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    New Content For Xbox One

    rush86, WTF!! If you can't say anything constructive then don't comment. I wasn't asking for your personal opinion, i was asking if anyone had any information. Did you actually read my question? I don't think you did. The whole point of asking a question is to get a response related to the question. Is that easy enough for you to understand..? Next time don't bother commenting on mine or anyone else's questions if you're not going to give a fair response. Or are you one of these cyber bullies that has nothing in their life apart from making other people feel bad..?? If so 'rush86' move on!!!!
  2. Fiery

    New Content For Xbox One

    Thanks malickacevedo. I have only just found one site saying May & it includes a new map with the arena where you go against waves of zombies increasing in difficulty on each wave. Thanks for responding, much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;-)
  3. TALON - I am wandering how does everyone collect so many King upgrades? I have tried YouTube, forums, etc. but they all use glitches that do not seem to work when I try them. Do you know of another way to get King upgrades quickly & not have to replay them game over & over again? I have even ran around the entire city opening every Police vehicle & still no luck :-( I have completed this game so many times too & there are no more missions, challenges, etc. to complete.
  4. I have now been playing this game on Xbox One since it's launch. My oh my what a great game this is! My only problem I am having is getting an answer. I have tried multiple times on Facebook asking the same question as below & I keep getting ignored. It is now very frustrating as every other person gets a response. Can you please answer it; Can you tell me when more DLC or new updates are coming to the Xbox One version? I have completed the game on every mode, completed every side mission, challenges, etc. & there is absolutely nothing more I can possibly do with this game. It is now soooo boring I am on the verge of selling it! Which I do not want to do, as it's the best game ever! If anyone can help with some links to more info or knows something, that would be great. TIA :-)