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    The Following...

    i hope this comes out soon because if it comes out next month most gamers probably won't play it at all or they'll end up playing it sometime later on in life... video games are kinda dry right now (with the exception of MGS) and it would be fantastic if you gave me something to play to hold me up until those games come out. i love this game and i don't want to see it die
  2. malickacevedo

    Expected A Completely Different Bozak Horde

    the bow, the dockets, and after losing your mind trying to complete the impossible challenges they give after completing it once, all to unlock other bows. thats it
  3. malickacevedo

    Bozak Horde?

    i love it. well worth the wit and the money. only thing is in 2 player co op, the health of the two demolishers need to be tweaked. me and my buddy spent a good 5 mins just wailing on one with explosives and explosive canisters and i barley took his armor off. i mean we couldn't even kill one and we've reached trial 19 about or 8 times now. we've spent about 4 or 5 hours playing it and we still can't beat it. I'm not saying make it easy, but make it possible
  4. malickacevedo

    Bozak Horde Not Free With Season Pass On Ps4

    they fixed it
  5. malickacevedo

    I Can't Believe This, Techland

    yea same here. I'm beyond pissed off. they're lucky i have to go to work because i would've went to gamestop and traded it in
  6. malickacevedo

    Bozak Horde?

    i know its suppose to come out today, but when?? I've been checking the playstation store for hours and nothing
  7. malickacevedo


    i just hope they release more content for us. i understand they gave stuff away for free because of the push back, but i still feel ripped off for the season pass. and yea i didn't do my research because around when ever i payed for a season pass, i expected to get more than my moneys worth, not half of it. i love tech land and i love dying light but
  8. malickacevedo

    Blunt Weapons Are Mongrels

    i mean if you count heavy weapons as blunt weapons, there is the (orange) god hammer blueprint. but for baseball bats and stuff like that idk. i have yet to find one and I've completed the game 100%
  9. malickacevedo

    Please Bring The Level Editor To Consoles

    this would be awesome!! i hope they do this
  10. malickacevedo

    Game Save Bug, Frozen Loading Screen Ps4

    glad i could help!
  11. malickacevedo

    Game Save Bug, Frozen Loading Screen Ps4

    same thing happened to me. i don't know if it was the game because my ps4 was acting weird in general so i just shut it off for a little and went and played a couple of hours later. it was working like normal then
  12. malickacevedo

    Worse Anti Cheat Ever

    lmao go to another game that has real multiplayer, or make friends that won't "cheat"
  13. malickacevedo

    Bozak Horde Out Now

  14. malickacevedo

    Very Disappointed

    its been months since we've heard from you guys. no patches or any word of new dlc coming out. i want to trade the game in because I've explored every corner of the game and I've done all the side quest and I've maxed out my player. the only reason i haven't sold it is because i bought the season pass for it (which now seems like a waste of money). hope you guys release something soon. at least an update jesus lol the least you can do is add like 10 lvls to the skill trees to keep it interesting.