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  1. Dear devs,

    I'm writing as the designer of the mod I Am Legion, a total conversation mod that I've been updating and supporting since game release. I'm writing because since the latest update, the animation files for the zombies seems to be recreated, and I can't figure out how to recreate my mod using the new system. No matter what files I add/edit under AI/Zombie/ in Data3.pak, no change seems to occur. Are you able to let me know what has changed and what files are now dependent and if I need to add the modified files to another location other than data3.pak now?

  2. This is probably the best mod I've seen yet. There are just two things I don't like about it. The main one is that although the new intense zombies are present, I think it may be a little too intense because now they go against the original point of the daytime. The game was created where day time was not meant to be safe, only safer than night. But now it seems to be exactly the same but between the two but harder than the original. I think dumbing down the daytime difficulty would be beneficial in keeping the original purpose of daytime gameplay. Have them be less aware during daytime and a little bit slower and all. They can still have the group think and ability to chase and climb, just not to the point where it feels like I'm just playing nonstop extreme nightmode in the day. The other thing is the legitimate 24 hour time setting. The idea of extending the game play to match real time movement sounds like a good idea, I think that making it equivalent is too much. I think that double or triple the original time seems like a limit. Even though we can sleep to skip between the times, I think that having having the day last from 6am to 10pm in realtime would be too long and people would be just doing everything during daytime without even caring about playing night anymore. Just my thoughts on this awesome mod.


    Thank you for your quick reply Bob, and for your compliment!


    So here is the current AI structure for 1.06a, as seen in my latest gameplay video, while I am under attack, it is nothing compared to that of night. I will upload a comparison video showing the difference soon.

    During the day you can be spotted and attacked by as many zombies as see you, however, the map doesn't paint you as a target. With Night on the other hand, you have the same difficulty as day only when you are painting a target (which I changed to almost instant), the entire 100ft diameter of zombies comes running to your location. This makes night missions near impossible (in keeping with the dialogue of the game), as well as the dialogue of the game talking about going outside in the day *Rahim clearly states in the tutorial to never stop running or your dead*. I've toned down the gameplay compared to 1.04, the alerts are much lower and you don't get 25 constant zombies hitting from all direction, however the current mod is still balanced to be as hard as possible without making the campaign impossible. Please try out 1.06a and get back to me! I really appreciate your time and comment!


    As far as the time, this was an early adjustment and yea I fully agree. At first I made it this way to make it impossible for people to sit inside a building waiting for day instead of forcing them to run home. That time could be reduced, even by 1/4 as much time. One element I will share is that I was running a coop mission 2 nights ago with one of my testers, and it was almost night, we both looked at our watches and figured that we could get the mission done in 30 minutes before 21:00. Mission achieved and I loved the fact I could actually gauge how much time I actually had. I will play around with some ideas and get back to you! Thanks Bob.

  3. Dear Developers and Staff,


    I am an avid fan, and I appreciate your staff taking the time to release the Developer Tools. 

    I was depressed to find out that the Tools released are basically simplified template designers. 

    I had high hopes that I would be able to edit the main map, create new bases, defensive's, add more detail to the world,

    import new models, make new spawns, establish zones of higher levels of zombies, horde creation, zombie pits, custom 

    mercenary bases, new NPC's, new weapons, etc etc etc.


    The tools released cannot accomplish even one of those things. Please release an actual engine tool for advanced developers!

  4. Hey guys,


    I need your help! I have created "I Am Legion", an up-and-coming mod for Dying Light and I need your help to review and help me improve it!


    This mod was created for the inner survivor and people that wanted a real challenge!


    Please let me know your experiences and lets make something great out of Dying Light.






    Happy gaming everyone!