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    Droneboi Question 4 - Multi-Hide Code Warrnings

    Once again thanks Rafal Ill post you the final product link when completed for the comp
  2. Hey Hey Yall I have the following code: ,BLOCK _ -obj=&Quest_CommunityCenter& ,hide-multi <<hide shop obstuctions>> ,spawner ModelObject shopfence ,spawner ModelObject shopbox1 ,spawner ModelObject shopbox2 ,spawner ModelObject shopbox3 ,spawner ModelObject shopbox4 ,spawner ModelObject shopbags ,debugpos SpawnPoint Home ,show _ ModelObject shop_table and i get warnings of "Merge this phase with previous one" Can anyone help ? Cheers Drone Boi
  3. awesome thanks Rafal that worked a treat
  4. So when I die in my quest, I go all the way back to the start. Originally i thought that: ,debugpos SpawnPoint MapStart was the thing that triggered the new spawn point, but I have another one after a quest ,debugpos SpawnPoint NewHome and when I die, it does not spawn me in the new point. Thanks for any help Drone Boi
  5. Hey Yall So I want to reward the player with a specific amount of points after a quest. Can anyone help ? Thanks
  6. Hey Yall First One I know from Rafal's FAQ on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/611703999966865614/?appid=239140 that we can set the level of skills. But what I would like to do is force certain skills on the player as he starts out, such as fall damage reduction and zombie head stomp. Please help Thanks in advance DroneBoi Damn it I just found the answer. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/611704730322332927/?appid=239140 Ok well I tried this just to enable the wall run and it didnt work, so any help or thought would be great sub SkillsAgility() {Skill("WallRun");} sub SkillsPower(){} sub SkillsStatus(){} sub Items_Common() { CraftedItem("Blue", "Melee_BaseballBatCGen", ""); Item("Medkit_HealthPackLarge", 5); } sub main() { Chapter(0) //--- Prologue --- { LevelFighter(1); LevelRunner(1); LevelStatus(1); use Items_Common(); use SkillsStatus(); use SkillsAgility(); use SkillsPower(); } } Thanks Again Drone Boi
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    Is Importing Custom Art Possible

    yeah I cant wait, awesomeness !
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    Mod Ideas

    All these ideas are awesome lol
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    Change What You Start With?

    Hey dalwb, i couldn't force specific skills onto the player. Are you sure this works ?
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    Quest Building Tutorial?

    awesome tutorials, helped heeps Droneboi
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    Is There Not A How Do You Get Started?

    How To Open In Steam go to tools under Library and look for Dying Light Developer Tools Tutorials There's heeps of tutorials on youtube under the Dying Light channel. Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/user/DyingLightGame Enjoy bro Drone Boi
  12. First of all I would like to say thanks to the developers of Dying Light. What a gem. Secondly I would like to say Im addicted to dev tools and have spent over 70 hours in the last 4 days on developing my map and quests for the comp. Just found this forum, what a God sent. Was having trouble with steam forum for a while. Anways.... Ok this is what I currently know thank's to D-Man and Rafal. Thanks dudes and Dzienki also :-) Fire Barrels ZipLines Quests Sleeping Bag Safe Zones Item Show and Hide I will be asking some questions on this forum, but if you need help with any of the above, let me know. Cheers Drone Boi
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    How Can I Animate Objects?

    please let us know how u did it bro