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    Report Player Page

    @SpecterUnseen This was created as a way of monitoring the progress of the online mode for this game and hopefully to get enough momentum from people to get these problems noticed and fixed. No they do not monitor their site, clearly, and this was created years ago and is now largely unmonitored by myself and everyone else and mostly unused. I don't understand why you created an account to post a comment to an old thread telling me how useless posting comments and threads here is. See how I turned the tables? See!? Anyways, I was curious as to how they may have been doing this and what exactly was going on now, so I asked for more information and got a less than polite response not only to myself but also others who were trying to help. This thread is OLD when I originally posted flare spamming and the other issues were still very much a thing and may have been fixed since. But as I stopped playing the game and stopped keeping up with updates I don't know whether it was fixed since then or not. I don't think the point you were trying to get across made it. Right now my perception of your comment is that it's a defense of the modders and hackers, as well as an attack towards me for reporting percieved problems that affect the community and opening the thread. Am I right?
  2. Ericfernandez

    Report Player Page

    @CR-Teeny Dude, do you think we are the devs? I've been asking them to fix their broken online mode for years. I stopped playing because they never did. @Keenan has a point. Unfortunately games, so long as they are around, will have bugs and hackers and it's up to the devs to fix and maintain their game. Techland is notorious for not doing just that. So while your waiting for them to release a patch, which they may very well never do, do yourself a favor and take others advice as to how to avoid hackers and get around bugs.
  3. Ericfernandez

    Report Player Page

    @CR-Teeny Interesting. What do you mean by trainers? The evidence suggests trolls and that nothing more serious than that happened. The accusation suggests two huge bugs/exploits in the game. More information as to what happened is needed. Did the hunt reset immediately without a menu or load sequence? Did they show signs of any real hacking aside from the mini-map abnormality? Was the abnormality constant? This seems like it could be avoided by removing parties or protecting against invites or multiple invites and disconnects from a group of users.
  4. Ericfernandez

    Devs; Play The Game You Made.

    Because for some reason, you can't, won't, or don't, listen to the people that play the game and ask for these fixes, play the game yourself. You cannot possibly "fix" anything without knowledge on what's going wrong, and I understand you can't listen to everyone all the time, and that's why I'm asking you to please play your game. See what we are all talking about, because there is no way that you can play this mode and say "Oh yeah, this is perfect the way it is. Absolutely nothing wrong here, let's just leave it the way it is because clearly everything is dandy." You couldn't possibly believe that if you bothered to try leveling up and facing off against opponents, in game, like the players have to. Even the guys who made cod play the game, I know this because I've gotten trophies, in game, for killing a dev character. This way you have a firsthand account of what's going on. Even in the forums I see ZERO interaction. For a while I was flat out denied access to the forum due to "coding issues." It's ridiculous. So my final word of advice. Either listen to the players or play the game yourself. Stop sitting there with your fingers planted in your assess and continuously claim to have made fixes, adjustments, and balancing improvements. I know this will probably not get seen or acknowledged so I have no idea why I'm even typing this. It's probably because somewhere in the back of my mind I believe that perhaps this will get through to the creators, but when I was flat out denied access to the site, then when I tried to email support and my messages were "permanently blocked as spam" I have little faith. I jumped through hoops just to reaccess the site. I literally needed to trick the browser into thinking I was accessing the site from a different program (Opera and then Firefox) and a different IP just to get back here and message tech support. Feedback clearly isn't welcomed and criticism is not tolerated so I won't do either. In the end it will be you that suffers for this, because you can and will lose customers, your game rating will drop, and your company will go under. You will be replaced, your jobs will be lost, and you will forever be known as the studio that failed despite its clear potential. I will not be posting anymore. I will not bother asking for fixes, I will not visit the forums anymore, so there is no reason or need to redirect me to spam sites upon requesting access. Don't worry about blocking emails either because it will no longer be necessary. Thank you for allowing me to attempt to give feedback. I appreciate you having a forum for your games. Hellraid was fun. I do like that game and look forward to the sequel. The commercials for dead island were fantastic, especially the first one. I've never seen a commercial for a zombie game so filled with emotion. It had a human element that I appreciated greatly, something that was lost somewhere in the games creation. I hope that you guys succeed, but in order to do that, you need to adapt, listen, and actually interact. It is up to you. You can either spiral down, or reach heights you couldn't possibly imagine. Have a good one my friends, stay sharp.
  5. Ericfernandez

    Report Player Page

    I'm starting this thread for those to report players who either: A: Abuse Match Making/Lobby disconnects (Players who keep lobbies up but refuse all connection attempts) B: Abuse glitches (such as the shield glitch and any others you might come across) C: Spamming (flares and the likes) D: Hack/mod (Players that are unkillable, in solid objects, etch) E: Using camping spots to farm hunters (Staying in one room buildings, standing on cars or ledges to avoid horde and spam death from above, etch) F: Miscellaneous problems (Not listed above) This is the same for human players; If a hunter is taking advantage of game flaws or is hacking/modding the game in a way as to give themselves an advantage, report them as well. Put in Hunter or Human when reporting the player (So as to know which side is in the wrong. When reporting a player, give the player ID, console, and a description of what the player did. DO NOT JUST REPORT PLAYERS YOU DON'T LIKE! You must have a valid reason for reporting a player. This is only meant to be up as an alternative to reporting in-game. Thank you, all. (I know I've been an a** in past thread "Here We Go Again". I apologize and will make every attempt to not let that happen again.)
  6. Sorry about that man, I was angry at the time of posting and I misinterpreted what I thought you said. I meant to post this earlier but whenever I tried to access the forums on iOS, I would get redirected to all kinds of different spam sites. I've bypassed whatever that was and can access the site again. Again, my bad mate.
  7. Oh and yes, I can speak Spanish. And that isn't my real name. It was put in to preserve privacy, No_other_xD, is that your real name? And yes my real name is of Spanish origin, but I grew up in the United States so my first language is english, not Spanish. I'm trying to learn but all I have here are simple college courses and my grandparent who's been working in Mexico for most of my life so it's only been just a year or two since we reconnected. Now he's gone again as my grandmother and grandfather have decided to take a tour of Europe. You want me to write a paragraph in Spanish, fine, I'll try, but you don't need to be a d**k about the nationality of the username I put in, or about my own nationality and connection with my heritage. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance to learn about their heritage and go explore their families place of origin and culture.
  8. Never mind. The exploding bows that stick to you and having to wait almost the exact same time as you would if you were playing with just one person despite there being three in the lobby (one person=11 2=10 3=10 as well for some reason unless I counted wrong.) During my time playing, the first few matches seemed balanced, but the uv light reaches waaaaay further than it shows on the mini map. Humans can grapple their way around almost as far and infinitely as the zombie can. Lobbies you can't go into show up just as often as before. Using ground pound to disable flares is useless because as soon as you hit you immediately start losing energy and in addition to that it still takes five seconds to recover, allowing the human to drain your energy and kill you before you can move again. Some players seem to have infinite flares and with more than one person and only being able to shoot 2 spits if you have them and one ground pound, it's impossible to win. Survivor suppressor spit doesn't open up until after you lose every single skill you just got. In order to bypass the uv light going down too much the enemy just bursts flash it which is as effective as just holding it down but wastes less battery. The horde can be bypassed by grappling onto a bus or rooftop, your spit seems to regenerate at basically the same speed with multiple people as it would with just one. You still can't run or do anything when you're being flashed and for some reason the hunter refuses to climb unless you use tendrils. They can still uv you in the middle of a pounce, leapfrogging isn't possible because they can stop you mid pounce and if another player is there, you'd be lucky just to get one person, much less two. The enemy can uv flash you WHILE attacking which I didn't know was possible until earlier today. Spawning still puts you ridiculously far away from the nests. Actual in-game zombies don't seem to exist anymore when you join unless you throw down a horde and somehow hit the players who can easily jump out of the way before the spit which takes three seconds to go off can explode. I still see people bypassing the whole safe zone camping thing by jumping out, then immediately going back in. They can UV flash me through most walls, so that gets rid of the whole "just hide" aspect of it, especially on old town where they can UV flash you then insta-kill you because there is no cover you can really get too and the area is filled with ledges so it's nice and easy for them to "rain death from above" on you, over, and over, and over again. You can't protect the best because they can flash you the instant you get close then chase you off and continue killing the nest. Don't worry, you can't defend the best by ground pounding them away because they have guns and arrows so they'll just flash, then shoot you. No brainer there. On top of that if you think any decreased uv or increased energy is a good thing like I did, think again. If there is more than one person, they will take turns uv blasting you and drop kicking you, which still does about the same amount of damage as before. This way you can get drop kicked three times in a matter of seconds and during those seconds you'll probably be attacked by an enemy with a two hit kill (and I've run into people who would one hit kill me) weapon, so you're f***d if you happen to get drop kicked in a lobby with more than one person. They can STILL always see you. Always. So sneaking up on them, forget that. The only way I could kill the enemy in the last 5 rounds was by pouncing as soon as they tried to grapple, and even that doesn't work that often, as they will probably uv flash you while they are grappling their way to you. Pouncing the enemy doesn't stun them if you're flashed MID-PUOUNCE, so not only does it throw you in front of the enemy, but it also allows them to uv and kill you basically the instant your guy touches the ground. This happens so fast escape isn't an option unless you, you know, know exactly where you can go at that very instant to get away from the uv light (that reaches further than the mini map shows) running is stupid and so is trying to jump anywhere because the human runs almost as fast as you and the instant you get flashed, your guy starts running and jumping like a challenged 3 year old. Did I forget to mention that ground pounding to escape is an absolute joke because there is no recovery time for the human once you hit. It'll throw them a few feet back, but they can easily sprint back to you whilst flashing you simultaneously, basically rendering ground pound to escape useless unless again, you know exactly where you're going that's far enough away from the uv to hit you the very instant you ground pound. Guess how often that happens? Almost never. Most of the time you'll find yourself grappling towards a building just to be put back where you were because the animation for the drop kick has already started or being flashed and drained so fast you make it maybe a few feet away before your tendrils are gone and you're back on the ground being drop kicked which is still JUST AS HARD to avoid because, unless the player is really new, you just need to activate the kick while facing the zombies general direction and the animation does the rest. I can't seem to kill players with ground pound as it gets them within a quarter health then it does reduced or no damage, forcing you to try to claw them to death which is hard because it's slow, clumsy, and weak. It takes three hits to kill a downed survivor and most of the time you're chased off before you can finish it, and they stay down and alive for AN INSANE amount of time. I didn't even bother counting it, because I couldn't, I would be dead by then and the enemy revived while I wait my ten+ seconds to get back in the game. The humans don't need to wait nearly as long as you do to respond so you're going to spend a nice chunk of your time respawning, chasing the human down, getting killed, then waiting while they go nest to nest. (The respawn time still allows for them to take out a nest while you're waiting, especially when you get killed trying to stop them from doing so.) Players can also use corners against you because as soon as a single photon of uv light hits your guy, your energy diminishes and you're forced to run while they run to another corner or grapple onto a building and continue uving you. Often times that's followed by a death from above. You are at a crippling disadvantage from both long and close distance as flares will prevent head on attacks or pounces on the enemy while the UV light keeps you a comfortable half a mile from them. There are too many problems to count. The only reason I continued playing after I beat the game was because I enjoyed the competitive human versus zombie play, but it's gotten to a point where being kicked from lobbies happens more than actually getting into them, and when I do get into the lobby I spend most of my time dead and waiting to respawn while I frustratingly get notifications that someone was just revived or that another nest was destroyed. I spend more time not playing and angry than I do actually playing as the zombie in the BE THE ZOMBIE MODE. This is a joke. Nothing was fixed, it must have been psychological because "Look an update! That means something must have been mended" well at this point I have no idea what the f**k was fixed and I don't intend on finding out until I hear that it ACTUALLY WAS FIXED. This is a joke. I've wasted a lot of time trying to like this game, this mode in particular, but I'm done. Hours and hours of play have gotten me more rejections, aborts with no XP, lobbies with camping players or what I believe are hackers or lobbies that are just flat out unfair in every way shape and form for the hunter. Don't get me wrong, playing the human is ridiculously fun, but that's because you have an insane advantage over the zombie, so there is absolutely no reason for you to worry about him killing you unless you're caught off guard, which will never happen because survivor sense can still be spammed, and in addition to that, you are guaranteed to win any close quarters or far range battles because the instant the zombie loses any energy at all, it becomes weaker than a regular ground zombie. Anyways, have fun you guys. Hope someone finds out how to make this mode playable and lets me know; because I'm too frustrated to continue trying.
  9. i hate to be the guy that posts so often with complaints and suggestions, but, dude, what the he**!? I've gotten into a match with player Kevinchtoug 2 times and he's un-killable. Whenever I pounce him the instant I get close, and I mean close as in the animation to kill him has started, my guy literally stops midmotion and he flashes me. Even when I stick him and kill him, I don't get the points and he just aborts the game. This happened twice. I pounced him 3 times in a row on the first match (by in a row I mean I literally chain pounced him like he was three entirely different enemies) and as soon as I landed the third, aborted. Somehow get in the same lobby as him again and THE SAME THING HAPPENS. I pounce him, kill animation starts, then freezes up and he uv flashes me and I have to start all over. This time I didn't bother pouncing him and instead stuck him with UV suppressor, horde, then cornered him and ground pounded him to death. Guess what happened when all his hp was gone. You guessed right! He was still alive, but his character locked up in the position I killed him in, and not only did I not gain XP, but he aborted, as soon as he died. I'm not sure what that was but it was annoying, what's also annoying is that I get into lobbies where the instant I uv suppress someone, they literally throw down flare after flare and follow me with them until the suppress is gone then I get blasted and killed. Is there a limit to the number of flares you can hold and throw down? The update this morning was awesome. I'm not finding myself kicked from lobby after lobby as much, and I noticed a significant increase in attack damage on the hunters side, as well as an increased rate of energy for the hunter (or decreased uv energy damage, or maybe the uv just doesn't last as long, I don't know.) Anyways, I'm now getting my a** handed to me far less and I almost feel like I have a chance of defeating the humans if I'm patient and wait for them to either try to full on attack me, or hit them with spits and then follow them until I have enough energy to take them out. The spits don't take as long to cool down which is very nice because now if you miss it isn't an immediate "Sh*t I'm screwed until they kill me." Now you can just sorta harass them until you get your spit back and then try again. Respawning still takes a really long time, both for the hunter and the human. I'm sure this is an annoyance on both sides but it really isn't that big of a problem. I do still see lobbies up with the sole purpose of letting hunters connect and then immediately disconnecting them. It doesn't happen as frequently but I will see lobbies that are consistently up and pop up as a "best match" but the instant anyone tries to join, they are immediately kicked. So anyway's suggestion time. Because you can't monitor everyone all the time, and having to drop player names all the time so that these lobbies are either taken down, or players that are abusing game design flaws are recognized and prevented from doing so, there really should be a report player option. It's similar to what they do with call of duty. If you catch someone abusing the game, then report it directly to the developers (preferably in game) so that they can deal with it appropriately. Right now that's not an option so players are free to do whatever the h*ll they want with minimal to no consequences. Making be the zombie mode it's own game mode might be a good idea as well as this will prevent players that don't want to get invaded from being invaded, and it will allow you to expand the game mode a little more by having the two sides (Hunters and Humans) switch off at random so that both sides will be required to play both the human AND the hunter. This way, you can keep the leveling up and "prestige" system while at the same time allowing players to be a part of the lobby of their own free will instead of having it activated in story mode for players that may or may not want to have it at all. Also this will allow for skill adjustments to the two characters that will level the playing field without affecting story mode player progress. Just an idea, not sure if it's plausible, but thought I'd throw it out there.
  10. Ericfernandez

    An Easy Fix

    I would post pictures but I don't know how. I sat for 3 hours and watched hunter after hunter get disconnected from a lobby that consistently showed up as a "best match." Just now I played a game in which the human camped in the tower for 7 minutes before I finally aborted. I spent 30 minutes trying to get into a lobby and was unable to connect to a single game. When I finally did, it was against players at far higher levels than mine. In addition to that the uv light lasts so long and reaches so far that it's impossible to escape once your energy is drained. Even the uv block won't protect you. Let's not forget the flares, so if you do happen to hit them with a UV block AND horde, they can easily just stay in the flare zone and gun down the horde until it runs out. FYI my uv block and horde duration are as high as the game will allow. Now in addition to this, you mention how you can use toxic spit and other things you unlock FAR into the game to attack the humans and prevent them from camping and constantly UV blasting you. I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to level up if I don't have the skills to prevent such spamming and will only get it after I reach level 20 some, prestige, and then have to re-earn all of my skills, again. Also, I'd love to pop around corners and get UV blasted until they run out and then pounce them, but unfortunatly their UV battery generates FAR, faster and I can't emphasize FAR FASTER enough. Okay well that isn't so bad, just tendril yourself away and hide till they mess up somehow and then pop around the corner and pounce them. Well that doesn't work either because most of the time the human is chasing me all the while UV blasting me until I can't run, or jump, or tendril my way out of there, and from there they fly kick me a couple times (which is extremely hard to prevent, and I'm dead. Now that wouldn't be a problem if it didn't take a solid 15-20 seconds to respond. At that point a nest will, without uncertainty, be destroyed and they will be on their way to the next one, which is unfortunate for the hunter because when you spawn, you spawn as far from the nest as possible. Okay, well just don't die, blast them with spits and when you run out, wait a bit to blast them again. Well a bit is an understatement as it takes almost a minute to get your spits back, so at that point it's either, let the human kill you so you can get them back faster, or let them destroy nest after nest while you wait for your spits to regenerate. Oh and also, even if you do pounce them, if they happen to hit you AT ALL with the UV light, even during the pounce animation, you're screwed cause energy takes forever to regenerate, and it, ridiculously enough, throws you in such a way that you aren't facing the human anymore and they can, again, blast you with their UV, then fly kick you to death. I also found out that you can't really stand above them because some surfaces allow them to UV blast you threw it, then they grapple their way up and beat you senseless. Then their are lobbies that seem to be set up, almost to troll the hunters and they do that by keeping invasion mode on and then disconnect you the instant you try to connect, and, well, quick find is useless because it will connect you to the same lobby you got kicked from multitudes of times. I'm not sure where these updates you're talking about are, but they certainly are not on the consoles. (I have a PS4) I actually had more luck connecting to lobbies and defeating the enemies BEFORE this update. I reached level 20 in a matter of a few hours over the course of a couple days. The update destroyed that save and basically put me back to level one. In addition to that, I've been stuck at level 11 for a solid two days because I either cannot connect to a lobby, or when I do I get my a** kicked so hard that I maybe, if I'm lucky, get a total of 200 experience a match. I'd have to play 10-15 or more matches in order to level up, which is not plausible because in order to get into a match I need to spam the X button while it's searching for matches and hope that maybe this time I'll either join a match that doesn't already have a hunter or get a lobby that doesn't disconnect you the very instant you start joining. Log one- disconnected by Evil_X_Zz Log two- Disconnected by Evil_X_Zz, Log three- quick join, unable to join game.invasion Log four hour 1- aborted by human. No XP gained Log five- connection established. Player is several levels higher than me. Defeated. 200 XP for the round Log six- disconnected by Evil_X_Zz Log seven- disconnected by the-crow-man Log eight hour 2- connection established. Aborted after player camped the tower for seven minutes Log nine- quick join- game.invasion failed to connect Log ten- connection established. Dropped due to Error (CE-34878-0) As you can see I connected to 3 matches. One I got my a** handed to me, the other I had to abort, and then during the third and final one, the game shut down entirely. This mode at this point is unplayable. Leveling up isn't really plausible unless you already have a majority of the skills and are somehow able to connect to the game. This is something that needs to be fixed ASAP. I'm not sure where these updates disappeared too. I have a feeling they probably got to the PC but not the consoles, that or they either, didn't exist at all, or somehow downloaded, and then dissapeared.
  11. Ericfernandez

    An Easy Fix

    Okay, this post is meant to discuss Be The Zombie mode. I want to start by saying, this mode is dope. It definitely has the potential to start a new survival horror MMO genre. It has problems with match-making and balance though, and these flaws make an, otherwise great game mode, into an unplayable disaster. Now in my mind there are a few fixes. 1.) DO NOT SHOW LOBBIES THAT ARE ALREADY TAKEN: I spend more time trying to find a lobby that isn't full rather than playing the actual game. This is annoying, so if a lobby is full or already invaded, don't allow it to show up in find a match or try to connect you to it in Quick Find. 2.) Turn off invasion mode for players who do not use it: I can't count how many times I've been disconnected from a lobby by a player who does not want their lobby to be invaded, only to find myself reconnecting to the same lobby, or having it show up. Again, and again, and again in the find a match selection. After disconnecting so many times, just auto-turnoff their invasion settings, that way they don't show up as a match available for joining. 3.) Put in a penalty for players that consistently abort matches or just wait inside a safe zone for the duration of a match: Again, I can't count how many times I've joined a Lobby just to have the player abort the instant it starts or as soon as they die a couple times. If they want to quit out, fine, let them, but for the love of God, penalize them for it. Take away any XP they might have earned or decrease their XP for doing so. In addition to that, if it consistently happens then restrict their coop and multiplayer functions for a period of time to discourage quitting out of competitive play. 4.) reduce the range of the uv light or its use duration: with the UV being able to hit you from a mile away and seemingly having an unlimited battery supply, getting close to the enemy is not plausible, as they can spam the hell out of their survival senses and flash you the instant you're within twelve blocks of them. This is especially a problem when there is more than one player. This way they can have one person that keeps you several miles away while the rest go nest to nest without any problems. In addition to this, using spits on experienced players won't work very well as it takes a while to explode and the human is capable of spamming the dodge function, making it almost impossible to hit them with a spit to disable their UV light. 5.) Sweet baby Jesus it takes forever to respond, I counted a little over 15 seconds to respond, by that point the human could have destroyed a nest and then made it to the next one by the time you respond and are able to get to them. I understand the human needs an upper hand over the zombie, otherwise it won't be fun and nobody would enable invasions, but it's insane to allow them enough time to destroy 1/4th of the necessary nests in between the zombies spawns. Again, a problem because the human is able to destroy any chance of escape or attack through the use of the extraordinary range of the uv light, and then are able to kill you in 4 hits or less, depending on the weapon they have. 6.) put a time gap in between the humans (and zombies) use of senses: The human being able to constantly see you takes any sense of tension or challenge away from the game mode. The spit should only extend the time in which the human can't use their survival senses, not as the only way to disable their infinite usage of the sense. 7.) I'm not entirely sure how to solve this one, but the horde is ineffective, especially on old town because all the human needs to do is climb a ledge and wait it out, all the while using the uv light to keep you at bay. This destroys the purpose of the horde and enables experienced players to get on a ledge and spam their death from above ability. Again, not sure how it could be fixed, but it's a problem I run into CONSTANTLY while trying to use the horde to distract an enemy player. These are some of the more major problems I've run into while trying to play this mode. This game kicks a** but there are some very serious imbalances in game, as well as connectivity and match making issues. And let's not forget the player abuse of the quit out options or their ability to refuse invasions, despite having the option on and showing up as an available lobby for invasion. I hope somehow this makes it to someone, because with some minor tweaking, this game mode option would be one of the best features of the game. Give the hunter a little more power and the human a little less. Not so much that the human is at such a disadvantage that no one wants to play, but the field needs to be balanced a little more because as of now, I spend more time looking for lobbies and getting continueslly blocked or aborted on. That or I'll get into a lobby with someone who doesn't know how to play the game yet and just get absolutely destroyed by invaders, OR I'll find a lobby with players that know the imbalances in the game too well and use it to easily murder the zombie. Some know these imbalances so well they don't even bother destroying the nests and just set up camp somewhere and farm the Hunters for experience and supplies.