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  3. Same button for both ground pound and slash. I can't do ground pound without slashing? Even in mid air it does this.
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    More Stealth For Zombie Please

    Yeah that's what I meant by 'scanning' sorry didn't remember what it was actually called. As I mentioned that shouldn't work either. Night Hunters position shouldn't be spoon fed to the survivors.
  5. So I've just found out from watching you tube that when I scream my position is given away not just for a moment but for several seconds as I move around and that scanning (X button on PS4) also reveals my position. IMO this needs to be drastically changed, its now so obvious why most of the time the survivors know exactly where I'm coming from despite me trying to flank around and stuff. The Night Hunter isn't that strong but I figured for sometime the trade off was I am a HUNTER. I watch and stalk my prey from the shadows and high above while they have no idea where I am. Doesn't seem to be the case. Between that and me glowing like Christmas tree when hit by UV I wonder if the survivors knew roughly where I was the whole time. IMO scanning shouldn't work at all on the Night Hunter and the only tell of the Night Hunters location when screaming should be the sound direction and volume. Maybe if the sound of the scream alone is not enough and too imbalanced an alternative would to be to have a relatively large off centre circle appear for a couple seconds from where the scream originated. A team of four survivors should have to work out where the Night Hunter is themselves, using mics for good communication and covering each other. Well that's my two cents.