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    Hunter Says I'm A Hacker Lol

    Can't say I'm not guilty of the same once in a while. Something that I just don't understand like getting instakilled with a 2h is such a painful experience so 'must be hax.' Its just a go to since I used to play PC all the time but at this point I'm not hardwired and I know there are latency issues that are uncontrollable as well as issues that P2P networks tend to have. Sucks sometimes. The last game I got so frustrated on was a 2h/kick maneuver which left me blindsided I don't know how many times. And just recently finding myself with such a low FPS during the game that I'd start a GP and be dead before even contacting the ground (at least on my screen). Watching the video after showed me a completely different story. But these things happen on both sides. As a human, when latency gets so bad they usually end up getting dropped which kills a life and that just messes up any game. However, I have seen a few players with jail broken PS4's in the game but they don't usually stick around very long before heading to a different game to exploit as much as they can. Doesn't seem like much of an issue compared to the PC right now.
  2. ksufoley

    Can't Co Op With Friends

    This may not be so much game related as PS4 network related and it also means a lot of trial and error. To start, find out if either of you are in a private session in the game or maybe a "solo" only area of the game. If neither, then probably reset the PS4 and retry. After those attempts, try inviting through party chat as I've had to go that route before as well. Just a lot of info missing to really be a help. Does your friend show their game as joinable? Where are both of you as far as percentage on the game? All up to date with the latest PS4 updates? Game updates? etc.
  3. ksufoley

    New Game + Help

    I'm guessing it took you to the Bozak horde. My suggestion is to return to main campaign, get into the game, select a side quest like a quarantine zone, exit out, and then go back to the advanced options and you should be able to select new game + Hope this helps.
  4. ksufoley

    Gp In Water

    Honestly I just feel like if I GP'd water I would normally be swimming in, the animation is deferred to swimming even if it was an aerial GP but since the animation went off while they were right there then it should be connecting to the point that I shouldn't be getting stunned at least even if it didn't knock them to the ground. For the time being, I'm going to stay away from water since its obviously bad for NH's
  5. ksufoley

    Gp In Water

    Granted this might be an old subject but I can't think of many water holes in the other maps that have a flat bank just under the water. The water was about knee deep or so and human right by me but GP didn't do anything and I got stunned like I would normally if I had missed all together. So, my thought was that this was a bug in the following since it acted like I had missed all together but wanted to see if there was a good explanation even if its as simple as "yeah idiot you were in the water, GP's don't work like that." At least then I will know not to attempt it in later games.
  6. ksufoley

    Still Getting Pounced Through Objects

    Can't say I have seen a whole lot of it, as I play mostly in open fields now, but I will have to watch more closely. I usually have passed it off as just some latency between what I see and what the survivor sees if I go through anything but I was wondering if the walls did seem to be less solid after the update. I know I've gone through fences in the following but most of those fences are breakaway scenery rather than walls.
  7. ksufoley

    Survivor Point Of View

    1. TBH I believe this is fair. As a NH there is no dodge to dropkick and complaining that you can't hack and dodge at the same time doesn't seem like a viable excuse to change this when there is plenty of time to shine the UV if you dodge correctly. 2. If you run out of UV's and flares without getting hit with a UV spit then it truly does come down to skill. If there was a spit used, flares spaced correctly shouldn't be much of a problem till your light is back on and there are plenty of benefits depending on the map you're on. And stated above, just dodge GP's even if they're just for a flare, you should have a couple out that the NH can't GP all of em and the animation is a chupacabra to get out of if you don't have contact on a survivor. 3. Agreed, from the magnetism it was before to what it is now, it does seem more suitable for both sides and something you really need to think about before committing to. I'm glad that change was made. 4. Hacking like that on PC is why I strictly stay on console PvP. Oh the frustrations thinking back in the day to PC is exhausting in itself. And lastly to give you a better understanding of the new PvP "balance." If you as a survivor are winning, the NH spawn rate is decreased, time on spit regen is decreased, and health on nests are increased along with the amount of zombies "protecting" it. This goes both ways as NH spawn is increased, spit regen is increased, and nest health is decreased if he/she is winning as well. As for the numbers on each I haven't tested it nearly enough to be competent to say but if you were winning the amount of spits seems very plausible.
  8. ksufoley

    Advice On Dropkick Cyclers & Pole Campers?

    DP doesn't hurt me near as much as it used to since we can do the same now with tackle. Its a little more complex for us to do but we can chain tendril tackle tendril tackle tendril tackle and its pretty effective. Granted I still get a bit butthurt when 2 of em start chaining DP but when there's more I tend to just laugh at the wannabe that misses that I end up not caring so much then. In a perfect world for NH, we would have our own way of dodging As far as the pole campers, I just see it as a free recharge for the spits. If they want to camp then let them, they only have 5 minutes before a quick end to the match and if they try to grapple away its a free pounce usually. If they actually jump down, just have a few spit ready for them so UV isn't an issue. You can always bait them as well, find a suitable distance to the ground where they might feel lucky to DFA and grapple away as they fall. Let them really feel your frustrations!
  9. ksufoley

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Unfortunately they didn't take damage when I did hit them, but as I grappled through one of their spawn points the "spawn buggy" showed up and I was able to spawn into the buggy. I think I basically just jacked their buggy spawn since they left on foot. Fortunately, it was just a friendly game so they killed me so that I could attempt a few times and it worked as long as I did everything right again. Wish I was streaming so I could go back further than the video showed but hopefully tomorrow I can accomplish that again and have a bit more fun!
  10. ksufoley

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    yeah, waiting for the upload, sadly I wasn't paying attention to recording and only got the driving bit after I had gotten into the car. Gonna try to duplicate the bug to show the rest so they know what's going on.
  11. ksufoley

    Why Do Humans Get More Than We Do?

    The best and most honest answer I have personally speaking as it may be biased, is based on the degree of fear. To have PvP survive, sadly you have to either pump up the rewards (which was done with gold weapons) or make the NH less feared, just so survivors will play. When a beginning survivor myself, I felt humbled to do my game non-BTZ for a long while before attempting it. I felt I needed to build myself up but then what's left after that? As I wasn't honestly getting a whole lot and not really caring about multiplayer stats, I began just exploring rather than PvP again. More or less just talking on a supply and demand basis. I like playing NH but as a human even, playing the PvP is less interesting and therego something has/had to be done to be more lustrous for survivors to be involved or the queues on multiplayer would be insanely high. Still is at times.
  12. ksufoley

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    New bug found. Well, I'm guessing it is as I haven't seen another NH driving a buggy lately! I will edit and post the youtube when I get it uploaded to show how, but in essence I was able to grapple low to the ground through a human spawn point and the spawn dune buggy button popped up. For S&G I held square (PS4) and it put me in a buggy. My L2 and R2 buttons worked but was unable to fully function if it had duel purpose for the NH. Tested it a few times and still was able to, luckily survivors helped out with this to give you a glimpse of the bug. I sort of like this one though, just saying
  13. Not sure if Nightmare gives outfits but Hard mode+ is tricky. If you've joined another game during the process of running through or entered bozak or basically anything but you're game you might just be completely screwed. I had to run through it a couple times until I realized what was going on and it sucks.
  14. Take it as you will, but the time I've spent on both sides show that not only do I need to improve but leave a feeling that the game could improve as well. There are bugs. Eh, they'll get fixed. There are strategies, depends on your way of playing and the ability to see whats going on around you. I definitely like that aspect of the PvP. And then, the annoyances that don't seem to really fit the game. The biggest one I have is for both sides. Why do I glow as a NH? if UV hits sure, volatiles and virals do, I should as well, but sense shows me like a lightbulb. As a survivor I glow as well when I'm camo'd. Why? I know this is probably just irritating to me but does this really need to be in the game to make either side even?
  15. ksufoley

    Survivors 1 Shotting Nests

    Even when the match starts and things are "even" I've seen OHK's on nests with both weapons and buggies. This is either an oversight or an issue that needs to be dealt with, not a complaint. And relying on a balance system for the ones "left behind" in the match was never the right way to make the match even. People will just use it to exploit the buffs for easier nests and quicker kills, how is that balanced?
  16. ksufoley

    Night Hunter Health

    did they fix the heavy weapon repair glitch? haven't tested it out since the following but if they haven't then that argument is null... just as fast as any 1 hander. I need to test some of this out but recently I also leveled guns up in legendary and a golden double shotgun does 34k dmg atm. How many shots do you think that is if they don't dumb down the damage a bit for the NH mode? The point system I'd have to agree with. 3-4 ability trees and you can choose your own path. and just enough to truly build up 1 tree completely but the power to do whichever way you want. I think you can focus one on speed, one on defense or toughness, and one on spits. let them go where they want with it.
  17. I'd have to say it helped me win a match I was well not prepared for but at the same time, I knew I had been beaten but gave it my all and came out on top by barely getting a pounce in as they were probably swinging their last hit on the nest. Come to find out, spits were insanely buffed in reload, there was a clear difference on accuracy from survivors i.e. gunshots wildly firing, DFA's not connecting, and dropkicks left me laughing. As much as I would say it had skill to do with it, I was dodging them before but this was definitely something I could stand straight in front of them and hit the stick for them to miss... I've had it go both ways though, and I think this might be the reason you'll see the OHK's when the game is favored. However, in defense of both parties, handicapping just doesn't seem fair. I'm not sure where the thought came from but honestly guys, when did pvp become casual because this just made it happen. If that was the intention I guess we'll roll with the punches and hate the nerf on survivor levels for weapons as well because when the game gets this even, the levels get to be a hassle and whats the fun if you don't get anything in the end?
  18. ksufoley

    Join The Nh Strike

    1. OHK's are shortly going to be nerfed and the bug's will be fixed as stated in other posts. I've seen some recent matches already with decreased gun power so they're getting there so I hope. 2. I will agree, even with machete's I do feel like I've gotten hit quite a ways away then normal range should permit. 3. Dodge spam will never cease to exist. 1v1 the NH has the advantage with so many attempts to spit on the survivor, 4v1 is somewhat reversed. Spit charge and more accuracy will prevent those mishaps though. 4. Grapple (if they did decrease to 2 during NH) shouldn't be an issue. Granted OHK on walkers if they don't turn seems like an unreasonable nerf on the game but using it to get to places is just a death sentence. 5. Bombers seemed to me an Oh chupacabra moment when I first played NH but now, I'll agree, seems to have taken a much weaker approach to a power that was supposed to do some good for us. More or less a distraction to hit them with other spits at this point. 6. I've always had a problem with the UV, Flare, and survivor sense combo. On both sides, its definitely an overpowered approach to a game mode that I considered to rely on stealth more than anything else. But simply stated, this will never seem to be right for anyone for any reason until the survivors get a day time mode to run around in or the NH gets total darkness. 7. Tackle>Dropkick>GP. At least it doesn't overpower both now. I called it a win when I saw the update. 8. I'm gonna go ahead and talk about the buggies. They are quite literally a deathtrap for survivors. But if you hold onto the buggy it can quite possibly work in their favor if they get out in time and run your animation dry while you freak out. Just something to get used to but I think they did a damned good job with the implementation of the buggy for both sides.
  19. ksufoley

    Human Pvp Rank

    Here is a list of rank for humans As Avenged stated, the rankings are there for loot drops but also for better matching. The better you are the better the NH will be and hopefully a closer and funner match to be had. 1. Prey 2. Casualty 3. Endangered 4. Underdog (First level to start collecting gold weapons) 5. Runner 6. Contender 7. Challenger 8. Fighter 9. Dominant 10. Ruthless 11. Indominable 12. Ultimate Survivor
  20. ksufoley

    Ps4 - Bozak And General

    PSN: ksufoley Not sure when you're usually on but if I'm actually in the game then I'm on and can help if you need. Just send me a message and I will help out!
  21. ksufoley


    Have to power the whole grid, can't power on the safe houses until you do so
  22. ksufoley

    Clothes In Dying Light

    I believe you are talking about the preorder outfit, not sure what its called but you only unlock it if you preordered the game I wouldn't mind finding a Jade outfit though, feel like they should have since Rahim, Tahir, and Rais have one
  23. ksufoley

    Unknown Strange Stones In The Following

    Are you sure this isn't in a volatile nest? I've noticed that most of the unplayable areas are either in the mountain area or in a nest or cave of some sort. Haven't found them all myself but the few that I have haven't been in areas I can't get to yet. However, I have noticed that if a friend has picked up a stone, I am unable to pick it up and use it in my game or vice versa. Can you please make it game specific and not a part of inventory? I think because of that its glitching out so that I'm unable to complete the easter egg
  24. ksufoley

    You Messed Up.

    I have to agree with the ease of access for the survivors when getting out of the buggies. I believe the best idea was to also make the NH let go when the survivor exits and I believe this is a good idea. Its painful to be in the middle of an animation trying to smash them while they jump out and just UV your chupacabra and waste a UV protect. It also brings in more to the fact that at this point its easier to just get in front of them and GP the buggy for a flip and wait till they exit for an easy pounce or spit while they're getting out and chupacabra their world up. However, buggies seem to be a death sentence if a well placed GP is done instead of grappling on. Flip the damned thing over and spit UV on em. If they get out then good, easy pounce. If not, then a quick horde spit will do the job. I believe trying to grapple is just not going to be an option unless they change a few things, and where's the fun in that? An issue I have with BTZ in the new game though is the fact that you can just ram into most of the nests with your buggy and be done with it. Doesn't seem like a very fair match at that point, so much so that I've seen survivors literally throw a flare at the nest, get in their car, and then continually ram the nest, without flinching since they have UV lights on the buggy, UV in their hand, and flares out the chupacabra. Which brings me to the last thing, UV and survivor sense. As it was just stated, the single survivor has 3 lights he/she can rely on, without much worry if one gets hit as long as they all don't get hit at the same time. Yes, this can be somewhat countered but then again, open field, survivor sense that can detect NH anywhere within range and UV lights with a good enough range to make sure you can't even get a pounce off. Basically the game is going to see a lot more GP's, tackles, UV lights, and a NH that will be causing dizziness while circling you to get the light down. There won't be anymore stealth from either side and its sad to see that wasted because so many people complain about it and don't attempt to use their other senses to play the game.
  25. ksufoley

    Help, Please - Getting Out Of "extraction"

    Granted I wasn't pleased about the ending either and the fact that coop wasn't employed for this part of the game as well. I think it would have been fun if they had made it a different ending if there had been more than 1 of us at the end to fight Rais. However, once you finish the game, coop and everything you love about the game is reinstated so I would say your best bet to continue on throughout the DLC "The Following" would be to finish the game at least once with your top toon to continue. Personally, there were likes and dislikes about the ending but I found it rather enlightening to have a bit of different gameplay and a "twist" to the normal cinematics that I was able to skip throughout the entire game previously. Last 3% of the game done a bit differently shouldn't have to count for the entire experience.