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  1. I am tired of this, I would like to know what is being done about this. I was playing Be the Hunter and I ran into two people, separate times, that were standing in a glitch, on the "third floor", inside of the tower. The game does not kick them and a few are able to shoot out of it. I would prefer people that can't play by the rules be banned, but so many people and companies are opposed to that, so I at least say they should have their ranks reset every time they are caught cheating. I have two videos on youtube, but it would seem that your link option on here isn't working, so how else can I go about reporting these two players?
  2. chaos842003

    Cheaters In Btz

    I'm not expert to the game, but doesn't it bother you when you enter someone's game and they are just sitting in a glitch and you can't touch them? What is being done about this? I had two players sit in a glitch under the map between a tunnel and a building, they were able to shoot at me and use UV on me, yet I could not attack them. My spits did hit them, but it only helped block the UV and the Horde couldn't touch them. How is this being fixed? Is Techland suspending accounts? I do have proof if it's needed.