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  1. you lose all points you made on your current level, say you made 800,000 points and were 10 points away from levelling up to level 29 if you die you start again at level 28 and 0 points, it can get frustrating lol
  2. mysticperk

    Dying Light - Easy Mode Please

    an easy way to take out the volatile nests is to craft a lot of flares and throw them everywhere inside while you attack the nests
  3. ive only finished one side haven't tried the other option, I played on nightmare and I turned into a biter, and found the end fight really challenging, but the story could have gone into more depth one problem is I can only find 1 person when searching for online games tho sometimes none
  4. mysticperk

    What Time Exactly Does The Following Come Out?

    well if that's correct "hopefully" its will be released in 1/2 an hour
  5. mysticperk

    What Time Exactly Does The Following Come Out?

    has anyone got the update yet? im in Australia and its 4pm Tuesday the 9th and nothing yet? im on pc
  6. mysticperk


    I was having the same sort of issues, I went to steam, dying light options, then clicked on "verify integrity of game cache" and I also updated my video card drivers and in the cards settings set manual fan speed to "80%" when I run the game, never had a crash since I have performed these steps, may be totally different for you but worth a try
  7. mysticperk

    Origami 101 Blueprint Location?

    Thanks marta , ill keep searching my guess is it is located in the same are as the korek v2 accessed through the bozak lobby maybe? lol
  8. mysticperk

    Female Zombies

    I wasn't aware you could duel weild a knife and gun at the same time too?
  9. anyone know where I can obtain the origami 101 blueprint or is it a mod only accessible item?? cheers
  10. mysticperk

    Bozak Horde Keeps Removing My Items..

    I also get this a lot, the way around it I go about is when your about to select your save game, I press x (I use a controller) which gives me the option to "play normal game" or something like that, and you will skip the bozak and keep all your equipment, ill check the name of options tonight to make sure
  11. mysticperk


    screencapture it (prt sc) > open paint > paste > print
  12. mysticperk

    What Is This? Hide Wheels And Fuel. not sure on the tyres but heres a way to get the korek v2
  13. mysticperk

    Btz Balance Update Today!

    you would need a longer time than that, some good matches I play go for over 20mins
  14. mysticperk

    Fix Glitched Horde Spit

    yeah ive seen them appear infront of me on rooftops out of nowhere, also at the railyards heaps of times up on the roof there, and sometimes they disappear only to reappear 2-5 meters away in another direction, do think getting blown up by a horde when your not even spit on is a bit cheap tho
  15. mysticperk

    Btz Unbalanced Again

    it could always hunt, cant blame techland for players who don't know how to use the games mechanics