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    Coop Campaign

    Hello there, Dear Developpers ands fans. I'm a huge fan of your game project so far and most of all a huge fan of coop games so this game seems perfect to me and my fellow friends. There is only one thing that was sort of a "disapointment" to me. It is to say when i heard the game would have a separate coop gameplay, meaning you can't actually do the campaign in coop with your friend. Sure it's still very cool to go and have fun in a separate coop mode with your team but, as a big PVE fan and coop campaign, I would be so happy to hear you can do the campaign with your friends, Actually you could even not make them apear in the cut scenes or whatever (or add them in story by talking about evil twins xD that's not important). Just adding more ennemies (2 for 2 players or x 3 for 3 players and so on could be incredible. Or divide the single player's power by 4 if you are playing with 3 friends. Only thing that matters is the possibility to do it with your buddies ! That's my wish, and I hope you'll be interested in hearing it. I'm would almost be ok to start a petition to show you how many people might be interested if it could make you change your mind. I 'll leave place to reactions here. Keep up the good work! can't wait for the beta. Friendly,