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    Can You You Co-Create A Map With Other People?

    Rafal can you elaborate on how to divide maps into groups? Perhaps a written mini tutorial?
  2. As we all know Dying Light is more of an urban themed game, I myself enjoyed the setting of Dead Island a bit more. I was wondering if it was possible to port the games assets into the developer tools, luckily I was on vacation so that spared me some time try and figure it out. Here's what I learned: Dead Island/Dying Light uses .rpack packing for its files/data. These cannot be easily unpacked, after managing to unpack them using a modified offzip code they cannot be opened due to the file extensions being .dat which could be anything... I tried converting those to .fbx and .obj files to see if they were regular assets - NOPE. So I figured maybe I can merge the dev_assets.rpack with the ones from Dead Island and then transfer the .pak folders over to the Dev tools and voila?! - NOPE. I managed to rip some if the 3d Assets from Dead Island, most of them come out corrupt and or need minor work to have them work properly. Here are some examples of what I managed to get done in about 6 hours. Dead Island Hotel (Texture Issue) http://imgur.com/ijpKXFi Dead Island Palm Tree LOD and Other Nature Objects. http://imgur.com/85B4L4p Dead Island Bush and Exploder Enemy w/o Textures, http://imgur.com/yq2xfh2 Most of the objects come in separate models and need to be put together using 3DS Max. I most likely won't be doing any more work on this due to time and lack of skills with 3DS Max and coding in general. Seeing how Dead Island Definitive edition is being released soon it would be nice if Techland would allow us to easily port the files to the dev tools or offer them as Dev Tools DLC! Have a good one guys!
  3. Hello, I seem to be having a hard time importing custom 3DS Max .fbx files, after in import the files into the editor and try to place the object in the map nothing loads. I followed everything just as the video tutorial. Also whenever I try to import new terrain textures (.dds format) they seem to reset back to "defaulttexture_0". Has anyone else had any luck with this? Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  4. FallenNinja

    Guns And Zombie Attraction.

    I have been messing with the developer tools for quite a while now and i was wondering if there was any Way to stop the guns from making the zombie sounds after you shoot several times.
  5. FallenNinja

    Fng - Help With Making Brushes.

    Ive been tinkering with the brushes that let you place debris and grass. The ones that came with the editor dont work. Ive got some custom ones to work but I still dont really understand what the parameters do. For example the ones that say "min distance" etc... Does anyone have a clue?
  6. FallenNinja

    Map Compile Crashes Editor.

    I had quite a bit. Seceral were 128x128 and others 8x8. After dividing them into seperate patches it got easier. 2 evga gtx 970 sc in sli 4670K @4.4ghz 12Gb of ram And dell 4k monitor.
  7. FallenNinja

    Map Compile Crashes Editor.

    Whenever I try to compile the map or lock the terrain the editor hangs up and stays in not-responding mode indefinitely. This started to happen when the terrain editor was added. Any reason or guesses why this might be happening?