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  1. If You knew how much I promoted Your game among my friends You would feel a little embarassed giving us such a DLC, I think. To set it straight: I love the game, more than Riptide, although that paradise-island-setting is best.. I played the game forwards and backwards, 226h in total (only sp), But: Seriously, You guys at Techland. Do you know, what I expected? A stadium that I can enter like any other part of the city with loads of zombies on the seats, on the track, the field, the locker-rooms. Similar to the mass of zombies on the Bridge of Sadness. I really was afraid of getting a "Bozak Horde" like a challenge and sadly You did it that way. And do I enter the stadium to explore, fight, have fun when I get out of the elevator? No! I have to do platform-jumping like I were playing Super-Mario. I beg You, do not disappoint Your fans like that again. If it had needed more time to code an enterable stadium with posters or npcs giving the challenges, You better should have taken it. SHN