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    Couple Questions

    Hi! I can answer a couple of your questions. To make npc dialog, i'd suggest checking out the 'Dialog Example Map' on the steam workshop. To give npcs animations, find the 'Life Place' in common assets. You can then edit 'm_PlaceType' to choose the animation. You can change the npc doing the animation by getting an npc and placing it in the Life Place. To make the npc move around, in the quest script. use 'use-lp' and then enter the name of the npc and the life place you want it to move to, it will then move to the specified life place and start doing that animation. I don't really know any good websites for dev tool help, either here in the forums, ask people on steam or the dev tools tutorials as you've already seen. As for the vehicle colours, sorry I don't know about that, but quarantine zones, surely you could make your own using quest scripting. Anyway, happy to help, If you have any more questions, feel free to add me on steam (Lord Calamari) Have a good day and I look forward to your map! -LC
  2. Lord Calamari

    Lock Block Messes Up Terrain

    Hi thanks for your reply, I'll try and give some more information. I didn't know there were any other builds so I'll assume so. I use the set height tool and set a small area of terrain to the height 2.5, it is very neat and is basically a block like a 3D trapezium, I then textured this with asphalt. I am locking all the blocks at once, and sometimes it automatically locks, I think if I exit dev tools and come on later it is auto locked. It is currently only the edges and corners that this is happening but the block is fairly small so I don't know if this would happen in other places for bigger terrain. I'm not quite sure what you mean here, I created about 4 blocks of terrain but this edited terrain is small and will not fill up one block Here are some images to show what it looks like: Before Lock Block: http://imgur.com/7eWJ0c2 http://imgur.com/QSfgVSL After Lock Block: http://imgur.com/fEjIVBL http://imgur.com/HjU2V7I Thanks a lot for your time and I hope this helps -LC
  3. Lord Calamari

    Lock Block Messes Up Terrain

    Hi, so i'm making a map using custom terrain but I need it to be quite precise, unfortunately, whenever I select lock block to lock the terrain, it messes it up and other corners and things pop up randomly around it, is there anyway to stop this? thanks -LC
  4. Lord Calamari

    Posing Zombies And Humans

    Hello, making another map and I was wondering if there was a way to pose models such as the player_tpp or zombie models, I tried going into movies and giving them animations, then setting the movie to 0.1 seconds long and looping it, but it didn't work very well, there is something else I found which I think might be what I'm looking for but I cant figure out how to use it. its the 'animations' tab, you can pose a player or zombie but when i go ingame it just resets to the default pose. Anyway, basically, point is, is there a way to pose things. Thanks -LC
  5. Lord Calamari

    Posing Zombies And Humans

    Hi, forgot about this post, ive solved it and will soon be releasing a new map, this will include a tutorial on how i did it.
  6. Lord Calamari

    Tendril Glitch

    I think the developers made it so that you cannot use the spit pound unless you actually have 2 spits, because people were just using it as a quick pound, not sure if it was intentional or just a bug tho. If you do get stuck in the pound tho, hold attack for roughly the amount of time it would take to charge a pound, and then either pound or cancel it
  7. Hi everyone, so I play dying light a lot and tend to play a lot of night hunter mode. The problem is, every 2 or 3 times I load up my game, my quest automatically switches to the bozak horde quest, meaning that I spawn in the bozak horde lobby and all my items are gone, I know it may not sound like such a problem, but its sooo annoying to keep having to go back to my stash and get all my gear out, after going through a loading screen. Probably no way to fix unless the developers stop you from automatically spawning in the bozak horde lobby when the quest is active, idk, just thought i'd come and post this here...
  8. Hi, I come to the forums with something strange that has stopped me from working on my map. Whenever I type in ,movie _ to my quest file, dev tools crashes, not one character less, always ,movie _ It might fix itself in a bit, i'm not sure but if anyone has had this happen to them i'd appreciate knowing how to fix it thanks -LC EDIT: Also, another thing to note is that this is only happening on the map i'm currently working on, it doesn't happen on any other maps EDIT: I have found a temporary fix, by editing the quest document in a notepad, since this is only happening for this map it should be ok, but if anyone does find out how to fix this, it'd be great to know
  9. Lord Calamari

    Dev Tools Crashes Whenever I Type In ,movie _

    Problem is fixed, map is nearing completion and should be released today or tomorrow
  10. Lord Calamari

    Fill A Select Area With Light?

    Hi I was wondering if there is any way to just fill a zone with light. For example, if I got an ambient zone and scaled it to cover a certain area, could I make everything in that area light up?
  11. Lord Calamari

    'split A Quest'

    Hi, back AGAIN with another problem. I'm currently making a pretty big map that uses a LOT of quest scripting and when I tried to start the game it said that I have over 255 phases and I need to split the quest 1. How do I do this? 2. How many times can you split a quest, do you have to split it every 255 phases and is there a maximum limit of times you can split it? Thanks -LC
  12. Lord Calamari

    Can't Find My Custom Audio Files

    Friend has helped me solve this
  13. Lord Calamari

    Can't Find My Custom Audio Files

    Hi, I have got some custom audio files for my map, They are OGG files, and I have placed them in the 'data' folder of my map. I then refreshed the audio files and built the audio bank but I can't seem to be able to use them. Any ideas?
  14. Lord Calamari

    'split A Quest'

    awesome, it worked, thanks
  15. Lord Calamari

    Fill A Select Area With Light?

    Thanks for your reply, I know about that, but I mean, for example, using an omni light but having it light up a specific area as I already have a global envprobe active
  16. Lord Calamari

    How To Use Selection Objects

    Hi, I would like to know 2 things 1. How can I hide/show selection objects 2. How can I use selection objects in movies Thanks
  17. Lord Calamari

    If Statement Request

    Hi, so I am currently making a map, and while in the quest scripting I was trying to find out if I could make IF statements as the map I am making relies on choices, however, I couldn't find anything, If anyone does actually know a way to do this, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know how. But if it is not currently possible, maybe the developers could add this in a future update?
  18. Lord Calamari

    How To Get Sounds In Movies?

    Hi, I want to know how to put sounds in the movies I have made, thanks
  19. Lord Calamari

    Npc Movement

    I don't know about using life graphs but I've managed to find another way to do this using ,use-lp For example, if you have an NPC called Bob and you want him to move to an NPCLifePlace called Bob01, here is what you would do: ,use-lp <<phase name>> NPCLifePlace Bob01 ,ai HumanAI Bob So on the first line, you say which NPCLifePlace the npc should move to, and on the second line, you just say which npc moves there when this phase is activated the NPC will simply walk over to the new life place and automatically start doing the action Hope this helps EDIT: Now I feel stupid, re-reading your question, I thought you meant moving NPCs from one place to another but you meant make them move around, oops, oh well, I guess anyone who didnt know this already knows now..
  20. Hi everyone. Basically, the quest title and objective at the side of the screen isn't showing, the quest itself works completely fine but you can't see the title or objectives. Any suggestions?
  21. Lord Calamari

    Quest Title And Objectives Not Showing

    Hi again, ok, so I just deleted the texts_steam_workshop and made a new one and its working fine, maybe I did something wrong in there like miss a " or something, idk, I checked but couldn't find anything. Thanks for your help anyway though
  22. Lord Calamari

    Quest Title And Objectives Not Showing

    Hi Rabid, thanks for your reply More information: Yes, the rest of my HUD is still there, it's just the quest title and objective I haven't yet done much in the quest scripting and have not used ,path yet I have defined the text for the quest title and description in the 'texts_steam_workshop' however I have not done the objectives as I just do them when writing the actual quest by putting them in <<..>> Thanks again, and I hope this helps
  23. Lord Calamari

    How To Rename Movies

    I've looked but I still can't find where to rename it, i'm pretty sure I've checked through all of the movie attributes. Where should it be exactly?, the movie i'm trying to rename is an ingame movie just in case thats any help. EDIT: Nevermind, found it, I thought you meant in the movie properties window, thanks for your help
  24. Lord Calamari

    How To Rename Movies

    Hi, quick question, how can I rename my movies so I know which ones are which, I've seen it done in other people's maps when if checked them out in the dev tools but I just haven't found out how to do it.
  25. Is there a way to remove the text at the side of the screen (next to quest objectives) that says get reward from stash?