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  1. Prost

    Quest Building Tutorial?

    Awesome! I'll go and spam refresh the Dying Light youtube channel. ( ಠ‿ಠ)­
  2. Prost

    Is Importing Custom Art Possible

    Beyond excited! Also, I appreciate the prompt response. Cheers!
  3. Hello there. I'm a 3d artist, and I'm looking to run through the pipeline of importing a new 3d environment asset into Dying Light. Are there any guides on importing a mesh and textures? Is this possible with the current toolkit? Where are the .msh files located? The in-editor 'Show In Explorer' seems to not be functional, as are neither of the Perforce options. The attributes window only gives the location as "meshes/[mesh name]" Where are the textures and material stored? Is there an asset editor/browser, where I could do things like change materials? Or is this all handled by scripts? I appreciate any helpful, constructive responses. This toolkit is really exciting! I only really have art skills to contribute to mods, though, and I'm anxious the toolkit does not (yet) allow it. Edit: Did a bit of digging, and while I couldn't locate the editor options button, you can access it via an error prompt from Source button on the animation tab. Within the options, there are flags for Material Editor settings. Yet, no material editor. The mystery deepens.
  4. Prost

    Quest Building Tutorial?

    Bumping. Even a forum post outlining the basics would be nice, although from a few more savvy posters, it looks like it involves a scripting language.