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    Together Till The End

    I've completed the Together Till the End achievement 4 times now. Still it does not reward me with the mask nor does give me the achievement. I've read this is very bugged for some people. Anyone know how to fix this? Bozak is a such a grind to not get the achievement over and over.
  2. Rick Grimes

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    I'll definitely be picking up The Following when it comes out. I love the game. Very interested in playing the next DLC.
  3. Rick Grimes

    Techland Nerf's Human Abilities Yet Again!

    I have no problem with this.
  4. Rick Grimes

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    This thread made me both cry AND laugh. Bravo. Yeah some serious addition to the game would have saved it from the death march but this of course is obvious. It's already a great game with or without others and with or without a shiny new DLC.
  5. Rick Grimes

    Reducing The Performance Hit Of Grass

    I'm glad I stopped now because whew what a hit it would have taken. Yeah I lied squirrel. I'm making a giant island. This kinda slows me down but it's good to know.
  6. Rick Grimes

    Videos Of Custom Maps

    You are posting mobile links.
  7. Rick Grimes

    Videos Of Custom Maps

  8. Rick Grimes

    Co-Op For Workshop Maps?

    I am sorry if this has already been answered but is it possible for multiplayer connection to workshop maps yet? If so how do you do that? If now when will it be available if ever? Thank you. I've released one without it and I am getting ready to release another but want to support co-op since people are asking about it.
  9. Rick Grimes

    Dont The Zombies Move

    A few questions. Did you use the default example map or start from scratch? Also are you dropping them in by clicking the list on the right and selecting enemy? There is a few ways to drop them in. Using Crowd brush also will drop them in.
  10. Rick Grimes

    Tower Of Screams

    Here's the link to the map. It's raw but its fun. Didn't get everything I wanted but maybe next time. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=428815941&searchtext=tower+of+screams
  11. Rick Grimes

    Weather In Developer Tools

    It's the tiny sun in the upper right. You can also see it in the window to your right. Click that. There are two sliders there. One for time of day and one for weather. The bottom one is weather. Slide it all the way to the right and it rains hard.
  12. Rick Grimes

    Companion App Information Please

    It was buggy sure but it provided much needed craft items at crucial times. There have been some pretty crappy companion apps out there and you know what I am talking about and this isn't one of them. This app actually helps you unlike the other stat apps and useless drivel. So what you can't get the last few ? items.
  13. Rick Grimes

    Developer Tool ´s Faq

    It answered a few of my questions so thanks for that.
  14. Rick Grimes

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    I think someone gave you the answer you were not hoping for. These are packed and even if you could use something like Packscape or WinRar to modify them you would only be able to see the mods. The mods are distributed not by a build on a pack for distribution it appears. Unless a tool becomes available or the tools themselves allow import transfer during map building and distribution, you're out of luck on custom stuff for now.
  15. Rick Grimes

    Tower Of Screams

    I've almost filled my quota for discussion today. 14 posts isn't a lot when you're discussing technical data. I can private message you if I discover it before you. Also if I find a modding site that is really grinding these issues I'll invite you over.