have 18 different gold tier weapons now looking for dark sickle dark machete gold tier if any has those
  3. I have bozak bow, ferocious sledgehammer, runehammer, heavy tribal axe, blade of order, pickaxe, smackhammer,battle of titans, premium katana, boomerang blade, skullmace, gonunaba, loco, tribal knife. My gamertag is xcoke boy babyx ...if you have a gold weapon I haven't listed and want to trade hit me up on xbox...GOOD NITE AND GOODLUCK
  4. 1YearToLiveLeft

    No More Dlc?

    If there's coop yes
  5. 1YearToLiveLeft

    Who Has The Bow?

    I have a suggestion for fire arrows get to trial 14 where your in elevator and shoot them as much as you can you dnt have to win game to get fire or electric arrows just need ten kills you got 3 life's usem in the elevator bro ...bolts are easy if you stand far away where they sit where they spawnd
  6. 1YearToLiveLeft

    The Zombie

    Yes humans have nothing over nite hunter but numbers and if you by yourself there's no point they pound floor knock flares out they tackle you you fall over and then pounce you over all ten life's so messed up give us some advantage over a nite hunter we should have something too
  7. 1YearToLiveLeft

    Update Weakened The Bow

    I agree
  8. I have found 9+bozak bow which are...blade of order, ferocious sledgehammer, gonunaba, loco, runehammer, tribalknife, battle axe of titan, skullmace, smackhammer...I simply just wanna know if that is all the gold weapon on consoles thanks in advance
  9. 1YearToLiveLeft

    This Game Needs A Patch Asap

    For the last 3 days I've played the bozak hoard mode with the same 3 friends and as soon as the demolishers needs one last hit the game freezes everyone to home dashboard we were ahead by 3 mins in 4 player.i swear I love zombie games but if you can't fix soon I will trade it in I'm so disappointed with this and frustrated because I should have had explosive arrows 2 times already. Not only that ran into other glitches like picking door lock nobody can open gas canister are bootleg won't blow up if you finish a trial by 2 seconds and it doesn't register until you lost one life and I'm clock should stop when bozak talks there's gotta be a better way, sincerely xbox one Owner xcoke boy babyx By the way if anyone can tell me exactly how many gold tier weapons there are in this game I would appreciate it I have found ten so far By the way if anyone can tell me how many gold tier weapons are in dying light as of now I would appreciate it . I have ten so far is that it ?
  10. 1YearToLiveLeft

    Weird Glitch When Playing Bozak Mode

    how can it not have saved tho if I exited bozak mode to slums grabbed my invatory quick joind a game to play with ppl oh and BTW I did try what you suggested befor you suggested it same thing even killed myself a few times it just keeps doing it taking away my items on me and putting them back in stash
  11. ok guys this is what I experienced and in a way it's good and bad. when playing bozak they take all weapons away but bow but if you leave bozak mode go to mutiplayer and buy a weapon from vendor which I did becuz dude had 2 gold weapons I then went to item stash grabbed all my belongings I wanted and apply 3 king mods to each weapon and whatever mod I chose...I click quick join enter someone games my belonging are still in stash after already pulling them out only got the to orange weapons I bought from vendor I back out it sends me to bozak mod I end up there with to op weapons modded and hooked up that's a good thing the bad thing is anytime I come into someone's game I have to grab my items from stash over and over when we finish a mission I have to grab my items again only weapons that stay are the two orange I bought way earlier