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  1. Hi All, Been a while since I've been in the Developers Tools for Dying Light! You might know me from my map "Prison Break" that I made back in 2015. Speaking of that map, I'm having a little trouble publishing my changes to it (trying to make my comeback). It says this: "InvalidParam - a parameter is incorrect" after pressing "submit". Has anyone had this issue before? A possible cause could be that, when I play the game, there are a few textures that obviously used to be in the game which are now not. These are visible in the game as yellow textures. I can get a screenshot of that too if it helps. Maybe those textures are causing an issue? Is there anywhere I can get logs that can help you guys help me? Thanks in advance, Sparkhead95
  2. sparkhead95

    Dynamic Moveable Objects

    Hi, Does anyone know how to make an object dynamic? So if you shoot it etc it will move? I've tried using the class "dynamic Model object" but it tells me I cant use this with abstract classes? EDIT: I understand now. I chose "dynamic Model object" class which is actually the abstract class which has derived classes. E.G "Physics object" is a derived class from this, which I guess is the one I want. Testing this now. If anyone needs more information on derived and abstract classes let me know. Its part of my university degree I just didn't realise they'd use abstract classes in this way. Pretty clever to be fair. Thanks, Sparkhead95
  3. sparkhead95

    "opening" A Group To Edit Meshes, And More

    That's it thanks
  4. Hi there, I'm currently trying to edit one of the attributes of one of the meshes inside my group, but they're all greyed out? I've right clicked on the group and I've opened it, but it still wont let me delete/edit the meshes in the group. Also, I'm trying to get my Map Portal to work, however it won't let players enter it if it's night time. The problem is that my map is permanently night time. Does anyone know how to fix this? Here are the properties of the door: Thanks for the help, Sparkhead
  5. Hi all, Just a post to say that if you're still waiting for another tutorial, Rabid Squirrel ( has released a video tutorial: Make sure you check it out if you're still a bit iffy about some of the stuff the dev's have already covered or even animation. It'll really help you out, especially until the devs release another tutorial! Thanks, Sparkhead95
  6. Thanks, you seem to know your stuff. You should consider streaming or something, us mediocre devs could learn a thing or two!
  7. sparkhead95

    Streaming With Twitch

    Anyone started streaming this yet? Would be good if someone that knew what they were doing with this software started streaming so the rest of us could learn I tried but can't get my software to work at the moment :/ Consider it
  8. An eds? How do I use this? Didn't see it in any of the tutorials :/ Thanks
  9. Thanks Water wasn't on the list though. I must just have a good ol' fashioned bug.
  10. Hi there, For a long while I've been trying to fix my navmesh, which does not seem to want to work in areas of my map. The whole map is inside the playable grid. I believe that this is because I (somehow) didn't delete the water properly as there is still evidence that there the game thinks there is water there... And this is why I think my navmesh won't work as the areas of the map that won't build a navmesh are below where the water used to be. So is there a way to see a list of placed objects on the map, so I can delete the water (if it's still there)? If you don't understand here's what I did to delete the water: 1) Took the filter off in order for me to select it 2) Highlighted an area of water (when the water was selected, the horizon was automatically selected too; I couldn't separate them so I just deleted them both (which is ok because I didn't need the horizon anyway). 3) Deleted it Reasons I believe the game thinks the water is still there: 1) The floating water debris is still there (grass etc.) 2) In the editor, when you go from below the water and come above it, the blurry eyes from the water effect comes 3) navmesh wont work below that level! I have already tried pulling the whole map upwards, but this seems to pull the (invisible) water up too. Thanks! Sparkhead
  11. sparkhead95

    Annoying Noises

    Check your quest document- there may be something setting the stage to night but not the time?
  12. Thanks friend, I just restarted the Dev Tools and it was fixed, must have been a bug. Thanks!
  13. Nope, they are visible. I guess i'll wait for an update and hope it fixes it Thanks for your help though. One last thing: my lights are functional in my dev tools: But in the game they are non existent: Any ideas what the problem is?
  14. Thanks, The first to issues are solved, however the whole map is inside the grid. I think the dev tools might think the water is still there. This would explain why there can be no nav mash below water level, right? There is no water anywhere on the map, however if I go from below where the water used to be, like this: And then go above the water, like this: You can see it thinks there was water still there. Also, here's an example of the floating debris that would usually be on water but still remains: Thanks, Sparkhead
  15. Hi there, I just wrote out a huge explanation and my pc switched off so I lost it all therefore I'm going to make this as brief as I can. The first two issues will be addressing the below screenshot: 1) The blood objects I've placed on my maps (only 3 at this point) are throwing this error "object has wrong flags" and I'm not sure why/how to fix it. They still show up on the map fine, but validator doesn't like them. 2) In my spawn box, I've specified more than 1 zombie to be in it, however it assumes "dialogue speaker" is set to something. It is not: 3) This is a big one. My navmesh will not build on parts of my map. I have reason to believe that this is because said parts of the map are below the water that USED to be there (I deleted the water, but the debris that floats on top of water (e.g grass) remains. Also, when in the dev tools, when working on the part of the map (below where the water used to be), if I go up (above where the water used to be), I will get the watery effect on the camera. The whole floating debris issue isn't my problem here; I dont mind about that. I just want a navmesh so that my zombies will function properly. Thanks for your help in advance, and i'm sorry if I didn't explain this very well. If you have any questions please let me know, I'd like to get this fixed. I can also offer more screenshots if needed. Sparkhead.