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  1. Yep ... I have to say despite it's issues , I LOVE playing Be the Zombie as a Hunter, it CAN and IS frustrating but makes it that much more satisfying when you win .. OR they RAGE QUIT ...
  2. Blind<>Lunatic

    Ps4 Version Dying Light Enhanced Be The Zombie Skill Tree ....

    Thx .. new to the ps4 ! Thx again
  3. Blind<>Lunatic

    Ps4 Version Dying Light Enhanced Be The Zombie Skill Tree ....

    Come on ,, how do you access the skill tree using a PS4 Be the Zombie ?
  4. The game states I have unspent skill points to spend ,, but how does one access the skill tree to unlock skills and such ,,, ?
  5. Bought the Dying Light Enhanced edition for PS4 and all the unlocks / skill sets are locked for the zombie in the Be the Zombie game mode ?? ,, making kills but no unlock ????
  6. Blind<>Lunatic

    Be The Zombie Is Unfun Now

    Well,,, If this update is the best they can do in balancing game play after ALL the suggestions presented by the players,,, enthusiasm for playing the Hunter is going to die a pretty quick death. Sad ..... It had awesome potential ....
  7. Blind<>Lunatic

    Be The Zombie Is A Diamond In The Rough !

    That would be nice,,,, if they removed the instinctview from the survivor then I would not mind them leaving the UV flashlight alone,,,
  8. Blind<>Lunatic

    The Problem With How Strong Survivors Are...

    I agree the Survivors have a considerable advantage, it could use some tweaking especially the UV flashlight with two mile sniper range !!! But I am really starting to enjoy the challenge and winning is so much more sweeter considering the advantage they have !
  9. I bought Dying Light specifically for the Be The Zombie part of the game, I LOVE playing the Hunter EVEN with it's HUNTER balancing issues,,,it is awesome ! I would like to see them expand on it and I would purchase *any* expansion pack for the Be the Zombie and I am sure I am NOT alone.... But... I have a simple and humble request ... Balance the hunter ... My only real complaint is the UV Flashlight has WAY too much range and recharges in a fraction of the time for the Hunter's perks to recharge ... I would suggest making the Hunter's perks recharge at the SAME rate as the UV Flashlight Make the UV Flashlight range decreases the longer they use it. as for a expansion pack ,, how about a hard setting of 2 Hunters against 4 humans !