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  1. emrdesign

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    They said they would give Dying Light 2 the same support as Dying Light, so it would be very disappointing if they did not give us the Developer tools. But it would be another disappointment about this game. There silence about Dying Light 2 for a long time is the biggest disappointment and if it does not sell well they only have themselves to blame for their long silence. Then people move on to other games and forget about it. But maybe that is what they like to see happen with Dying Light 2.
  2. emrdesign

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    A lot of people created maps with it. That is also part of the reason why it stayed such a favorite game for a long time. Next to all the DLC and time Techland have put in the game. That also costs them a lot of money and resources that they could have put on something else. But they didn't and put it back in the game. So I really hope they will continue with giving us the developer tools as well. I really would love to build new maps/adventures to play and see what others in the community come up with.
  3. emrdesign

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    If they give us the editor again it will probably be an simpler version of it. Although it would be great to get a full version. I hope at least they will make sure we get all the previews of all the models this time. (or at least that creating the previews ourselves actually works in the editor. I still have some doubt if we will get the editor yes or no as the game itself has so many replay value so that giving us the editor is maybe not necessary. But I sure hope we will get it. I already have an idea of a map that I want to build.
  4. i hear the new Dying Light 2 will have so many content and assets I really hope we will get the Developer Tools again to make our own maps. Would be great if we could also make side missions to link maps together. Can anybody at Techland tell us if we will get Developer Tools again?? I really hope so! You guys rock! I can't wait to play this game and start making maps again.
  5. Yes sure, there are thousands of objects and you want to take pictures of each object individually. What an idiot.
  6. Hello Techland, You make great games and it is very nice you gave us an editor to make maps ourselves, but I really wonder why you still have not fixed the biggest bug in the editor: NO PREVIEW OF MESHES!!! ALSO GENERATING PREVIEW OF MESHES DOES NOT WORK!!!! FIX THAT PROBLEM!!! I really can't believe you guys leave the editor with this problem. This really stops us from getting joy out of building maps if we can not even chupacabra see all the objects we can put in our map. I would say that is the first thing you would need if you give people an editor and expect them to build maps. Sorry if this sounds frustrating (and yes it is) but I can't believe you don't fix this problem so everybody can enjoy making maps for your great games. So thank you in advance for reading and hopefully you will fix this problem in your next update of the developer tools. And if you don't fix it don't bother giving us an editor with your next games!!!
  7. Hello Techland, Why oh why are the most important things in the Dev Tools still fucked up Techland???? If you want people to make mods, then give them tools that actually work and let us do that! Why oh why are the following things still fucked up???: - Generate preview of meshes still brings black meshes. - Why does it only generate previews of about 600 objects when there are more than 7000 meshes in it of which most don't have a preview yet. - Why does it show more than 1 mesh in the preview when you double click a mesh? Is it really that difficult to show just one object when you double click a mesh? Do you even test things yourself before you publish it? If yes, then why do you deliver such s.h.i.t.?
  8. Hello, Does anybody know if it is possible to have the weather effect set to very foggy (all the way to the left) so that it is very foggy outside but I want no fog inside a building??? Now I have fog both outside and inside.
  9. Hello Techland, When are you going to fix the bugs in the Developer Tools so we can start making maps with the "The Following" assets? I would really like to start making maps, also with the buggy, but I can't because as soon as I place an object from the "The Following" in my map and save my map it makes the editor hang next time I try to open my previous saved map. Also the "generating preview" for all meshes does not seem to work anymore. Can you please let us know when you think you can fix these bugs? We look forward to hear from you so we can start making new maps. Thanx!
  10. emrdesign

    Creating File System Cache - Major Bug

    Hello Techland, any news on this bug or when you think you can fix it? We can not make maps now with the new The Following objects in it.
  11. emrdesign

    Bugs Spotted With Recent Tools Update

    I also downloaded the 1,2 GB for the developer tools and was excited to read that The Following assets should be in the editor now. But I don't see them and also the function to "Generate Preview" of the meshes does not work anymore. So that sucks. Hope we will get a fix for that soon!
  12. Hi, I really wonder why you give us the menu option to create a preview of all 6710 meshes but all generated previews are completely black. Even in the Asset preview window when you double click on a mesh you get to see a completely black mesh. How do you think that will help us to decide to start making mods for Dying Light??? What do we need to do with thousands of completely black previews of meshes??? Only when you drag the mesh to your own map it is shown with its real colors. Furthermore the total count of meshes in the right hand top corner is double the actual total amount of meshes. Oh and another question: Why o why is there a lot of news on Steam about patches for the Developer Tools but isn't there a link to download any of the patches??? Might be handy you know! Looking forward to your reply on above questions...
  13. emrdesign

    Developer Tools Are Now Available To Download

    I also tried typing in "dying" in the search bar, but it came up empty.
  14. emrdesign

    Developer Tools Are Now Available To Download

    Here is a copy of the tools library of steam and it is not in the list. So can anybody tell me why not?
  15. emrdesign

    Developer Tools Are Now Available To Download

    You say the developer tools are now available to download, but they are not in the Steam - Library - Tools list, so where can we download them??? Can you please provide a link? Thank you!