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  1. Danos66

    Unique Leveling Issue?

    I'm having an in-game leveling issue (XBox One version). I recently finished the main story. After the credits started rolling, an option appeared to "continue" (by pressing "A" on the XBox controller). After doing this, I found myself in the slums tower. I then looked at my skills and noticed that my survivor points had been reduced to zero. I was at level 17, but had no points. I then completed a side quest and was informed that I had been awarded a few thousand survivor points (don't remember the exact number). However, when I checked my skills, my survivor points were still at zero. As you can imagine, this is very disappointing. I was looking forward to progressing my character by completing side quests and challenges (most of which I had not finished before completing the main story). I've searched online, but have found no other instances of this particular problem. If anyone can speak to this issue, it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.