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  1. MetalGunTalk

    Hellraid's Combat Is Not Looking Good.

    This is really my main concern for this game actually. Game already looks great and the environments surprisingly unique in some areas. But if it's just a back and forward counter-swing fest with no variation per weapon, It's appeal would loos fairly fast. The main thing I think this game needs is weighted swings. So that you can't float around like a cloud with a giant hammer only getting in range when the hammer is in hit mode. If the weapons perform as the look like they should it will be a huge step up from Skyrim and even Chivalry.
  2. MetalGunTalk

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    I just hope the combat and game-play match the graphical intensity of this game. The themes looks great as do enemies and environments. Hopefully the larger team doesn't dissuade more rogue-like or unique aspects from being added. The worst fate of this game would be skyrim combat, generic fantasy, and amazing graphics. Hopefully the game designers focus on the game and not the beauty pageant aspect of it.