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    ksufoley got a reaction from robopug in New Game + Help   
    I'm guessing it took you to the Bozak horde.
    My suggestion is to return to main campaign, get into the game, select a side quest like a quarantine zone, exit out, and then go back to the advanced options and you should be able to select new game +
    Hope this helps.
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    ksufoley reacted to Chaos_Deception in Hunters On This Forum Lol.   
    If Ninjas performance against The Night Hunter is any Indication of the current Balance of "Be The Zombie" then it would seem that the Balance is still skewed heavily in favor of The Humans. 
    Killing The Night Hunter should be something that the Player/s do out of Desperation or as a Last Resort.
    I will confess I am Guilty of Hunting The Night Hunter.  But this is not the way I imagined I would be able to play "Be The Zombie"
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    ksufoley reacted to perkele in Hunters On This Forum Lol.   
    How should this forum be used then? Only the "Post your BtZ matches" and the "Post any exploits" threads? I think it's used as it was meant to be used, talking about what is good and what is not. You just went on every recent thread and left a constructive comment to tell everyone to stop complaining. Maybe give people ideas how to play the Night Hunter better if you're so good. Or if not, you could just leave a comment "lel git gud scrub" which is just as constructive.
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    ksufoley reacted to airwalkaidan in Join The Nh Strike   
    then don't play it no one cares lol
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    ksufoley got a reaction from EnlightenMe in You Messed Up.   
    I have to agree with the ease of access for the survivors when getting out of the buggies.  I believe the best idea was to also make the NH let go when the survivor exits and I believe this is a good idea.  Its painful to be in the middle of an animation trying to smash them while they jump out and just UV your chupacabra and waste a UV protect.  It also brings in more to the fact that at this point its easier to just get in front of them and GP the buggy for a flip and wait till they exit for an easy pounce or spit while they're getting out and chupacabra their world up.
    However, buggies seem to be a death sentence if a well placed GP is done instead of grappling on.  Flip the damned thing over and spit UV on em.  If they get out then good, easy pounce.  If not, then a quick horde spit will do the job.  I believe trying to grapple is just not going to be an option unless they change a few things, and where's the fun in that?
    An issue I have with BTZ in the new game though is the fact that you can just ram into most of the nests with your buggy and be done with it.  Doesn't seem like a very fair match at that point, so much so that I've seen survivors literally throw a flare at the nest, get in their car, and then continually ram the nest, without flinching since they have UV lights on the buggy, UV in their hand, and flares out the chupacabra.
    Which brings me to the last thing, UV and survivor sense.  As it was just stated, the single survivor has 3 lights he/she can rely on, without much worry if one gets hit as long as they all don't get hit at the same time.  Yes, this can be somewhat countered but then again, open field, survivor sense that can detect NH anywhere within range and UV lights with a good enough range to make sure you can't even get a pounce off.  Basically the game is going to see a lot more GP's, tackles, UV lights, and a NH that will be causing dizziness while circling you to get the light down.  There won't be anymore stealth from either side and its sad to see that wasted because so many people complain about it and don't attempt to use their other senses to play the game.  
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    ksufoley got a reaction from Dunksinclunch in I'm Getting So Desperate For New Content.   
    What I wouldn't mind is just a little insight as to what is truly planned!  The updates and bug fixes are a nice decoy but there are a lot of fans of this game slowly deteriorating because hope is getting lost.
    Teasers from the last video they posted can only last for so long.
    And this summer spree thing they're doing on a weekly basis is nice but I feel like its just another decoy to keep us playing.
    What are the plans?
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    ksufoley got a reaction from Tyro in "get The Bozak" Trophy Glitched On Me   
    I would suggest that you try doing this alone as thats how I had to do it for the trophy, Bozac is extremely touchy with the glitches and this doesn't surprise me.  It took hours alone to complete within the alotted time for arrows but eventually I was complete and didn't look back.
    Bozac has screwed me a few times with the glitches in and out of the DLC.
    If you need help to get the trophy and are on PSN you can add me and I can help you get through it.  PSN: ksufoley