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  1. pointlesspulse

    Remove/nerf Bow

    chupacabra move out of the way you won't die from it its not that easy to aim at a moving target. I'm sick of all these complaints. Not to be a chupacabra hole.
  2. pointlesspulse

    Here We Go Again. (Player Abuse, The New Update, And Suggestions)

    Stop complaining scrubs I get my chupacabra kicked all the time by hunters and I'm a exelent survivor (not to brag) the game is balanced you just need to find loop holes instead of complaining.
  3. Hey im a avid be the zombie player I play almost everyday, and I love the thrill. I see so many player that complain about unbalanced gameplay. First if you are one of those people your a srub that makes excuses for there errors. I used to be that way and I admit that. I have learned that if you stop making excuses you will learn much more, and improve your overall gameplay. Im a good player I have over 200+ hours in game. I have a high PvP rank as a human. I'm going to put this out there and get flack and I don't care. PvP is balanced perfectly because skilled players like me (not to brag) can compete with each author because we use everything at are disposal. Things like the inviroment around you are so useful for getting around. Humans have a graple use it!!! Hunters have unlimited tentical locomotion use it!!! Spiting at long range it won't work because they are easy to doge. Hunters are not aggressive no wonder they loose same goes for humans. PvP is not supost to be easy. Learn new things and you will be victorys. I won't name every thing you can use because there is loads of combos for hunters and loads of items at the humans disposal. Think and experiment before complaining to me this game is fun and balanced. The new guys complain the most because they did not put a good amount of time in the game. Stop complaining scrubs and become champions that are unstoppable.
  4. pointlesspulse

    When Will Techland Fix Their Multiplayer

    I'm getting so pist off I only get killed by drop attacks they jump of barrels and cars buses its insane and op. They need to make that attack take more time to perform. Fix it please I love your game but I loose my #$%& wen I only get killed by the same thing. The move is to easy to perform and instantly kills you. Thank you so much If you fix this I will be playing this game for years to comme like I did with dead island. I have over 100 hours in already.