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  1. I made a small mod a year ago, I've come to play The Following but the installation wiped out my modified Data3.pak, now with the DLC installed Data3.pak is empty - so where's all the files gone? What .pak file do I modify now?
  2. soopytwist

    Can I Edit Existing Maps?

    That's a pity. You say "currently" does that mean will be able to at some future point?
  3. soopytwist

    Can I Edit Existing Maps?

    Hi, I just got hold of the SDK and taking a peak now. I've already made some tweaks to the game just be changing a few lines in scripts etc but this is the first time I've taken a look at the SDK. Is it possible to edit existing maps? I'd like to change a few things in the interiors of the Infamay bridge support columns that you have to climb up. I find them incredibly frustrating to reach the top without restarting many, many times because I mucked up a jump here and there. I'd also like to make a few changes to the The Pit to make the fight there more interesting, not harder though - if anything make it slightly easier! On a related note, outside of the SDK, I've disabled all the tutorial pop-up messages by editing the tutorial_hints.scr file apart from "You have unspent skill points", "You can craft a new item", "Leaving dark area" and "Entering dark area". These strings don't appear to be in that script file and the ID's for them (found in common_texts_all.bin) are not mentioned anywhere else.