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  1. KomaKoz


    Not sure what to do. When I hit boomers I die instantly with my custom map.I have copied all the buggy codes from the example map and added them to my work. also is there a way to add the tab for upgrading driving where you upgrade survival,legend
  2. KomaKoz


    na I got one global envprobe. All of them were acting up fixed them I just replaced with new ones easy fix. My map. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=636625489
  3. KomaKoz


    I got a issue I have been working on this map id say a year or more. now my global envprobes are constantly breaking and worse in dark night area's. I am having to reset them and save and when I upload the map they are still broken. and my varalist isn't working either no matter what set it for in the editor its daylight in the upload to steam its at almost dark.
  4. KomaKoz

    Trees And Buggy Dont Mix

    not sure if this is a bug or not but when i drive to a tree or get around them they start wiping and jerking all over the place. if this isnt a bug then my 2 months or more worth of making this map is broken. already had to remove buildings cause there mesh was gone now the trees jump to the ground and wave throu the air like there on crack if there is a fix please help.
  5. KomaKoz

    Dev Tool Broken

    cant get it to load.pops the window like its going to start but it want. closes the window then it opens back up saying its starting then just repeats its self but no loading. game is broken as well does the same thing as the editor what chupacabra.
  6. KomaKoz


    127 mb update fplease tell me this is the fix for the other paks and the buggy's
  7. KomaKoz


    ya I know I sound like a broken record here but really. how long does it take to fix this. we have been well over a month now with the new following dlc and the half working follower dlc pak for the tool. should never take this long unless they are about done with this game and working on another I'm not going to be want to full with this game another year from now prob not even a few more weeks. doom is coming out in a month after that I'm done for a while. to play a game not sit and waste my time waiting for the devs to fix and add content to this tool.
  8. KomaKoz

    Quest Issue

    cant believe i waste so much time with this tool. devs want even post to your stuff which im sure they can. no more youtube videos to help with this tool which i was told they will be more thous millions have went to ther heads like all big companys. these forums are worse than steams beens more help there than here. had some real good help from Cr1me than anyone. tried to use PiZle's work but when I went to download made my pc go ape crazy. telling me that I needed to call my service provider like I had a major virus which I may have now and they keep that link up so others can click on it. but want answer a person that has bought this game 3 times for three different systems the pc with the season pass and the ps4 enhances edition and another comuter with season pass as well well made a chupacabra load of money off of me.
  9. KomaKoz

    Quest Issue

    still cant find the FXemitter for what they used at the dam for the water splashing up from when it hits the bottom of the dam. and help would be appreciated.
  10. KomaKoz

    Slums Tower Asset

    tried to download this file and got a big error message across my screen computer started beeping ads started popping up everywhere. checking my pc for malware and viruses as we speak.
  11. KomaKoz

    Quest Issue

    ok thanks that fixed the quest for the loot for everyone but still cant find the FXemitter that they used for the dam I added a screenshot so you could see what I'm talking about its right when the water fall hits the bottom it makes a giant splash like at the bottom of a waterfall.
  12. KomaKoz

    Quest Issue

  13. KomaKoz

    Quest Issue

    my issue is that only one person can loot the quest item. how do i make it to where more than one person can loot that item if there is 4 people they all need the item cause its the grapple hook and for the map or in general you need the hook. also was needing to know what is the fxemitter that techland used at the bottom of the dam that shows the water hitting the bottom like a real dam looks like i hvae tryed all the emitters and none of them look like the one that they have at the dam in the following. if someone could help with that i would be greatful. i think it maybe the messed up pak from dlc 17 pak 0 also is anyone else having issues getting 16 pak to load as well 0 in it is messed up for me as well. so dlc16 pak 0 and dlc 17 pak 0 are both broken and are unusable to me.
  14. KomaKoz

    Any Eta On When Buggy's Get Here

    still no answer on when the buggy's are coming in game and about the broken dlc paks.
  15. Was just wondering my map is getting so big its hard to test everything because where i am having to walk the whole distance.