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    How Do You Get The New Gold Weapons?

    Idk I haven't found any either.
  2. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    No Muiltplayer Xb1

    RIP Xbox Servers
  3. TheGeckoGamer On YT


    That's what I did.
  4. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    No Muiltplayer Xb1

    I can't join anyone's game or any friends. Anybody know how to fix this?
  5. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Origami 101 Blueprint Location?

    I don't think it's even in the game, it's like when the said gold weapons were in the game and they told you to keep looking, and guess what no one ever found any until they released the update with them. At this point I think they just tell you it's really deep in the game so you continue to play the game to look for something that's not there.
  6. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Weapon Max Damages Moderator/manager/developer Question

    I find this to be false, I have never found a weapon with more 3700 damage. I would like to see a legit pic of a real one that's not modded.
  7. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    What Happened To The Shotgun Popping Heads?

    I had a fun time yesterday when playing as a hunter, the person was shooting me with a shotgun and both bullets did less than 20 damage combined.
  8. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    2016 The Following!?

    Yea I agree.
  9. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    2016 The Following!?

    I love this game but really 2016!? I remember buggies being talked about in March! I know it might be hard to make a big Dlc like this one but come on like really? This game is dying already, and to wait for another possible 5 months for Dlc is ridiculous! Many people have left this game already and more are going to. And If you wait all the way to the end of March to release it, it'll make it even worse. I recently read somewhere that "we are trying to make it have as little glitches as possible." That's straight up BS, I don't mean to bash but DAM. I have found so many glitches it isn't even funny, let alone that BTZ is basically a broken game mode that hasn't been fixed in 6 months LOL. Still love the game tho!
  10. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Xbox One Tearing And Frame Rate

    I like this game, but sometimes the frame rates so bad I feel like I'm playing a slideshow instead of a game. Is there any fix for this?
  11. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Bozak Horde Help

    If anyone on Xbox One would like to help get a bow from the Bozak Horde please msg me at OMG Itz GeckO
  12. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Youtube Monetization

    So generally I can monetize my videos, ok that's good to know.
  13. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Youtube Monetization

    Does anyone know the rules about monetizing Dying Light content on YouTube?
  14. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Be The Zombie Broken Needs Fix

    If you played be the zombie like me and are a high level (I'm 23) you can no longer use your spit and right now it's really pissing me off! It includes all levels. And to be brutally honest there is a LOT of stuff that needs fixing! Plus with the new dlc instead of fixing the game more you just screwed it over, BIG TIME!
  15. TheGeckoGamer On YT

    Moving On...

    I love this game, don't get me wrong but after waiting and waiting and being lied to and having to pay $10.00 for the Dlc is just to much. And for how little content they bring after all this time is ridiculous. Should have traded this game in a long time ago! I guess this is why the call it DYING light.