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  1. Strata_G_X

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Ummmm there is no lock picking skill.....
  2. Strata_G_X

    The Problem With How Strong Survivors Are...

    No Vendelisal that's about right. That shows exactly how much you play as a hunter. It doesn't take long to get all your abilities. About 1 skill per fight unless your not getting any kills at all. only took me 4 or 5 hours to get all my skills and that was including playing the tutorial. I'll remember this. Oh and on a simular note. If your a hunter with a really high rank that means your NOT losing all the time. You want to know why the devs are not listening to your bs. They told you if you listened closly In the video everyone had to watch during the update. THEY F%&*%*! PLAY WITH ALL OF YOU. They see your not losing all the time, they see the awesome hunter videos people have made. by true fans willing to put hundreds of hours into the game. Yes I'm sure they have plans for the hunter. But most of this bs is from noobs like this who hasn't even put the effort in to max his skills out Or by elites who think it's not a good game if they can't win EVERY TIME.
  3. Strata_G_X

    Kinda Takes Away From The Experience

    I gotta say I faced a team of drop kickers and the whole game if I got hit once that was it. They tag teamed me and the was nothing I could do. Jumping was useless since you can drop kick a jumping hunter, befor my tendrils could get to anything Id be redrop kicked. And if I tried spitied hoard they didn't care. They drop kicked me till I died then revived the 1 or 2 players that got blown up. Hoard kills shold be instant kills like every other explosion.
  4. Strata_G_X

    Fun Ways To Stop Camping Suggestions

    Get a video of the safe zone cause it has been fixed so it's a glitch that the devs need to be aware of. I'll admit I've trolled hunters as a human with friends and have lost games cause they thought the could stay in water or safe zones. There is also 2 glitch spots where hunters can not enter but humans can. One being under Rais base in old town in the lower right of the map and the dark zone in the slums on the left side of the map where the under water supply drop is. Glitched my friend in them yesterday to tease him, lol.
  5. Strata_G_X

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    I playing a lot of both human and survivor and don't agree with most complaints hunters make. The devs do watch YouTube and do see the pro hunters doing just fine Utalizing what they got properly. Dodge does not need a cool down. If they did that the night hunter would win 100% just by spamming moves because they do not use his stamina gauge. But I do think hunter need MORE abilities. This would help give the hunter a few more options to kill the humans and make hunters have a bit more fun. Think about ballencing not raping. If one uses stamina and the other does not its bad. What needs to be done is lower the range on the uv and give the night hunter the ability to dodge and more abilities to kill Just like the human.
  6. Strata_G_X

    I'm Now 100% Sure The Hunter Isn't Strong Enough

    Yes I do which I'm pretty sure most players do. Tho I'm sure there are differences on pc which might make thing harder since you gotta deal with abusive mods also.
  7. Strata_G_X

    I'm Now 100% Sure The Hunter Isn't Strong Enough

    I play hunter and survivor thank you very much. and I don't get raped every game like your complaining about. I'm posting these to help you hunters. I'm curently prepairing a video to help hunters beat these guys but please stop crying saying it can't be done when plenty of hunters prove otherwise.
  8. Strata_G_X

    I'm Now 100% Sure The Hunter Isn't Strong Enough

    No pondering needed. 1.a simple ground pound takes out flares. Like I said skilled hunters have no problems. got your times wrong. And yes the uvs, spit n pounce uses 2 abilities plus pounce but a decent hunter can pick up the slack. 3.why are you complaining about potions which are rarely used. And you can still visual see a camoflaged human. 4.If they have duped uv flares well you can't help that until they run out. They did fix the item duplicate so they cant anymore. 5.spit slam was designed for multiple players. If your not using it that's why your losing. I've watch entire teams get wiped out because of one spit slam. Total worth it. It's all about timing. If You cant time your attacks an know which ones to use in a given situation your going to die.
  9. Strata_G_X

    I'm Now 100% Sure The Hunter Isn't Strong Enough

    Ok, I hunt night hunters all the time and what I'm seeing most here is people not knowing how to use a night hunter and complaing. There are ways for a night hunter to get around EVERYTHING a human can do. 1. if your having problems with UV lights Use your spit slam or uv shield, spit n pounce combo. Tackles and ground pounds are efectivly also. DONT use a uv shield to rush the human to claw, tackle or ground pound. It will only waste it so you can't use it to flee. 2.against 1 v 1 is the BEST because the uv shield, spit n pounce combo is a 100% kill chance. This is accualy really unfair to a human player and needs nerfed but it's curently there so USE IT. 3. If you are missing your ground pounds and spit slams it's only because you need to learn the corect timing. Plus if think it's going to miss you can crouch to cancel it. 4.If you let a human get above you for a death from above you deserve to die. They have to be above you to insta kill you. You have an instant kill that works anytime and anywhere. POUNCE THEM BEFORE THEY DROP ON YOU. 5. There is no incentive for an end game player to destroy the nests. They don't need the exp, weapon or hunter gland. They are there to fight and hunt the hunters so stop complaining. I see plenty of hunter that can fight pefectly fine and win every time. Even ones who don't use the uvshield, spit n pounce combo cause they think it's unfair. Timing is everything in this game. If you can't time your attack your going to get kill as a human or a hunter. Tho I do think they need to give a hut error some extra abilities kill the humans because there are more ways to kill hunters than hunters can kill humans.