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  1. Badassack

    Bug, Side Quest Broken.

    Okay, the guy, uh crud, it's the old guy in the office in the safe zone where Kurt is. okay, you go in and he's trying to raise someone on the radio, no response from whoever he's trying to contact, you walk up to him and the X is there to interact, but there is a small black box to the right of the X. So nothing happens when you try to interact. Anyone else? Thanks for your time.
  2. Lol, you guys apparently don't like the "saw movies" theme. I was assuming the open stadium also, but you know what assuming does. Kinda like "valley of the yetis" farcry 4. I was like ooh going to be hiking around the Himalayan peaks, running from yetis!! Sneaking through caves, jumping off cliffs, uhhhh nope. 10000 wolves, 20 bad guys, defend your base, find a yeti out in the open, kill it, yep woo hoo, oh the joy.......Anyway I'd rather play this bozo level than that, well, bout even. Least you get a special weapon out of bozo.
  3. Badassack

    Holy chupacabra Holy Year Tunnel !

    Hmm, I'm betting there are 4 tires, interact with each one and THE DUNE BUGGY APPEARS!!! LOL, I wish, but look for tires, I'm betting there are four, make a mental note where they are, if one is at the bus station that might be "front right" chemical zone might "left rear". Just an idea.
  4. Badassack

    Holy chupacabra Holy Year Tunnel !

    Also, you know that guy who gives you keys to his stash spots? In the slums. The stash spot behind the bus station has a tire half in the floor. Press X on it and nothing happens, I was trying to think of the significance of a tire, when you go look at a car to buY you walk around "kick" the tires. Maybe kick the tire and do something, come back, kick it again? Anybody figured it out? AND, in the mario level you get the wingsuit blueprint, then die, go back and hit the block twice another blueprint spawns, can't pick it up, but it's there, probably a glitch.
  5. Badassack

    Holy chupacabra Holy Year Tunnel !

    Lol, some guy on the steam forums told another person to activate the chest and then stand there for 15min, so the person comes back and says it didn't work, lol, the guy is like , sorry I was just trolling, haha, anyway, from the sounds of it, it reminds me of the "checker board". You activate the chest, then apparently you need to complete a task, then come back to it, activate it again, repeat? that's all I got, good luck.