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  1. Can anyone help me please ?? I did everything i needed to do for the blueprint right hand of glova, i actually picked it up but i died couple minutes after and when i get to look in my inventory there's nothing in there and i can't pick up the again because there gone? Anyone who could help me out here i it would mean a lot to me thanks !!
  2. gaelv

    Is This A Bug?

    Hi, can anyone help me? I completed the game and started over on hard mode, I had like a bunch of stuff like weapon upgrades's, weapons,crafts parts etc,... But after the mission The pit for the second time when you lose all your stuff this time i didn't get anything back. So now i lost all my weaponupgrades,crafts parts,etc that i saved from the previous game and this really sucks. in all the shop i can only purchase weapons no more craft parts and stuff. Somebody any idee how to get this back?
  3. No i went on with the next quest but When i tried to go,back to him he does nothing
  4. gaelv

    Question From The Devs

    Hi guys Again awsome game keep up the good work for us gamers ! I just complet the story mode 100% along with the sidequest. Now i'm doing all the quarintine mission and collecting all the blueprint and weapons and exploring the city Have you got other suggestions to do after completion?
  5. Hello, First off all big thank you for this awsome game just what we needed on PS4 really hat's off to you guys ! I just completed the game for 100% along with the the sidequests and i'm collecting all the blueprint. But there seems to be one problem i think it's a bug or a glicht because after the sidequest where you beat the troll, You're supposed to get a really bad*ss blueprint called Angelsword. I completed the mission but in didn't get the blueprint that bummed me out because i was really excatet about it. Is there anyway someone can help me please ? Thanks alot