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    visible legs is a good idea
  2. Look at Chivalry medieval warfare,it have realistic weapons(except for a double bladed axe that sucks anyway) and that game was quite successful.The thing is that fantasy weapons in games have become so cliché and ridiculous that replacing them with realistic weapons can actually give a breath of fresh air to a game.It is fantasy yes but it still needs to somewhat believable.In the witcher series the writer did a good job at making the world believable but it still a fantasy.Oh and that game too have realistic weapons. Im not saying that a little artistic freedom on weapon design is bad but too much and you got a kiddy game.If you dont know what im talking about just type ''wow weapons'' to google.I hope you don't want that kind of thing to happen to our Glorious Hellraid XD
  3. Thx for Replies I know that there is a thread for suggestions but i thought that this needs its own.I will post my random suggestions there Far Cry 2 and your previous game Dead Island have animations for healing and i think it makes them more immersive while it also add some tactical depth to the fighting system.Should i try to shoot the enemy or try to heal myself up because i can't do both at the same time.These Choices can make games much more interesting to me.
  4. After seeing the video above i have come to the horrific realization that hellraid don't have animations for potion drinking.This is a pretty big deal because if you can instantly ''fix'' your errors with a potion it just makes the game's fighting system less interesting and more nooby.You don't need to plan ahead too much because you can stack up a bunch of potions and just press the panic button when you mess something up.It is also immersion breaking,how can someone drink something instantly when both of his hands are swinging a giant 2 hand sword.I know its fantasy but even fantasy needs to be somewhat believable.Now that we cleared up how silly is instantaneous potion drinking here are my suggestions: -Give a 2-3 Second animation when drinking a potion that can be interrupted by melee attacks(not ranged because that would be unfair) -During a drinking animation the character can't run only walk or jump -Give a skill that increase potion drinking speed by 50% and call it something like ''Vodka Drinker'' or ''Heavy Drinker'' lol -Give a skill that enables running when drinking a potion -Give a skill that decrease that probability that melee attacks interrupt the drinking animation Done!Now if you want to create a potion spammer character you can but you need to invest skill points to it.These skills also needs to be in hard to reach places in the skilltree. Also a confirmation from a Developer about whether or not are they are planning to implement some kind of drinking animation would be nice
  5. I agree with the op but other than the silly double bladed axes the weapons that i seen in hellraid looks ok.I just hope that the late game weapons wont look ''badass'' and by that i mean idiotic looking unpractical with lots of spikes.