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  1. christopherhi

    Tires And Gas Cans

    So we have been racking our brains to figure out the tires and gas cans, and we are stumped. Any help would be appreciated. You can see our discussions on this on reddit I hope any one can shed some light on this topic
  2. christopherhi

    Can This Be Available On Console

    Thank you. Is there a way then to make the developer tools available (on steam) to those who purchased the console game? Or even have the custom maps people have made available to those on console? Maybe through online for people who are X box gold members or Ps plus subscribers. Again I have no idea what goes into coding or developing I'm just asking if any of this is remotely possible. Even having the opportunity to play some peoples custom maps would be awesome to have added.
  3. christopherhi

    Can This Be Available On Console

    Okay forgive me if I am way off base here but I love Dying Light. I don't have a PC but I have PS4 and I love console games much better then PC(sorry) Its just my preference. I love the idea of making custom maps and playing others maps, unfortunately this feature is currently only available on PC (Steam). I would like to know why this wasn't made available on console. We love to have this option and I really think it should be available to all platforms. I don't know much about coding so again forgive me however I have heard its not possible. That said I do not see how it wouldn't be possible. Little Big Planet 3 has a feature where you can create your own little planet with various levels. I know little Big Planet is a much smaller game but is it really not possible to bring in something similar to Dying Light on console? Please Techland bring this feature to console!