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  1. YourAverageZombie

    [Dev Feedback Required] Save-Transfer From Steam To Gog Version?

    Thanks. Sounds good. I'll try that.
  2. Hi there, I'd like to buy the GOG version of Dying Light (for various reasons, one of them is to play the game whenever I want without internet) but I don't want to start from scratch. Is it possible to transfer my Steam savedata to the GOG version and if so, how? I appreciate your help and time.
  3. YourAverageZombie

    Ps4 Latest Patch Came With A Downgrade (?)

    Can you show us a video of the changes?
  4. Looks like they fixed it. :-)
  5. I really lose it if they don't fix it with the giant enhanced update.
  6. It's such a tiny problem with massive impact (for me), I don't think it would be that hard to patch this issue. I know they have to verify the patches on console but for gods sake just push it out on PC. A little fix, please.
  7. Still no update in sight. xD
  8. And still no word about that annoying glitch. But doing this spider crane stuff and all that nonsense. GG
  9. I think the game is dead patchwise. They still didn't fix this annoying bug.
  10. YourAverageZombie

    Gre Anyone Know The User Name And Password?

    Wat? it's case sensitive maybe. It definitely works. Again: The Username is agent_crane and the password is saveharran. It works.
  11. YourAverageZombie

    Gre Anyone Know The User Name And Password?

    Name: agent_crane Password: saveharran Have fun.