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  1. Fr0sT

    Missing Npc At Animation

    The problem is if I change this then all dialogues won't work Is any way to change it without having to modify the dialogues?
  2. Hello, another problem here! I have an animation where I am introducing the npcs one by one. The animation was working fine but now a determinate npcs appear during the animation and other doesnt. I have checked the difference between the fields of the npclifeplaces and the humanai. I don't see any generic difference between them and I have no clue where could be the problem, Can anyone clarify me if the problem should be in any of these entities??!?!
  3. Fr0sT

    Help With Quest Between Two Maps

    EDIT: Fixed it, stupid mistake. Don't know how but quest where in script folders rather than in quests
  4. Hi again guys, hope you alright! I have changed something and I am not sure how to fix this now! I have two maps: Example (M1)and interior (M2). M1 is the main map and M2 is the interior map. The intention is to develop all in M1 and quest interact sometimes with M2. I achieved this before with your help, using the glue function. However, my problem is that the introduction of the game starts in M2 rather than M1 and even if in the developer tools is ok, when I upload and play through steam the game starts directly at M1 instead of M2 (and obviously doesn't read the quest). If I am not wrong, someone told me to modify one file (that i forgot which one was) in order to assign M2 as main map instead of M1. However, now it doesn't recognise the quest even in developer tools. Any ideas? The code is basically like this: questsDefinitions -level=example quest Quest_0 -level=interior WHERE THE INTRODUCTION START quest Quest_01 -parent=Quest_0 -glued=true WHERE THE GAME STARTS EDIT: I have found the file, campaign_custom_workshop.src. Iin agreement with the faq, the first map would be the "default" I have: Interior (m2) Example (m1) I have changed it but still not working :/
  5. any news on this?
  6. Fr0sT

    Bush_A Model

    Here we go, I have concretely 14,889 of these models in my map. Now after new update it has automatically change to these kind of assets that when are far away are displayed but when its close is not. Any ideas how to fix this? (It also happens with bush_c,d,e,f and g)
  7. Fr0sT

    Colaboration For Quick Building Of Large Maps

    thats fantastic actually!
  8. Fr0sT

    Update Problem

    but how come no answer since update?!
  9. Fr0sT

    Update Problem

    Hello, since last update my map is completely broken (objects not working, custom sound gone, etc). I've been waiting for a few days to see if there is any reply from the developers if they will fix this or not, couldn't find anything. Can anyone give me the link where they said any information about this please? I have spend more than 500 hours in my project I need a reply please!!
  10. Hello Rabid, I have respawns so it's fine in the game. The main problem comes with a crash I have if I die at the end of the quest. It's really annoying and most people won't play all that long again! I hope they implement something in the future for saving !
  11. I really need this on my map, it's story mode and has about 1 hour questing and gets really difficult to play without saving!
  12. Fr0sT

    Back With Some Questions!

    You are genius, the physical barrier worked perfectly! the time problem I can't know until I upload it
  13. Fr0sT

    Terrain Moving

    I think you can't move the terrain block.
  14. I can't tell you exactly the limitations on Custom sounds but I can say I am having more than 300mb in my project of custom sounds and I have not any problem with that. It would be very nice what you are saying about putting together but I guess the only way is with an audio editor putting one track after another. According with the importing I can't help you because I did only imported custom sound sorry!